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10 Best Vermont Summer Camps In 2024

Attending summer camp is a time-honored tradition for many families around the country. Fortunately, there are more choices than ever in Vermont to find one that fits your child’s unique interests.

From wilderness skills to fine arts, it’s easy to find a great camp for children in the beautiful outdoors of Vermont and nearby New England areas. This is a beautiful state that boasts many fantastic summer opportunities.

There are various day and overnight summer camps in Vermont spread throughout it that cater to teenagers and younger kids of all ages.


Best Vermont Summer Camps

1. Camp Farwell

  • Dates: June 25th-August 11
  • Ages: 6-17
  • Location: 421 Camp Farwell Dr, Newbury, VT 05051
  • Cost: $2000-$12200 (varies per session length)

Camp Farwell is one of Vermont’s and New England’s top overnight camps for girls ages 6-17. Its magnificent campus in Newbury features a pristine lake for water activities and beautiful facilities. It also has one of the best horseback riding programs in the country. 

Campers can choose to do things like horseback riding, drama, mountain biking, photography, soccer, tennis, archery, arts and crafts, dance, sailing, kayaking, vaulting, and much more. There are 2, 3, 4, and 7-week sessions. Younger campers can also sign up for a one-week session to get to know the camp and staff. 

At Camp Farwell, young campers can build friendships while learning lessons that can help them grow. It has a long history dating back more than 100+ years, so they know how to run summer camps very well. The camp receives children from different U.S. states and countries, so it creates a welcoming experience for all. 

2. Camp North Star Maine

  • Dates: June 23-August 10
  • Ages: 7-17
  • Location: 200 Verrill Rd, Poland, ME 04274 (3-hour drive from Vermont)
  • Cost: $4250-$12800 (varies per session length)
Camp Northstar Maine

Camp North Star Maine is a premier overnight camp for kids ages 7-17 and one of the top options in all of New England. It’s located in Poland, Maine so just a short 3-hour drive from Vermont. They receive kids from all over the New England area and the whole United States.

It offers an unlimited amount of fun activities in its two to seven-week camp sessions that cover different grade levels. Boys and girls can enjoy fun activities like rock climbing, rope courses, mountain biking, archery, and more. With facilities close to the water, campers can also partake in waterskiing, paddleboarding, sailing, and much more. Athletic campers will enjoy multiple individual and team sports.

Camp North Star Maine is a technology-free camp, so kids stay away from any sort of mobile device. Instead, they can focus on their interpersonal skills and opportunities to build up their leadership skills.

Their mission is to provide campers with a friendly environment to meet new friends and instill essential life values like respect and independence. 

3. Brown Ledge

  • Dates: June 20-August 14
  • Ages: 10 – 17
  • Location: 71 Brownledge Rd, Colchester, VT 05446
  • Cost: $7250-$11850
Brown Ledge

Brown Ledge is an all-girls camp that sits on the shores of Lake Champlain. This residential camp for girls ages 10-17 gives girls the independence to decide how their camp experience will go and in turn gives them opportunities to discover their true passions and lead to deep transformations

All the activities are guided by experienced camp counselors who are specifically designated for that activity. Girls can sign up for horseback riding lessons, tennis, archery, and riflery, which are some of their specialty activities that have been popular since the camp first started.

Brown Ledge has plenty of facilities and a multitude of instructors for each of these pursuits. There are many other activities too like sailing, diving, waterskiing, arts and crafts, and theater arts.

There are so many choices for things to do that your child won’t have any issues finding something they like. The Brown Ledge camp sessions last from 4 to 8 weeks. Girls will stay in log-type cabins along with 4 or 5 other campers and will be supervised by a counselor.

4. YMCA Camp Abnaki

  • Dates: June 26th-August 27th
  • Ages: 1st-10th-grade students
  • Location: 1252 Abnaki Rd, North Hero, VT 05474
  • Cost: $920-$1825 per week (varies based on financial situation)

If you’re looking for a traditional camp program with a long history of teaching new skills in a positive learning environment, look no further than YMCA Camp Abnaki. During their time at camp, boys focus on personal and outdoor skills and take a break from technology. 

Campers develop good character traits and make new friends. Activities include canoeing, archery, skateboarding, and building crafts. Day camp is available for boys in 5th grade and up, and overnight camp is available for grades 1 to 10th. Tiered tuition is available, and discounts for YMCA members.

Camp Abnaki offers multiple sessions that last two weeks long each. The students are divided into different age groups for cabins, and kids can choose the daily activities they want to partake in.

5. Camp Wachusett For Boys

  • Dates: June 26th-August 6th
  • Ages: 8-15
  • Location: 1430 Camp Rd, Sudbury, VT 05733
  • Cost: $3800-$7900 (depending on sessions)

Known for its rich history as one of New England’s first camps for boys. Today, Camp Wachusett continues to provide opportunities for personal and societal growth in a beautiful natural landscape. The charming Vermont camp limits enrollment to ensure each camper is given enough attention while gaining individual traits like leadership skills and learning to work as part of a team. 

