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9 Best Artificial Intelligence Summer Camps 2024

Artificial Intelligence Summer Camps

Advancements in the world of artificial intelligence have grown by leaps and bounds over the last years, transforming from what was originally a sci-fi pipe dream to what may be one of the most important technologies humans have ever invented. 

AI is already impacting almost every area of our modern world, from the financial sector to the educational sector to the world of healthcare and medicine and everything in between.

This is going to be one of the biggest and most influential industries going forward – and our children have an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of AI at a young age by attending some of the best artificial intelligence summer camps here.

1. iD Tech

Machine learning and artificial intelligence go hand-in-hand with one another, and this summer camp really looks to match these two specific disciplines and skillsets together for summer camp attendees – giving them every chance to build and grow the kind of fundamental skills that will serve them well in the world of AI for years to come.

With more than a dozen different US summer camps locations throughout the country, and nearly a dozen locations all over the world – including in Europe and Asia – this international summer camp is accessible in person as well as online to make sure that all children that would like to attend have an opportunity to do exactly that.

At the end of the day, enrolling your child in any of these AI focused summer camps is a smart idea if you want to make sure that they are able to spend the summer working on their passion, a passion that could turn into a very lucrative and fulfilling career in the not-too-distant future!

2. AI Camp

This artificial intelligence camp has students create an AI product from start to finish. So far they have taught more than 2,000 students about AI. Their two AI Sandbox and AI Bootcamp programs don’t require any previous coding experience and run all year.

AI Camp is founded by Stanford PhDs who have years of knowledge in how the industry uses AI. They have built data products, teams, and companies. Their advisors include a Stanford Professor, Tsachy Weissman, and a few CTOs from the valley.

Their Emotion Detector (upload a photo and see if the detector can pick up emotions in the photo) was made by students in just three weeks in the summer, starting from zero coding knowledge. This is just one of the many amazing products that students have built over time.

At the camp, children will have fun opportunities to learn and expand their capabilities while leveraging knowledge from AI industry leaders. It’s an excellent program for gifted students looking for a challenge.

3. AI/Big Data with The Coding School

Partnered with Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Amazon, and the Department of Defense for the creation of their Artificial Intelligence courses, The Coding School offers AI courses like no other!

Their AI & Big Data Camp puts high school students in grades 9-12 at the forefront of the AI revolution, giving them real-world AI skills and training them to become responsible AI leaders.

Through hands-on learning, students will work on machine learning projects, such as image classification, where they will train an ML algorithm to identify different types of organisms. If you’ve ever wondered how computers perform tasks with human-like intelligence, want to learn how self-driving cars navigate traffic, or how Netflix chooses movies to recommend, this AI & Big Data Camp is for you!

For students grades 6-12 or those interested in other emerging technologies, The Coding School offers Quantum Computing Camps, as well as their signature Emerging Tech Camp in which students learn AI, cybersecurity, data science & more! All programs are virtual with live instruction. Register today to secure your spot.

4. Camp Integem

At Camp Integem, kids and teens (ages 6-18) can explore a variety of AI programs tailored to their interests. No prior knowledge of AI, computing, or design is needed.

  • AI Engineering with AR: This introductory course offers a foundational journey into AI, seamlessly integrated with augmented reality (AR). 
  • AI Game Design: A creative fusion of AI, coding, and game design. Students learn to apply AI in building interactive and intelligent games.
  • AI Robot Design: Students get to design and code their AI robots, integrating robotics with AR, for a comprehensive and engaging experience.
  • AI in Art, Animation, and/or 3D Design: Bridging AI with the world of art and design, this series of courses allows students to explore using AI tools in digital art, animation, and 3D design, pushing the boundaries of traditional education and creativity.

With Holographic AR technology, students can step into their designs and interact with their AI creations. Campers can engage in activities such as fighting alongside AI-empowered NPCs, partnering with AI robots, or playing with their AI-animated characters. This seamlessly merges the physical and digital realms in a uniquely magical experience.

