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10 Best Summer Camps In Massachusetts 2024

If you want your child to enjoy a similar experience, check out the following camps located in the state of Massachusetts. Each of these includes diverse programs that cater to each child’s personality and includes a wide range of activities to find one for any child. Just don’t forget to bring everything they will need for it.

Some of the best memories from childhood come from the experiences at summer camps. It’s the place where people make lifelong friends, learn valuable skills, and find interests they didn’t know they liked. Summer amps offer a supportive and educational atmosphere where a camper is given opportunities that can help them reach their full potential in a fun and creative manner. 

Best Summer Camps In Massachusetts

1. Camp Cody

Camp Cody

Camp Cody is a co-ed summer camp only two hours away from Boston, Massachusetts. The New Hampshire summer camp is right by White Mountain National Forest and Ossipee Lake, which provides campers with numerous outdoor adventure opportunities and fun water activities.

With large camp facilities and multiple sports fields, there are plenty of traditional camp activities that kids can participate in where they are separated by age group. Some of the exciting things to do at Camp Cody include waterskiing, sailing, kayaking, survival skill classes, videography, and laser tag, team sports, to name just a few.

With a strong focus on creating a supportive atmosphere and helping boys and girls grow as people, Camp Cody provides a memorable summer experience for those who attend.

2. Camp Halfmoon

Camp Halfmoon is located in Monterey, Massachusetts. The program encourages and respects each camper’s individuality and gives them excellent opportunities to grow and develop. 

It has a beautiful lake where your child can swim, SUP, and kayak. Camp Halfmoon also takes campers on white water rafting trips and on other fascinating field trips. There are day camps and sleepaway camp options for children ages 6 to 17.

The day camp is a seven-week-long program for children between the ages of 3 and 14 years old. The overnight program is open to participants ages 6 to 17 years old and each session lasts 3 weeks.

The early afternoons are made up of adventurous challenges, while the evenings are more relaxed. Children participate in group activities, campfires, and sometimes theater nights. The weekends usually include offsite trips as well as overnight camping, which give campers a perfect chance to form friendships and learn useful camping skills.

3. Arts Empowering Life

Arts Empowering Life

Arts Empowering Life offers a summer performing arts camp for boys and girls K-12. The day camps can be found at the new Performing Arts Center in Brewster, MA.

String Camp on Tuesdays features chamber music, fiddling, bowing technique, and music by Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary composers. Theatre Camp, also on Tuesdays, covers improvisation, storytelling, and stagecraft, using your body and your imagination to bring a character to life.

Percussion Camp on Wednesdays will include drum circles, imitating rhythms in nature, stick and mallet skills, and many percussion styles and music. Brass/Woodwind Camp on Wednesdays will help you discover your best sound through small group and full ensemble work and music theory and rhythm basics and beyond.

Registration is flexible. Campers can come for just one or two days or sign up for six-week sessions. Lunch and snacks are provided. The experienced staff instructs campers on a range of artistic disciplines and caters to each individual‘s level.

4. iD Tech

iD Tech offers numerous STEM camps across the state of Massachusetts. All their programs take place on college campuses like Amherst College, Bentley University, and Olin College of Engineering.

They offer summer programs on coding in languages like Python & Javascript, Minecraft, Robotics, Roblox, and many more. You can sign up your child for one or multiple week-long camps that run from July to August. Students learn with the most up-to-date software from Adobe, Epic games, and more. Programs run the full day, starting at 8:30 am and ending at 5:30 pm.

Campers take breaks and participate in fun activities like capture the flag and ultimate frisbee throughout the day. Kids learn valuable interpersonal and teamwork skills as they work in groups on projects. You can rest assured knowing your young one will be taught by instructors that come from the best universities in the United States. They have several other camp locations in nearby states like Connecticut and New Hampshire. 

5. Camp Farley

Found in Mashpee, Camp Farley is a 4-H affiliated organization that was founded in 1934. 4-H clubs are organizations whose objective is to help children become the best versions of themselves in an encouraging manner. 

This New England camp for boys and girls is dedicated to ensuring everyone admitted is nurtured, given equal care and attention. Kids increase independence, healthy-risk taking, self-assurance, and other qualities that help them throughout their lives. 

