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7 Best Summer Camps In Montana 2024

7 Best Summer Camps In Montana 2023

Nature takes center stage in the beautiful state of Montana. You might also know the state by its nickname, Big Sky Country. There’s nothing like a breath of fresh Montana air and a clear sky to make any day and night amazing. Whether you’re exploring the Great Plains or the Rocky Mountains, you’ll be amazed by the state’s natural beauty. 

Montana is home to Glacier National Park, endless biking and hiking trails, waterfalls, and fantastic summer camps! Montana’s natural landscape and extremely low pollution levels make it a wonderful place to send your children for some refreshing outdoor fun. Here are some of the best summer camps in Montana.

Best Montana Summer Camps

1. Camp Utmost

Camp Utmost mission is in its name. Camp Utmost aims to provide the most outstanding experience for campers while teaching Christian values. The camp is run by the Rocky Mountain Bible Mission, and it’s been that way for almost 60 years now. 

Camp Utmost is located in a beautiful location between Missoula and Seeley Lake. Campers can enjoy activities like canoeing, rafting, bible study, archery, hiking, and camping near stunning natural landscapes. After a long day of outdoor adventures, youngsters join together for dinner and end the day by gathering around the campfire, singing campfire songs, and connecting over worship. 

Students in 4th through 12th grade are invited to spend four days and three nights at Camp Utmost. The summer programs run from June to August, with specific starting dates depending on your child’s age. 

2. Camp Mak-A-Dream

Camp Mak-A-Dream is located in Goldcreek, Montana. They offer specialty camps where children and adults battling and affected by cancer can feel empowered, connected, and free. The first summer camp session was first run back in 1995. Since then, survivors and those affected by it are invited to enjoy the rolling hills and mountain ranges of Montana while having trained physicians and nurses close by for any help they may need. 

At Camp Mak-A-Dream, campers feel less like patients and more like kids. Visitors can participate in arts and crafts, swimming, camping, ropes courses, mini-golf, horseback riding, and rock climbing. The camp is located in Gold Creek and is neighbored by the Flint and Pintler mountains. Kids, teenagers, and siblings are all invited to spend a week at Camp Mak-A-Dream at no cost.

3. Beartooth Christian Camp

Horseback riding, ziplining, kayaking, paintball courses, and endless lake fun are all on the menu at this Montana summer camp. Beartooth Christian camp is located in the sprawling hills of Fishtail, Montana. It offers camp options for boys and girls ages 8-18 and families. 

Kids camp is available for children in fourth and fifth grade, middle school camp is available for children in sixth through eighth grade, and high school camp is available for children in ninth through twelfth grade. There is also a horse camp for enthusiastic equestrians. All campers can enjoy a week of outdoor adventures and bible study with some sports like basketball involved. 

Camp leaders and counselors are enthusiastic about empowering youth through the word of God. Bible lessons are taught through various activities such as group studies, music, and chapel sessions. At Camp Beartooth, children learn about the power of God while having fun and making lifelong friendships.

Beartooth Christian Camp also offers a family camp, so parents and children can come together to grow spiritually and have fun as a family.

4. Montana Learning Center Programs

The Montana Learning Center is located near Helena, Montana, on Canyon Ferry Lake. It’s just a few hours northwest of Yellowstone National Park. The program was started by two teachers who took their students on adventures to learn outside the classroom.

The center offers a diverse selection of camps for students in grades 1st-12th. You can select day-only camps that last four days or choose an overnight camp for up to six days, depending on the age group. The Montana Learning Center also offers all-girl summer camps for parents who prefer it.

Some of the exciting choices offered include a focus on geology, paleontology, or astronomy. In addition, there are programs for older children that challenge students to solve crimes, create 3D designs, and more.  Also, if your older child would like to experience the wonders of Yellowstone National Park, there is a session to take them on a wild adventure.

The mission of Montana Learning Center is to help children of all ages enjoy a diverse array of natural terrains. At the same time, they actively engage in activities relating to science, technology, engineering, and math.

5. Camp Moonlight

Camp Moonlight is in Big Sky, Montana, near Ulery’s Lake. The summer camp has access to picturesque waterfalls, forests, and more for children to enjoy and explore. The camp director is Lex Hinchey, who has experienced many outdoor adventures and aims to share her love of the wilderness and skills with the children attending.

There are a few different summer camps for children ages 5-13, ranging from 3 to 4 days per session. The camp sessions are arranged based on the experience of the young hikers, and some options require older teens since they carry heavier backpacks with more supplies.

The program educates children about the landscape around them. Topics include geology, ecology, and survival skills. Students learn to identify different plants and navigate their way to and around landmarks in the area. They partake in fun activities like canoeing, fly fishing, archery, painting, and more. 

At the end of the session, campers will know how to find food, cook outdoors, and find their way through the wilderness. In addition, children are taught conservation efforts to sustain our planet for future generations.

6. Audubon Adventure Summer Camp

Nestled along the Yellowstone River, Audubon Adventure Summer Camp is an excellent place for your child to disconnect from technology and enjoy the great outdoors. Audubon opened its doors to campers in 1976 and has been educating kids about nature ever since. With a focus on conservation, Audubon aims to educate and inform the public about the importance of Montana’s native birds, wildlife, and ecosystems. 

Not only can your child develop an understanding of sustainability and conservation, but they can also experience an exciting outdoor adventure at this day camp. The small staff to camper ratio (1:7) helps counselors connect with children while promoting outdoor learning. All staff members are highly trained to ensure secure experiences while supervising the youth as they explore the natural wonders of the state. 

Children are divided by age and can choose between half days or full days at Camp Audubon. During the day camp sessions, children have the opportunity to learn about outdoor survival skills, bird species, outdoor cooking, foraging, and much more.

7. Legendary Lodge

Campers can develop leadership skills and make friends while learning tenets of the Catholic faith at Legendary Lodge. The summer camp sessions provide new experiences and adventures while they create a stronger connection with God.

At the Legendary Adventure Camp, campers experience a backpacking adventure through the wilderness, which lasts around a week. This intensive camp focusing on the Catholic faith is available to high school students only, but there are other terrific options for younger campers. 

There are standard overnight camps for kids of any age who are excited to learn more about their faith while connecting with nature. They can hike, canoe, make art, catch fish, and learn survival skills under the supervision of trained counselors. With a camp location near Salmon Lake and a sprawling forest, kids leave Legendary Lodge feeling refreshed and reconnected with God and nature.