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7 Best Youtube Camps (2024)

Summer camps include many modern activities and interests, with specialty camps becoming increasingly popular. Children can now enroll in camps specifically tailored toward learning the ins and outs of YouTube video creation. This social media has quickly become a place where aspiring young creators flock to share their latest and greatest content with the largest audience possible. 

A YouTube summer camp can teach them the ropes and give them the chance to try ideas and gain the confidence necessary to present them to the public. Any one of these programs would be a great start for a future YouTube star.

Youtube camps

iD Tech Digital Video Production for YouTube

The iD Tech Digital Video Production for YouTube course is an intensive week-long program. The instructors at iD Tech cover the fundamentals of filmmaking necessary for successful content generation.

This class teaches every aspect of video production including capturing footage, editing with Adobe Premiere Pro, the fundamentals of screenwriting and editing, and collaborative storytelling. It’s appropriate for children between 10 and 12 of all skill levels.

Apart from online, iD Tech offers it in-person at dozens of college and high school campuses across the country. This provides an immersive learning experience along with the excitement of a typical day on a vibrant campus with other students. 

The classes and camps offer a collaborative environment where children can learn and thrive together while learning a host of new skills that can be applied to produce the highest quality content possible.

The top-tier instructors are hand-picked from the top tech companies and universities from across the country to provide the best resources to students at iD Tech. The small class size will ensure one-on-one attention from some of the most talented people in the industry.

Empow Studios YouTube Video Creation

The YouTube Video Creation camp by Empow Studios offers students between 2nd and 4th grades a week-long summer session online and in Massachusetts. The course material will cover how to devise and plan projects, as well as introduce some of the basics of recording, editing, and promoting their work with the premier video platform.

Some of the content children get to work on includes how-to-videos, fashion content, and video game walkthroughs. These remain some of the most watched and sought-after content, and after just one camp session with Empow Studios, kids can work on their own.

In addition to their YouTube specialty, Empow Studios has other STEM-related camps covering robotics and coding. They also offer year-round local STEM programs for children all around New England.

There are over 100 educational partners that are a part of the Empow Studios network of providers. For children outside New England, this YouTube camp is available online as well and runs on the same dates as the in-person camp.

Outschool YouTube Camps

Outschool is an online learning platform with courses in everything children might want to learn about. This includes a rather extensive list of general and super-specific lessons about creating YouTube content. Every content niche is represented, and there is content suitable for children between 3 and 18 years old.

You just pay for the classes your kids are interested in and they attend live video meetings with passionate instructors. Depending on the course chosen, students meet up between one and five times a week, with sessions ranging from a half hour to a full hour. The classes cover everything from how to grow your YouTube channel to video editing. 

In addition to YouTube courses, children can learn about all subjects they enjoy at school including math, science, and the arts. A lifetime’s worth of learning is available at Outschool, and it’s a great, low-commitment way for kids to improve their skills or gain new ones.

Hofstra University Summer Camps

The Hofstra University YouTube Studio Beginner Camp is hosted on its beautiful Hempstead, New York campus for students in grades 6th through 10th. This course is intended to take children from being consumers of YouTube videos to successful creators.

Kids learn about the tools of the trade used by professional YouTubers including Adobe Premiere, OBS Studio, and Audacity. They’ll also get to work with a large variety of audio and video recording equipment ranging from smartphones and microphones to professional-grade, standalone gear.

The course covers every aspect of a successful YouTube channel. Students develop skills in video capture, proper recording techniques, and editing. The course also helps participants discover the niche they’re passionate about and generate ideas for what to do.

Throughout the camp, children apply the knowledge gained to create their channel and release a completely original video that they personally shot, edited, and produced themselves.


KidzToPros combines two of the most important aspects of YouTube content creation into its 40-hour beginner-level course for children 10-13. Kids who choose this course learn about the importance of creative writing as it relates to video production. The class also covers the particulars of producing videos based on the stories they craft.

Participants are taught the power of creativity, communication, and performance. It’s a great course to show the intersection of art and technical skill that occurs in a well-crafted YouTube video.

This is a virtual camp for kids all across the country, with year-round availability. Parents will also find in-person day camp experiences during the summer at over 150 locations. These are a more traditional camp option that includes STEM-related coursework mixed in with fun outdoor activities to make the best of their time off.

Classroom Antics Tubestars Camp

For kids across Ohio who are interested in creating videos, the Classroom Antics Tubestars Camp is a great option. This is a week-long, half-day summer camp with five locations including Akron, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Dayton.

Children ages 10-13 join up to 11 of their peers in this small-class course that includes enough equipment so that every student gets to have their own laptop and recording gear. The small class size also ensures that everyone gets adequate attention and receives a wealth of information throughout five half-day sessions.

The Tubestars Camp will introduce the main principles of YouTube content creation including storyboarding, scripting, filming, editing, and promotion. They get in-depth knowledge about the artistic and technical aspects to get a holistic understanding of video production. 

Kids can fully express their creativity while learning the nuts and bolts of how to share this vision with the world through the power of the YouTube platform.

Brickworks Academy

Brickworks Academy offers an online YouTube production and editing course to children 8-14. The program teaches children the importance of video as a means of communication now and in the future, and it’ll show them the power of YouTube to express themselves.

Children write compelling stories and then reproduce them through modern software, hardware, and the full range of editing techniques available as a result of these advancements. Sessions are one week long and day camp style with an hour every day outdoors to enjoy some physical activities and keep their fitness sharp.

The Brickworks Academy schedule is similar to a typical school day and helps keep kids on track for the upcoming school year. There are also summer camps in LEGO robotics, Minecraft, and Pokemon Designer.

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