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20 Best STEM Summer Camps For Your Child 2022

STEM summer camps provide valuable skills for your child which can be used in their future careers. In these camps your children learn things like problem solving, communication, teamwork, and decision making. 

Luckily, there are many Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) summer camps in almost every city in the US making it both convenient and easy for parents to enroll their child in one. Here is a list we came up with on some of the top STEM based summer camps in the U.S.

Top 20 STEM Summer Camps

Whether you want them to spend their summer living on campus, or just attending a 9-to-5 camp, you'll find several options here. 

iD Tech

If your child is into coding, robotics, game development or design and wants to choose from over 150 locations, this tech camp is for them. Anyone between the ages of 7 and 19 is welcomed at iD Tech camps.

You can simply choose from camps that are co-ed or girls-only. iD Tech is available in the US, UK, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, and Singapore. The iD Tech STEM camps are an amazing opportunity for your child to grow their knowledge and learn computer science skills from incredible teachers while enjoying their summer at prestigious universities. 

Whether you're looking for online programs or in-person camps during the summer or even during the school year, iD Tech offers amazing choices. 

Camp Supernow

Supernow offers STEM-based camps for kids ages 4-10. ‍Kids interact with live expert instructors and campers worldwide. They participate in immersive classes with a world-class program designed by experts to draw kids out of the screen and use their imagination based on the world around them.

Each week takes kids to a different corner of the magical Supernow campground. Their virtual summer camps have fun themes like Eco-Exploration in the Piney Forest, Intergalactic Encounters at the Super Observatory, Fables and Fairytales at the Campfire, and much more!

Kids are given daily at-home missions, crafts, and activities to keep them engaged all day long. 


Your child can learn what it takes to overcome any challenge, all while having fun! Chess4Life offers live, interactive online chess classes, clubs, camps, and tournaments for children 5-15 years old.

A small group of experienced coaches welcomes beginners through advanced players. They can take advantage of the cognitive benefits of chess – increased focus, patience, & critical thinking skills. The curriculum encourages students to build life skills like respect, sportsmanship, and patience!

Kids can join their online premium classes for small-group learning with individual progress tracking. The online chess clubs are great for daily lessons and tournament practice. Seasonal and summer virtual chess camps offer engaging daily chess lessons and tournaments plus extracurriculars like art, drama, and more. You can check out the weekly Online Quad Tournaments for exciting, rated tournament play!

Code Advantage

Code Advantage is one of the top choices for online coding classes for kids between 6-13. They're project based curriculum helps children gain a deep understanding of coding while also growing to like it. They're aim is to help children become more innovative and improve their imagination and critical thinking skills while having fun.   

They have quite a few different programs that include things like game development, robotics, Minecraft and so much more. Campers are taught by expert instructions with credentials and previous experience.

With a 7:1 student to teacher ratio, Code Advantage offers amazing camps for students in a welcome and caring environment. For kids who want more focused learning, they also have private coding lessons for a suitable experience specifically made just for your child.


AstroCamp is a summer adventure camp with a focus on STEM studies. If your child is looking for the traditional summer camp experience mixed in with educational STEM learning activities, this is the perfect option. Located in Idyllwild, CA, it has a 100-acre facility for kids to explore. Their labs have the latest technology that kids can use for their studies in outer space, physical and earth science, plus the natural world.

They have one and two-week sessions you can enroll them in. Apart from STEM education, kids can participate in fun activities like rock climbing, arts and crafts, biking, and many more! At AstroCamp, boys and girls from ages 8-17 will receive Astronomy training from experts in the field.

Engineering For Kids

Engineering for Kids offers online and in-person camps in STEM. True to their name, they have various subjects that kids can choose from — ranging from robotics, coding, interactive engineering, and more.

With camps involving ESports, Minecraft, game design, and other subjects, your child can have a memorable time learning while having fun. There are different programs for kids separated by grade levels, so your child receives adequate education for their age. Groups are split into pre k to 2nd grade, 3rd to 5th, and 6th to 8th grade. 

They offer summer programs all across the United States, so there is a good chance you'll find one in your state or a nearby state. They also provide after-school programs and classes during the school year.

Create & Learn

Create & Learn offers award-winning online live STEM camps designed by Google and Stanford experts. The camps are a great option if your child wants to code Roblox or Minecraft, is curious about how self-driving cars work, and want to learn how to make their own websites, mobile games and even app development.