The day camp is specifically designed for children ages 6-12. Boys and girls participate in activities like swimming, archery, and horseback riding. The overnight camp is for kids between the ages of 8-15. Typically these camps begin on Sunday afternoons and end on Friday evenings.  

The campers are given opportunities to engage in various activities that amplify their current skills and make them learn new ones. At the end of each session, there is a Candle Light Ceremony where the kids are given awards for enthusiasm, helpfulness, and kindness. It’s certainly a good place to build leadership skills.

6. Camp Hi-Rock

Camp Hi-Rock

YMCA Camp Hi-Rock offers thrilling summer programs for kids 7-18 in Mount Washington, Massachusetts. Their overnight camps last between 1 to 8 weeks and instill strong values and life skills in boys and girls. Kids stay in small groups to be better able to get to know one another and grow closer.

There are fun activities for everyone, with options like canoeing, rock climbing, swimming, basketball, dance, wakeboarding, plus a whole bunch of other choices. Campers are encouraged to challenge themselves to experience personal growth while building long-lasting friendships and following values like honesty and respect.

Camp Hi-Rock also offers wilderness expeditions that take students deep into the outdoors. Campers can develop their leadership skills to the fullest while gaining confidence, courage, resilience, and much more. The expeditions and activities vary based on students’ grade level.

7. Camp Good News 

If you’re looking for a place where a child is respected and encouraged to try new things in an amiable environment, Camp Good News is a top choice. It’s located in Forestdale and has been in operation since 1935.

The camp has a passionate staff that ensures each camper feels at home. It’s a place where campers get countless opportunities to have a memorable vacation and learn things along the way. The groups are kept small so each camper can interact with each others easily. They’re also encouraged to share their views with their peers and learn how to respect each other no matter their differences.  

It’s geared towards children 10 to 15 years old. The camp possesses an ever-blue lake for swimming and boating, courts for basketball, soccer, tennis, and softball, a field to practice archery, arts and crafts, and much more.

8. Beaver Summer Camp

Based in Chestnut hill, Beaver Summer Camp offers exciting summer programs for children. This is done in a friendly and secure environment where your child is encouraged to explore their favorite interests.

The organization has four options for participants starting in prekindergarten all the way to 8th grade. Each camp includes age-specific activities so your child can be comfortable and grow as an individual. They have all types of specialty camps, including visual and performing arts programs and sports camps. 

The programs are designed to challenge a child’s ability and unleash their true potential. They’re allowed to make their own decisions to give them a sense of responsibility and independence. The camp includes several activities like swimming, performative and visual arts, woodworking, camping, and much more.

9. Empow Studios

Empow Studios

If you’re looking for a STEM camp for your children, Empow Studios has some great local options. The day camps for students ages 7-15 can teach them valuable engineering and computer science knowledge. They have courses on coding with Python, Minecraft coding, Roblox game design, 3D Printing, robotics, and Youtube video creation. 

Each camp session lasts one week Monday to Friday. In Massachusetts, they have options all over the state, including places like Boston, Newton Upper Falls, Cambridge, and Lexington. Whether your child is a complete beginner or has previous experience, Empow Studios can help with their studies and enthusiasm. 

Their after-school classes are a great way to add to your child’s learning on subjects that most schools don’t teach. During the holidays and school breaks, be on the lookout as they also offer special STEM programs at these times.

Apart from Massachusetts, you can also find them in nearby states like Connecticut. No matter where or what class you choose, their rockstar instructors and well-designed curriculum can help improve your children’s tech skills.

10. Cape Cod Sea Camps

Cape Cod Sea Camps is a family-operated summer camp that was founded almost a century ago. With a camp location on Main Street, Brewster, it’s one of the most popular camps in Massachusetts, overflowing with kids ages 4-17.

Cape Cod Sea Camps offer every traditional sport you can think of including pursuits like marksmanship, performing arts, water sports, woodworking, cycling, and various others. 

There are two options for camp life — a day camp and an overnight camp. While both options are great, the sleepaway camp helps create a sense of interdependence, self-confidence, and determination in kids. The programs include various activities that help the child develop new expertise, enhance existing skills and apply their knowledge in an affectionate environment.

If you live in Massachusetts capital city of Boston, check out these Boston summer camps.

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