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Best Fortnite Summer Camps 2024

In the world of online video games, Fortnite is one of the most popular games among kids. The dynamic, award-winning game offers different versions and interfaces, all of which are engaging. Does your child love playing Fortnite? If so, you can turn their Fortnite fascination into a beneficial summer activity. 

Fortnite summer camps have captured the attention of kids around the world who love the game! Most Fortnite gamers are really excited about the chance to dial up their Fortnite skills and meet other kids who are eager to play while learning valuable design and coding skills. 

Some of these camps focus on game-playing, while others teach Fortnite game design and coding. For some fans, playing with other players makes the game even more fun! Attending a Fortnite camp, whether online or in person, adds a new dimension to the game while also improving their social skills.

Fortnite camps


Children between ages 11-18 can join CodeWizardsHQ’s beginner Fortnite coding camp for some summer fun by creating their own personal Fortnite game experience.

Kids with no coding experience can learn the basics of game design using Unreal Editor (UEFN), specifically designed for Fortnite gaming. Constructing different aspects of the game, like environments, characters, and maps, encourages fans to learn a whole new skill set.

Any child who knows the basics of Fortnite qualifies for the 1-week camp. Your child should be enthusiastic about learning how to code their own versions of the game. Once the program is over, they can use their newfound skills to continue developing video games for even more learning.

CodeWizardsHQ summer camps offer interactive live classes with friendly, experienced teachers and an online community of like-minded gaming peers.

AOE Esports Summer Camp

Children who want to improve their Fortnite skills and have fun competing on teams will absolutely love this online Fortnite summer camp offered by AOE Esports.

Each day of camp covers new skills, practice, and game playing. Highly qualified coaches guide campers through playing with characters and island landscapes while directing solo playing and team efforts. These activities greatly improve their ability when playing the game competitively.

The 5-day program fills 3 hours per day with interactive activities. Your child can participate in team strategy building, mechanical skills improvement, and tournaments. 

Campers are grouped according to skill level, so learning is easy and fair. AOE Esports creates a welcoming online environment with non-toxicity rules so all players can focus on making friends while having a fun time. They also offer a different camp on Smash Brothers.

Ultimate Esports Gaming

This in-person summer camp presented by Ultimate Esport Gaming is perfect for elementary and middle school students who are passionate about playing Fortnite. The camp takes place in June and July, in one-week blocks, each weekday from 9 am to 12 pm.

Kids meet at the Ultimate Esports Gaming headquarters in Summerville, South Carolina, where they up their gaming skills by playing with other campers.

Ultimate Esports summer camps are great for beginners and for those with more experience. Whatever the level, campers can participate in tournaments while experimenting with new techniques and practicing gaming strategies.

Older teens who are really into gaming will benefit from Ultimate Esports’ excellent instruction during the programs. With a strong focus on skill development, it can improve their chances to qualify for future esports college scholarships.

Fleming Camps 

Fleming Tech Camps offers one-week camps for students in grades 4-10 who love Fortnite and want to learn about 3D game design and coding.

Fortnite Creative Mode is used to develop 3D video worlds, solve problems, and create puzzles. Detailed coding is taught in the context of fun scenarios, like building an obstacle course or creating a treasure hunt race.

While learning programming skills, children problem-solve, do game testing, and practice their time management. They have ample opportunities to work on team building and collaboration, with regular constructive feedback from the helpful instructors.

Fleming Camps has twenty years of expertise in providing first-rate video game technology education. Their innovative Fortnite tech camp helps kids utilize their passion for video games to further develop their skills in creativity and critical thinking.

Esports Players Club

Esports Players Club offers one of the most amazing summer programs for those who love playing video games and want to learn game design. Morning, afternoon, and full-day camps take place at the Esports Players Club facilities in South Tampa and are available in one-week sessions.

The camp’s active schedule includes educational classes that cover tech design principles, like game design and coding. Daily coaching sessions help kids learn while they play. Esports Players Club camps also feature dynamic tournaments, where children practice their improved skills while competing solo and in teams. 

There’s also plenty of time to get to know other youth during scheduled snack times and while planning competition strategies. The Esports Players Club facility offers the best tech equipment, so kids can learn with ease under the caring attention of friendly and talented staff.

iD Tech

For children aged 13-18, iD Tech offers in-person and virtual camps specifically for those who have a passion for tech and Fortnite and other video games like Roblox or Minecraft.

If your child attends in person, the small groups take place in over 20 university campuses around the United States. Online classes are available for those who prefer to stay at home, making it easy for parents. 

iD Tech focuses on helping children develop STEM skills that will be useful in a future tech-related career. In their Fortnite options, kids learn “level design” skills that form the set-up of game creation. This includes such skills as mission design, creating maps and designing stage layouts.

The summer camps hosted by iD Tech are a perfect blend of educational classwork and social interaction for kids to share their love of Fortnite.


KidzToPros offers enrichment programs for children, both online and in person. Their sessions have only 5-12 campers at most. Each group is led by an expert and enthusiastic instructor who really cares about helping your child grow in confidence and gaming skills.

KidzToPros offers two online Fortnite programs that teach kids the fundamentals and the strategies behind winning. Children have direct instruction on how to get the most out of the game.

The online beginner’s immersion course at KitzToPros is for children in grades 4-5. After taking this course, beginners can move up to enjoying an intermediate level of playing and accomplishment.

Kids get a kick out of maneuvering complex Fortnite scenarios with others while reveling in both team competitions and upping their solo game. An advanced online immersion camp is available for those who already have experience playing the game.

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