Youth can enjoy time on the water at Lake Hortonia, play tennis, archery, or learn traditional camping skills, among many other things. Boys gain confidence and build friendships at this fun sleepaway camp. They offer multiple camp sessions that last anywhere from 2,3,4 and 6 weeks, so you can enroll your kid in the one that suits them the most.  

The boys are separated into different groups with similar-aged students for each cabin. There is also a counselor in training program for campers who attended camp and dream of becoming a counselor themselves. 

6. Camp W

  • Dates: June 26th-August 13th
  • Ages: 4-17
  • Location: 83 Waubanong Rd, Brattleboro, VT 05301
  • Cost: $325-$900/week

For almost 100 years, Camp W has welcomed boys and girls ages 4-17 from all over the world to learn about nature and adventure in the state. It’s one of the closest camps in Vermont to New York as it’s 4 hours away. Daily outdoor adventures include water activities, climbing, crafts, archery, gardening, yoga, and much more. Whether beginners or experienced wilderness pros, participating can enjoy a fun-filled, tech-free opportunity to build skills and friendships. 

Options are available for sessions ranging from 1-week all the way up to 7 weeks. Boys and girls are welcome to register in one of their day camps or overnight trips. By offering a welcoming and respectful community, Camp W aims to instill a sense of appreciation and gratitude for the environment and natural surroundings in children.

Camps are offered for different age groups, with activities focused on their age. Youth will learn everything to survive outdoors, from building a fire, cooking outdoors, navigating without any help, and much more. 

7. Audubon Vermont Summer Day Camp

  • Dates: June 21st-August 13th
  • Ages: 3-18
  • Location: 255 Sherman Hollow Rd, Huntington, VT 05462
  • Cost: $130-$300

Nestled in the Green Mountains of Vermont, the Audubon Summer Camp provides opportunities for campers of all ages to experience nature and connect with the world around them. They offer day camp programs that include half-day and full-day sessions. Some of their popular choices include an ecology day camp and a preschool nature camp.

The traditional summer camp activities are designed to inspire and thrill young campers. Students can do fun things like build nests, observe and identify plants and animals, explore the forests, play exciting games, and much more.  

Older campers can participate as counselors in training while the youngest campers participate in nature play and social skills. There is something for everyone, and scholarships are available to make camp accessible to all. 

8. SOCAPA Vermont

  • Dates: June 26th-August 6th
  • Ages: 14-18
  • Location: 163 S Willard St, Burlington, VT 05402
  • Cost: $995-$6595

Since its beginning in 2001, the School of Creative and Performing Arts has provided growth opportunities for students all over the New England area to pursue their creative dreams. SOCAPA Vermont is located in Burlington, VT, which happens to be surrounded by beautiful mountains and overlooks sparkling Lake Champlain. 

Day and residential camps are available with programs designed to prepare campers for the next step in their lives as artists. Photography, filmmaking, acting, dance, and music are explored during their time at Champlain College. Day camps and residential follow the same schedule starting at 9 am and ending around 5 pm every weekday.

Campers work with the latest technologies like Adobe, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and more so that all their skills are up to date. When not in class, students can do fun things like hiking, swimming at the lake, concerts, and much more at their Vermont summer camps. 

9. Hosmer Point Camp

  • Dates: June 19th-July 31st
  • Ages: 8-15
  • Location: 76 Hosmer Point Ln, Craftsbury Common, VT 05827
  • Cost: $600-$3200 (varies by household)

Located lakeside in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, campers spend their days at Hosmer Point Camp building friendships and learning new skills. Activities are designed to inspire personal development in campers and foster independence. 

Waterfront activities, crafts, games, and relaxation are regularly enjoyed at this camp, which has been welcoming campers for the past twelve years. High school students can apply to become counselors in training or participate in Capstone Camp. Sessions are available in one or two week lengths.

The camp is surrounded by a vast forest area and lake that allows participants to hike, cross country ski, canoe, go fishing, and much more. Hosmer Point Camp also offers a family camp for families who want to spend labor day weekend together in nature. 

10. ReTribe Summer Day Camp

  • Dates: June 15th-August 26th
  • Ages: 4-12
  • Location: 14 Maple Leaf Road, Underhill, Vermont 05489
  • Cost: $180-$300 per week

The mission of ReTribe is to guide campers ages 4-12 and adults through life experiences and provide support along the way. By building connections in nature and learning new skills, participants can grow and become who they were meant to be. 

Their day camps provide fun opportunities for youth to enjoy adventures while playing games, build forts and campfires, and partake in arts and crafts. Hiking and making food are essential skills that campers learn while working as a team and gaining self-confidence. There are four camp locations in Vermont, depending on the camper’s age and desired program. 

Programs run from 9 am to 3 pm, and youth can explore the great outdoors of Vermont. They also have a forest school that takes place during the month of May. 

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