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5 Best Music Summer Camps For Young Artists 2022

If you have a young musician, summer music programs are something to consider for them. They’re as enriching as they are fun and offer many benefits, including a chance to further develop their skills and grow confidence in their abilities. Music camps also give kids a new experience, which can enhance they’re learning. They meet like-minded […]

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6 Best Photography Summer Camps 2022

Summer is a great time for children to enjoy a more relaxed schedule. With homework and extra-curricular activities filling their school year, there is limited time to nurture a passion like photography. Fortunately, there are excellent summer photography camps for kids that help make the most of the summer months. There are many reasons to consider […]

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7 Best Film Summer Camps For Future Filmmakers 2022

Lights, camera, action! If your young teenager has Hollywood goals one day, sending them to one of these film programs is a great way to help them meet those aspirations. These awesome filmmaking camps teach children all the aspects of film production, from screenwriting, directing, editing, and cinematography.You’ll find a good mix of introductory courses […]

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10 Best Online Art Classes For Kids 2022

Since schools have cut down on extracurricular activities like art, kids might not get enough time to express their creative side. This has lead to an increase in virtual classes created by art educators to supplement that lost learning opportunity.There are all types of art & craft activities that kids of different ages can participate […]

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11 Best Arts Summer Camps In The U.S 2022

If your child has a love for the arts, talent, and skills in various artistic endeavors or just wants to explore the world of arts, art summer camps are a perfect place for them. All summer long, they can meet new friends from across the country or the world at these art-focused summer camps.There are […]

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