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7 Best Video Game Design Camps 2021

Gaming is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. If your child loves to play video games, then there’s a significant chance they might enjoy making and designing them too. 

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Video game design summer camps allow campers to enjoy the traditional benefits that summer camp brings and also helps them learn new skills that will be useful in their future career.

Here are some of the top video game design camps for children with a passion for gaming.

7 Best Video Game Design Summer Camps

iD Tech Video Game Camp

iD Tech provides a variety of video game development and design camps for young enthusiastic gamers. Kids receive an education in things like game design, character development, modding, and much more. There are courses on Minecraft, Fortnite, 3D Game development, java development, and many more.

Apart from summer video game camps, they also offer exclusive private lessons and small group learning sessions throughout the year if you want your child to continuously expand their learning. For kids or teens that want a future career in game development, this camp is a great way to get started. 

iD Tech is a leader in the camp industry and their camps are taught by live, expert instructors that ensure each kid succeeds at camp. 


GAME-U offers a STEM-based curriculum that helps kids learn game design, coding, and robotics. GAME-U summer camp allows kids to learn from top-notch game professionals. Their courses are designed by gaming industry veterans from companies like Microsoft, EA, and Sony.

The camp offers expert instructors and provides a 4:1 teacher-student ratio. They have a wide variety of projects that are part of the curriculum and they serve kids ranging from ages 6-17.

They offer different camps, each with a minimum age requirement, that focuses on developing various types of skills. The Explorer camp teaches children ages 8-10 how to build their very own game while getting hands-on experience with both level and character design.

While the voyager camp is for children 12+, that teaches students how to make video games using Unity. At the end of the camp, the students publish their indie games on either iOS, Android, or HTML5 platforms. They also routinely have game nights for popular games like Minecraft.

Power Up Tech Academy Programs

Future game designers can start their path to awesomeness at Power Up Tech Academy. From the first beginner level to the most advanced, kids ages 8-16 learn to design and code video games in languages such as Scratch, Python, and Unity(C#). They build minigames in Minecraft through the Minecraft Modding camp or full custom experiences in the Minecraft Adventure Map Creation camp. There is also a Video Game Art camp for designing your own characters and environments.

Each online, one-week camp has a live, expert instructor and just 4 students so that kids get individual attention to learn, discuss and share game creations. The camps are hands-on and creation-focused, and all students have real, playable games they can be proud of at the end of the week.

Power Up is in its 7th year of offering video game creation camps that combine the fun of game making with top-quality coding education.

Video Game Palooza

Video Game Palooza offers week-long day camps that run from Monday to Friday 9 am to 4 pm. The days are divided into two sessions with the first session being known as the “create” session. 

During the create sessions, campers receive targeted lessons based on the camp they choose. There’s a wide variety of subjects, including video game design, graphics design, web design, and several others. Each lesson is 30 minutes long and provides the camper with valuable experience. With a favorable counselor to student ratio, each child receives any needed individual attention.

The play sessions, which are typically in the afternoon, allow the campers to have more fun while learning. Campers play video games with one another and accomplish objective-based gameplay. Each game will have a focus on the create session so that the campers can see the concepts at work. All the different camps provide any necessary hardware and software, so parents don’t have to worry about anything.

Vision Tech Camps

Vision Tech Camps provide the necessary skills that help serve as a foundation for campers looking to learn game design in college. They teach a variety of different skills in the various courses they offer.

The RPG Video Game Design summer camp is the perfect opportunity for kids to learn the basics of the game design process. They will be able to create things like quests, maps, characters and so much more. They can even take their game with them back home.

For slightly older kids, there’s the opportunity to attend the 3D video game design camp. Here they’ll learn to use professional tools such as the Unreal Engine to design levels. 

Vision tech camps provide children that have several different interests with a wide variety of camps to choose from. 

Digital Media Academy Game Design Camps

Digital Media Academy offers Game Design STEM courses for teens and kids ranging from ages 9-18. Children from ages 9-12 can attend the adventure camps where they’ll learn to build and edit 2D worlds while also learning about the different roles in video game development. 

The teen courses or academies are for kids ranging from age 12-18. They have three different options to choose from, Game Development Academy with VR, Intro to Game Design with Unity, and Game Development with Unity. Each course aims to help kids reach a professional level of game design.

New York Film Academy

The NYFA offers Game Design camps that are one-week and four-week modules. These camps are for teenagers, and campers here can expect to live and breathe the practice of playing and designing games. 

The camps are incredibly hands-on, and at the end of each camp, students will build a working digital prototype. Campers will get to use a variety of industry-standard software that focuses on 3D design fundamentals. This camp is for individuals who are looking for a future in video game design.