Create & Learn's camps have a maximum of 5 kids, so your child gets personalized attention from their highly trained, US-based expert instructor, to ensure they learn. They help children from kindergarten to 12th grade build confidence, improve creativity and critical thinking skills while learning next-generation technology that prepares them for future careers. Children with little to no coding skills can make use of their classes with beginner coding languages like Scratch. Those with more experience can practice their skills with Python.

The inquiry-based and project-based method of teaching at their STEM programs ensures kids learn computer science and have fun while developing a deep understanding.  

Andover Summer at Phillips Academy

Andover Summer at Phillips Academy is a 5-week on-campus academic enrichment program for rising 7th-12th graders. Over 60-course options are available in multiple disciplines with a heavy emphasis on STEM-related content. Students in middle school and high school from across the globe engage with distinguished faculty through small classes and an experiential, hands-on style of learning.

Whether you’re looking to explore life on a premier boarding school campus or preparing for the rigors of the best colleges and universities, Andover Summer at Phillips Academy offers a in person transformative experience to last a lifetime.


PlanetBravo offers virtual technology camps and in-person technology camps in California, with 10 locations in the state. Students can choose from over 18 different courses that include things like game development, Minecraft modding, video game design, graphic design, virtual robotics, and much more. There is an 8:1 teacher to student ratio to ensure that each child is getting the necessary attention.

PlanetBravo experienced instructors come from various backgrounds and have expertise in subjects like computer science, graphic design, engineering, robotics, and many others. 

PlanetBravo is very careful about who they hire as an instructor and perform a thorough background check to ensure your child is getting the highest level of education from the top teachers. Apart from summer camps, they also have day school programs and after-school programs.


Camp:ASPIRE from UBTECH Education offers virtual STEM summer programs focused on robotics, engineering, and AI for kids ages 8+ interested in these subjects or even a future career in it.

Professional instructors assists students and help them with real hands-on work with UKIT robotic kits, which they use to build and code robots. There is a diverse variety of courses for children of any ability, including beginner classes and intermediate classes. Discounts are also available when kids sign up for multiple sessions, and every campers gets to keep their UKITs after camp ends for additional exploration.

Kids receive a summer education in coding and robotics that is hard to find in schools. If you want your child to receive a quality education while having fun and preventing summer learning loss, enrolling them in UBTECH Education's Camp:ASPIRE is the way to go. Available anywhere in the US.


The STEAM Summer Camp Program offered by Ivy Camps USA focuses on helping students ages 6-14 to discover the exciting world of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) through hands-on experiments, comprehensive instruction, and the pursuit of original projects led by students themselves. All their instructors come from top universities in the United States, such as Harvard, Yale, MIT, and more. They are specifically trained to help students develop skills to become innovators of tomorrow.

Ivy Camps USA offers two options for their online STEAM summer camp programs. The first program focuses on the science of building and transportation. The second program option focuses on educating students on how to think like an engineer using the Stanford design cycle and then has students apply those skills to city planning and design.

Excellence in STEAM Virtual Summer Camp

The UNC Charlotte Writing Project offers students in rising grades 5 to 8 the opportunity to write, engage in scientific inquiry, and explore the arts. Each session of these 5-day camps will center on a different theme, including anti-racism, urban gardening, and epidemiology. UNC Charlotte Teaching Fellows under faculty direction will facilitate groups of 4-6 students.

Prior to the first day, campers will receive a science kit containing materials for hands-on exploration and a journal. For more summer camp information, visit their website. For 40 years, the UNC Charlotte Writing Project has provided meaningful professional development around writing, discussion, and critical thinking to over 500 teachers through our Invitational Summer Institute and many more through our professional development workshops in area schools.

Since 2005, the UNC Charlotte Writing Project has led summer camps for elementary and middle school students. This year, through virtual offerings, summer enrichment opportunities are not limited to students in the Charlotte, NC metropolitan area.

Camp Edmo

Camp EDMO® offers in-person programs with the same excitement that kids love but in safer and smaller groups. You can join them for an educational summer season filled with science, technology, maker, and art with a social emotional learning twist. The programs are suitable for kids entering pre-kindergarten all the way to 8th grade. 

You also have the option of going with their online option, Camp EDMO Online. It offers 2.5-hour sessions every day, twice a day in the morning and afternoons. You can choose between one or two sessions and make a whole day of it! Kids can spend as much time out of their seats moving their bodies as they do absorbed in hands-on projects.


Kids between 4 to 14 years old can explore and learn at KidzToPros STEM summer camps. Their camps provide the perfect opportunity for children to develop essential life skills like teamwork and sportsmanship. The camps included focuses on coding, robotics, video game design and more!

