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Best Summer Camps In Rhode Island 2024

By enrolling your kids in a summer camp in Rhode Island they can have loads of fun and make friends for life while enjoying the beautiful outdoors of this wonderful New England state.

Children are able to develop their social skills and become more confident while also learning about the outdoors. With astonishing lakes and bays like Narragansett Bay wrapped in green pine forests, Rhode Island summer camps offer a wonderful environment for exploring.

Whether your kids are sporty, dreamers, artistic, or have more fun getting hands-on with their activities, there are plenty of options among the following options.

Camp Cody

Camp Cody

Located on the picturesque Lake Ossipee in Freedom, New Hampshire, Camp Cody promises an inclusive environment for children ages 7-17. Everyone will find their place with the different things offered and considering it’s standing among New England, it’s worth it’s featuring on this Rhode Island camps guide too.

The youngest children will be constantly monitored to secure safe conditions for all. They will make new friends and get all the support they need. Older children get more responsibility and later bedtimes but everyone still gets exciting activities to choose from.

Participants can choose between a wealth of different activities, from sports on the water like swimming, sailing, and wakeboarding to volleyball, football, dance, and tennis. Campers can get confident in nature with survival skills, outdoor cooking, or fishing. Yet, there are also art forms like music and crafts available for the creative.

Values of kindness, inclusiveness, and gratitude are only some of what is taught through the activities at Camp Cody. Those 16-17 years of age can join the Camp Cody Leadership Program, where they will learn about responsibility, leadership, and work ethics while having fun. There are usually around 7 campers in each cabin together with 3 counselors.

Camp Fuller

Camp Fuller

Camp Fuller is a non-profit camp located in Kingstown by Point Judith Pond, protected by barrier beaches and dunes. This makes it a safe place for activities like sailing, paddleboarding, and windsurfing. Children can also learn how to swim at camp so that they feel safe in the water.

Camp Fuller offers kids a wide range of activities from reading, art, and chess to rugby, soccer, and archery. They also have a climbing wall which is popular. The camp’s aim is to let all kids do activities that they are comfortable with but also give them a safe space to explore and try something new.

Since every family and every child is different, there are different options for campers to join 1-2 week programs, affordable day camps, and even family camps. Everyone 7-17 is welcome to attend. 

Kingston’s Camp

Kingston’s Camp focuses on children’s strengths and helps them grow their outdoor and survival skills. Set in West Kingston amidst pine trees by a picturesque lake, there is plenty of room for playing and learning. 

This is a screen-free space in the daytime which means more time to embrace the outdoors and focus on the activities. But it also means there is no time for bullying or social media. At Kingston’s Camp, inclusion is one of the core values which is one of the reasons why they offer financial help and plans if you cannot pay the entire camp fee at once.

Among the activities that help children grow their confidence, this summer camp focuses time on the water and teaches children swimming and boating skills. Canoeing and paddleboarding are some of the other popular things to do. Kids learn campfire safety and other skills to stay safe in the outdoors at all times by keeping the environment in focus.

The older kids at Kingston’s Camp can develop their leadership capabilities. There are opportunities to start working for the camp as they grow older to further develop.

Camp Yawgoog

Camp Yawgoog

For the last century, Camp Yawgoog has been a fun place for boy scouts to spend their summers in Rhode Island doing the activities they love the most. It is located in Rockville right between the picturesque Wincheck Pond and Yawgoog Pond and surrounded by wilderness. It consists of 3 camps with different traditions, like songs and cheers, but they all offer the same activities.

Camp Yawgoog also offers camps for kids not with their troop, and day camps are available for students between 1st and 5th grade. This is a great way to get a mild introduction to life at summer camp, exploring fun activities like archery and climbing. Kids over 14 can get ATV training for an extra thrill. 

At the same age, scouts can start leadership training which is a valuable skill for any young adult. The day camps are available for two weeks at a time, and their menus can accommodate different needs.

Camp Watchaug

Located in Charlestown on Watchaug Pond, Camp Watchaug is enveloped by 30 acres of woods and has the perfect setting for playing outdoors. With a wide variety of pursuits, children of different ages can grow and get confident in the outdoors through play and fun.

Kids can get creative at the waterfront, on the water trampoline, swimming, paddling, or playing volleyball. The older children will enjoy pushing their limits through climbing, archery, or zip-lining. Besides, there are plenty of arts and crafts alternatives for the kids that prefer that over physical games. This is also a favorite on rainy days. 

Camp Watchaug will incorporate Christian values into the children through their activities, so you know that they will be guided to grow into good human beings. After a couple of weeks at Camp Watchaug, the kids come back home with new confidence and a balanced mind.

Camp Jori

Camp Jori is a Jewish summer camp where they can enjoy camp activities right on one of the largest lakes of Rhode Island, Worden Pond in Wakefield. Camp Jori’s main value is that all activities are aligned with Taking Care of Each Other (TACEO.)

Besides the typical things like beach volleyball, archery, kayaking, and sailing, Camp Jori offers a great range of art activities like Israeli dance, improvisation, music, mosaics, sculpturing, and fashion design.

No matter what your children are interested in, they will find it at Camp Jori. It’s one of the best places to leave them for the summer, knowing they will only be served kosher meals. Shabbat is held every Friday night with dinner, music, and dance and continues into Saturday when the days start late with special events.

Campers can stay for the day or overnight for 1 to 7 weeks, and youth with special needs can select their specialty camp since they believe camp should be accessible to everyone.


TeamWorks is located in Warwick and offers sports camps for kids between 4 and 15 years of age. The kids will learn teamwork and resilience through games and sports. Campers will play everything from volleyball, football, soccer, basketball, and other sports. 

There are also arts and crafts and teambuilding activities featured on the schedule. For those 6-14 and 11-15 (volleyball) serious about their sport, there is a special program where you can improve technical skills and get mentorship to reach a competitive level with a dedicated coach.

Programs are open between June and August and promise a lot of fun for athletes who enjoy team sports. TeamWorks only offer day camps from 9 am to 3:30 pm with the ability to buy lunch and snacks from them.

Island Art Spot

The Island Art Spot summer day camps in Rhode Island are for the younger crowd between 4 and 10 years of age. The groups are small, with 12-15 children together to create a nurturing environment for your young ones to express their creativity. 

Island Art Spot is situated in Middletown and has a variety of activities within different art forms like drawing, singing, sculpturing, painting, and sewing among others. The days will be flexible to adapt to the kids’ preferred art forms so that they can fully express themselves.

Each week has a different theme so children won’t get bored at any point. See the website for a full list of classes and events.  

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