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About Us

Summer Camp Hub strives to be the #1 go-to source for all things summer camp. 

We provide guides and suggestions on summer camps in different cities, states, and areas. We know just how fun summer camps can be and the lifetime of memories made at these summer programs. That's why we do our best when it comes to researching and writing about the top camps.

We also cover a lot of camping-related guides and articles. With combined years of summer camp experience, we've learned a lot of handy outdoor skills that we're happy to share with our readers. Whether you're looking for camping/hiking gear recommendations, tips on handling equipment, or overall general camping information, we're happy to share our insights.

Our Mission

Our goal is to help parents choose the right summer camp for their children. We do this by publishing guides on the best summer camps in a specific city, state, or type. For example, we have previously covered guides on STEM camps, coding camps, camps in California, and much more. We believe that every child from any background should get a chance to experience summer camp, which is why we also published helpful guides like how to afford them, deal with homesickness, and more.

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Summer Camp Hub is a proud member and business affiliate of the American Camp Association.

If you have any other questions or comments please feel free to contact us to send us an email.