The camps are taught by highly knowledgeable instructors who are passionate about all things related to STEM. KidzToPros camps can help your child prevent the dreaded summer learning loss. With so many camp options available, you can find the right one that matches your kid's specific interests and meets your criteria.

National Computer Camp (NCC)

National Computer Camp (NCC) is America's original computer camp since 1977. They offer virtual on line camps and in person camps. What sets NCC apart from other STEM camps is that NCC provides campers with life-long computer skills providing a solid foundation in coding, focusing on kids programming languages and applications, game development, and web page design. Scholarship grants are available.

Why NCC? According to one of their alumni, “NCC was a huge influence in my life. Your influence was seminal to my college success at Dartmouth College Engineering. Now at age 53, I use robotics to do surgery as a Colo-rectal Surgeon. I am a huge fan and very fortunate to have been your camper.” 

NCC empowers campers to learn and reach their potential. Campers arrive with a dream and leave with a future as they realize the computer world belongs to those who understand its potential.

The Coding School

The Coding School offers an array of personalized programs in grades 4-12. From quantum computing to cyber security and creative tech to artificial intelligence, The Coding School has something for middle schoolers and high schoolers. You can join them in the summer for live, virtual camps, a four-week quantum summer school sponsored by IBM Quantum, or a five-week Data Science Research Program with college faculty.

The Coding School is on a mission to empower students with the skills and confidence necessary to become future leaders, problem solvers and innovators through code. Their incredible instructors study at Harvard, MIT & Yale. They work at top-tech companies, send satellites into space, program high speed boats for extreme athletes, and write code for life-saving health procedures.

Digital Media Academy Tech Camps

Digital Media Academy's Tech Camps are suitable for children ages 9 to 18. Students with future career interests such as Animation, Coding, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Game Design, Virtual Reality, Music Production, 3D Modeling, Filmmaking, Photography, and Entrepreneurship are the perfect group to attend. The courses are tailor-made for those career options. Their graduates work for Amazon, Google, Pixar, SAP, or NASA, etc.

The team at Digital Media Academy has been providing summer learning experiences at Stanford, Harvard, NYU, and other leading universities for kids since 1999. With nearly 500,000+ students enrolled, over 100+ courses to choose from, and a 99.6% student satisfaction rate, kids can build portfolios by learning the latest digital skills in DMA.

NextWave STEM

NextWave STEM offers an abundance of STEM courses for children of all ages. With a strong focus on emerging technologies, they offer courses related to drones, robotics, 3D technologies, and artificial intelligence. 

They follow strict standards, so you can be satisfied knowing your child's educational curriculum is following the best standards. The summer classes are designed to help your child improve their critical thinking, creativity, communications and collaboration skills. 

To paraphrase one of their mission statements, the goal is to ignite a passion for learning in children that will lead to improved grades, and open opportunities for them throughout their education and career.

PARI Space Camps

PARI provides a wide variety of space camps which include astronomy, robotics and science. With a focus on teaching leadership skills, how to work as a team and important STEM principles, your child will have an eye opening summer learning experience. They will even be working with technology that was used by NASA. 

The camps are coed and they are located in a 200 acre ex NASA site surrounded by beautiful wilderness making it easy for hiking adventures, observing wildlife and unique flora. Campers will have a fun summer of learning, participating in outdoor adventures, exposure to STEM and much more.

Stanford Institutes of Medicine Summer Research Program

During this eight-week program, students get to work with Stanford faculty, students, and postdoctoral fellows, while doing basic research. The in person camps help them learn more about medicine and biological sciences. Campers get to see firsthand how scientific research is done and how it applies to medical projects.

In order to attend this highly intense medicine summer program, you have to be 16 years old or older and be a senior or junior as of the spring of the year you’re applying. High school students also have to be graduating the same or following year. Due to current circumstances, they are currently only hosting a virtual internship for the time being.

To Conclude

There are lots of good STEM summer camps out there. Whatever their passion is, you can find a summer camp that will help your child advance their skills and knowledge.

There are several options listed up above whether you're looking for a kids coding camp, math, science, robotics or even arts — there is summer camps for all interests. Remember, it's never too early for kids to start learning either with technology or online learning. These are just a few of the many options so don't be afraid to look for more to find the best fit for your child. Once summer is over, you can continue their education by enrolling them in online coding classes.

Whichever one you choose, don't forget to tell them to have fun as summer camps should also be places to have rememberable experiences.