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10 Best Minecraft Summer Camps For Kids 2024

Kid playing Minecraft on computer
Kid playing Minecraft on a computer at camp

Minecraft is one of the most popular games ever created, loved by millions of people all over the world. Opening up a digital universe of creativity most games can’t come close to matching, it’s not hard to see how Minecraft became as influential as quickly as it did.

Children get a lot out of all that Minecraft has to offer. They learn different skills, flex their creative muscles, and develop new relationships inside of this digital platform – and that’s a big part of why Minecraft summer camps around the nation are so popular today. 

Here are some of the top Minecraft summer camps and classes you’ll want to consider.

Best Minecraft Summer Camps

iD Tech

ID Tech takes a unique approach to building out digital-only Minecraft camps for kids and teenagers, helping attendees find new gaming angles that introduce advanced learning modules wrapped inside the Minecraft experience. 

Kids of all ages are invited to learn how to design and develop video games inside the Minecraft platform, learn how to program and code using Minecraft assets, and can develop other STEM skills while they are knee-deep in the game. 

Summer classes and camp opportunities are just some of the courses available from ID Tech. After school classes, weekend courses, and “gaming groups” are also offered by ID Tech.


CodeWizardsHQ offers one-week Minecraft and Roblox coding camps. Through these fun games, campers ages 8-18 can learn how to code and gain an understanding of the basic concepts. Children learn Redstone, an essential component used for programming in Minecraft.

With a project-based approach, students learn real-world skills that help transition their programming knowledge into more advanced levels. The summer programs are beginner-friendly, so those with no previous coding experience are more than welcome. Youth can also enroll in their live Minecraft classes during the school year or school breaks. 

Campers are taught through live interactive classes by expert instructors knowledgeable in their specific domain. Kids can ask questions and get help from their teachers and online community. Once camp is finished, students will have learned to create all sorts of cool projects in Minecraft.


PlanetBravo offers Minecraft modding courses for grade levels 2nd-9th. They currently have 10 locations in the LA area, including Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Manhattan Beach.

The Minecraft Micro-Modding course is for campers grades 2nd-3rd and makes game modding accessible even if you’ve never played Minecraft before. The Minecraft Modding course is for grades 4th-9th and gets into the amazing power and customization that Mcreator has to offer. Campers learn how to add biomes, structures, mobs, and much more to their game.

For kids who enjoy the game and want to get better at it, these programs are a great way to spend the summer. Their Roblox Game Design classes are another amazing game camp for those who want to create their own game.

Ivy Camps USA

In this Minecraft & Architecture camp, your child can learn how to design beautiful castles in the amazing world of Minecraft. Ivy League instructors teach children how to create and design Minecraft buildings block by block. 

Students draw their inspiration and then bring it to life step by step. Everything from learning about Minecraft building schematics, blueprints, floor plans, and more are taught in the course.  At the end of the camp, children can give a castle tour of their creation to their peers.

Apart from learning things in Minecraft, the class also helps campers improve their creative thinking, problem-solving, and presentation skills. The students meet once a week for five weeks, with each class lasting 75 minutes.

Power Up Tech Academy

Power Up Tech Academy offers Minecraft summer camps for students of all skill levels between ages 7-12. Whether kids are looking for a technical camp experience where they learn coding, a creative camp that focuses on creating pixel art and Minecraft architecture, or a Minecraft mods focus to create unique worlds and adventures — they can experience it with their camps.

They focus on providing lessons for kids that are educational as well as providing immense entertainment to keep children focused and engaged. They learn by following specific steps in a process that involves planning, designing, implementing, and testing. These Minecraft camps help them develop other essential skills like problem-solving, coding, and much more. 

Power Up Tech Academy has small class sizes with up to 4 kids per camp. This helps ensures each kid receives the adequate attention to succeed at camp with attentive instruction from Minecraft experts. Each camp lesson is 2 hours a day for one week.

Create & Learn

Create & Learn offers several different types of Minecraft classes during the summer. Kids from any skill level ranging from beginners to avid players can partake in their fun courses.

Participants can learn how to code with Minecraft, make cool things by modding, solve puzzles, and much more. They offer camps for elementary students, middle school students, and high school students so that anyone who’s an enthusiast regardless of age or grade can join in on the fun. Camp sessions range from a couple of days to weeks in length. 

Classes are kept to a small group with a five student maximum to ensure each person gets sufficient attentiveness from the expert instructors. Teachers are required to have background experience on the subject and go through a background check, so you can be assured that your child is learning from the best.

Star Camp Minecraft Summer Academy

The STAR Minecraft Summer Academy is has been running for 3 consecutive years, offering all new lesson plans, new challenges, and opportunities for campers to explore each year. 

This summer academy isn’t just an excuse to play video games either. Classes and sessions are engineered to teach children and young adults about the game development world, helping them learn out of mod and create their own Minecraft worlds. Two-week sessions are available for children in grades two through six.

Connected Camps Minecraft Sessions

Each week-long Minecraft summer camp session from Connected Camps is designed to teach campers about different aspects of the Minecraft environment. 

Some will learn about animation in the world of Minecraft, others will learn how to create content for YouTube that revolves around Minecraft, and there’s even a theater camp that exists virtually through the Minecraft platform. 

World history and exploration camps, technology camps, and electronic sports camps hosted through custom Minecraft servers are available as well. There are even girl only camps dedicated to getting young ladies into the world of game development, electronic sports, and Minecraft.

Minecraft Camps at Vision Tech

Vision Tech created a summer-long virtual camping experience for students to explore the world of STEM while having a lot of fun inside the Minecraft environment. 

Different camp sessions are available for children of all ages, including video game design, modification development, modding competitions, and a host of traditional STEM style classes that make use of the Minecraft digital environment to make learning more engaging.

Campers will be able to explore the sandbox world of Minecraft with campers in their own classes as well as those attending other modules. This will help attendees build stronger relationships in a 100% digital camp environment, making memories and having a lot of fun. This all happens while playing one of the most popular games on the planet and while they learn new skills.

Lavner Camps Virtual Minecraft Summer Camp

This Minecraft Camp is all about unlocking the creativity of children and teenagers using the Minecraft sandbox to facilitate each course.

Campers are going to be able to build their own custom maps, learn about coding languages and logic. They can also master the basics of electric circuitry and general game design. Learning how to create multiplayer servers, how to host Minecraft competitions and tournaments, and how to adapt the Minecraft world with modifications are part of the camp plan too. 

The entire camping experience lasts a full summer and is hosted 100% digitally. Campers are encouraged to jump in and talk to their new friends inside of Minecraft, building new friendships and relationships over global distances. 

Children between the ages of 7 and 12 are welcome here, with other specialty programs available for older teenagers to participate in.