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Best Summer Camps In Pennsylvania 2022

Summer camps serve as the perfect opportunity for a child to develop meaningful emotional, social, and cognitive skills. It keeps them productive throughout the summer and gives them a mini getaway from their hectic routines. If you’re looking for a summer camp that you can enroll your child in, the state of Pennsylvania has various top-notch programs. Here are 8 of the best Pennsylvania summer camps. All of them offer a wide array of programs that provide valuable skills your child will benefit from throughout their lives.

Top 8 Summer Camps in Pennsylvania

Camp Cayuga

Situated in Pocono Mountains, Northeastern Pennsylvania, Camp Cayuga is one of the best camps to send your child to during the summer. It occupies around a hundred acres of dense forestland, unspoiled hardwood, huge fields, a beautiful stream-fed lake, and various amenities. The property is isolated from the rest of the population, and it’s private, which means that your kid will get the best possible experience possible. 

The camp has two major campuses: a junior campus and a teen campus. Each of the campuses is situated on different sides of the lake and operates independently. The two campuses have specific programs based on the interests, activities, and personalities of varying age groups.

The camp admits students enrolled in 1st through 8th grade and even younger kids. It includes horseback riding, high-flying trapeze, paintball, skateboarding, water sports, and many other pursuits.

iD Tech Carnegie Mellon University Summer Tech Camps

iD Tech offers coding summer camps in Pittsburgh, PA, at the Carnegie Mellon University campus. They also cover other STEM subjects like robotics, game development, and design for kids ages 7-17.

Throughout the camp, kids get to participate in team-building activities and fun outdoor activities like capture the flag and ultimate frisbee. They offer both days camps and overnight camps for busy parents. Some of their sample classes include things like Minecraft, Roblox, Scratch, and Javascript coding, and many more!

At the end of each camp, kids receive a diploma and skill certifications to demonstrate their accomplishments in finishing the week-long programs. With new technology skills, kids can stand out in their college applications or be more prepared for the upcoming school year. 

Camp Lohikan

First founded in 1957, Camp Lohikan has been successfully providing campers with positive reinforcement, a sense of independence, improved social skills, and unwavering self-confidence. The camp is located on Lake Como, and it offers more than 65+ activities so that your child can learn and have fun at the same time!

Three distinctive programs divide children according to their age. The first program enrolls 1st to 4th graders, whereas the second enrolls 5th grades and older students. Lastly, there is a separate program for teenagers. The unit also has one-week mini-camps, which is perfect, especially if your child is camping for the first time.

The camp has a private lake so children can go swimming, water skiing, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, and scuba diving. They can also go horseback riding and play sports like soccer, basketball, tennis, lacrosse, baseball, and golf.

Camp Saginaw

Camp Saginaw is located on Saginaw Road, Oxford. It is an overnight summer camp that accommodates girls and boys ages 6 through 16. The camp focuses on a child’s academic skills and gives them opportunities to grow socially in an encouraging, nurturing, and supportive environment.

Camp Saginaw offers three types of programs; a two-week program which is only available for 1st-grade till 5th-grade students, a first-half which lasts for almost an entire month, and then a full season which lasts from June end till right before school reopens.

The camps ground is a no-technology zone to encourage your child to interact with other campers, make friends, and engage in the more than 50 different activities that the camp has to offer. The camp offers fun pursuits like swimming, pottery, football, water sports, and trekking, to name a few.

Camp Kweebec

Camp Kweebec has been operating and admitting children for more than 45 years. It’s located in the Perkiomen Valley and expands over an area of 200 acres. The camp admits both girls and boys ages 6 to 16. The total capacity of students each year is around 300 children.

The facility has exceptional athletic, dance, creative performing arts, and woodshop programs. It also has twin lakes where your child will be able to take part in various water sports. The camp also has a media room which is full of exciting and remarkable photos and videos.

Camp Lee Mar

Camp Lee Mar is a summer camp located in Lackawaxen. The camp is specifically constructed to cater to the needs of special needs kids. Since 1953, the camp has worked tirelessly to incorporate a curriculum that includes academic programs, speech programs, and typical camp activities.

The camp is privately owned, so children can easily roam around and experience being in the wilderness. It offers a 7-week program for children that are between the ages of 7 and 21. The program is designed so that students get a full opportunity to enhance their daily living, social skills and, most of all, have fun while doing it.

Some of the programs it offers are speech and social skills summer programs, academic summer programs, physical therapy skills, vocational and occupational job training summer programs, and many more.

Camp Pocono Trails

Camp Pocono Trails is located on Akiba Road, Reeders. The camp is expanded over 350 acres of lakefront land, surrounded by evergreen trees, a water body, and many different amenities typical for summer camps. The camp enrolls any child or adult that is between the age of 18 till 25. Furthermore, it also has family and mom’s camps.

The institution focuses on weight loss, health, and wellness and thus includes several programs according to these three aspects. The campers have routines that encourage them to modify the way they live their lives. It builds many healthy habits in them like eating nutritious food, restorative stress-management, and consistent movement.

Camp America

Camp America is a Day Camp located on the lower state road, Chalfont. Each day at the camp is guaranteed to be full of fun and exciting activities and challenges that will keep your child on their feet all day long and have a peaceful sleep during the night.

Whether it’s learning to find balance in the gymnasium or swimming in the pool, all activities are done as a group. This helps your child to interact with others and make friends. Besides, isn’t it great they can learn new skills and enjoy themselves with friends simultaneously?

It offers various programs which accommodate children between 2 ½ to 15 years of age. Some of the programs include the pre-school camp, athletics program, challenge, team building program, creative arts program, and many more! It also offers programs for gifted and talented children.