At Camp Integem, the emphasis is on practical, hands-on, and personalized learning to get students ready for the technological future. Students learn at their own pace, developing skills crucial for tomorrow’s designers and creators. Accredited by ACS WASC, Camp Integem provides a high-quality educational and immersive experience. Students also earn school credits and NVIDIA AI certificates.

Use the code HUB50 on their website to save $50 per week.

5. Stanford Artificial Intelligence Summer Camp

Stanford University is one of the best organizations for higher education in the world, with the Stanford AI and cutting-edge robotics programs.

A number of summer camps are hosted at Stanford University when the traditional school season is out of session, but the artificial intelligence summer camp that they run has recently become one of the most in-demand for a variety of different reasons.

For starters, Stanford retains a lot of its top-tier educators to help lead these AI summer camp courses. Children between the ages of nine and 17 are going to get a foundational education in artificial intelligence from some of the world leaders in this field, the kind of opportunity that cannot be found anywhere else. 

Combine that with the incredible facilities that Stanford is able to offer all summer camp attendees and choosing to send your child here becomes a bit of a no-brainer. Stanford also offers many other elite coding camps for high school students.

6. Create & Learn

Create & Learn offers several AI courses for students in grades 4th-7th. Students do hands-on work with the latest AI technology to ensure they’re learning the latest knowledge in the field. Through hands-on projects like creating an image recognition program, kids learn about essential concepts in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

As they advance through different units, they make more complex applications like a game-playing AI master. Plus, they also learn a little bit about robotics. Their curriculums are designed by experts from top universities like Standford and world-renown companies like Apple. The groups are kept a small size of five students, so each participant always has time to ask questions and get enough time with their instructors.

The mission of the camps is to help campers gain an understanding of AI and how it works while also improving personal skills like communication, teamwork, and critical thinking. 

7. CodeAdvantage

CodeAdvantage offers an AI Gaming & Machine Learning course where students can get an introductory lesson to these two computer science subjects. Campers ages 9-11 build a foundation on AI concepts by building virtual games like rock paper scissors. fruit ninja and more.

They also design their own virtual characters and use AI to simulate their behaviors. Their summer programs last between one to two weeks, with weekly classes also available. It’s the perfect program for bright young kids to gain an introductory understanding of these challenging subjects.

CodeAdvantage offers courses aimed at varying grade levels so students can learn things adapted to their age. Through fun learning lessons that involve gaming, kids can retain essential AI & machine learning skills and concepts while having fun. 

8. ReadyAI

Focusing exclusively on the world of artificial intelligence and robotics, campers that come to this camp from all over America and the world. Kids get a unique opportunity to learn and build AI projects in both a classroom and hands-on kind of experience.

The foundation is built on top of the six fundamental AI applications, and all students are going to learn how to bring their ideas to life with the help of AI. At the same time students can further their understanding and mastery of STEM focused studies with the programs. No coding skills are required although it would not be a bad idea for your child to pick up a programing language beforehand. 

Combine that with a fun and friendly atmosphere that seeks to build teamwork and cooperation as opposed to focusing exclusively on competition. It’s easy to see why this AI summer camp is so popular.

9. Inspirit AI

This summer camp started off as a program cooked up by Stanford University alumni and graduate students that were looking for a way to reach out to young kids. This gives them an opportunity to learn about the world of AI in a fun, friendly, and open kind of way. It’s now grown into one of the most successful artificial intelligence summer camps.

With numerous locations not just in California, but also in ChicagoBoston, New York, India, Singapore, and Dubai this summer camp is truly international. It gives students and campers from all over the globe a chance to learn the basic and fundamental principles of AI from some of the brightest leaders in this field right now. 

Intended specifically for students in high school between the grades of 9 and 12, there’s absolutely no background in AI necessary for students to make the most of this summer camp opportunity. You don’t even need programming experience, but it’s worth taking a coding class beforehand if you want to be placed in an advanced group.

All that’s needed is a passion for free things these kinds of courses offer and a desire to learn as much as possible over the multi-week camp event.