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15 Best STEM Summer Camps For Kids 2023

Child coding with STEM toy
Child coding with STEM toy

STEM summer camps teach valuable skills to children, which can prove essential in their future careers. Apart from learning about STEM subjects, your children can also improve things like problem solving, communication, and decision making. 

There are many camps in almost every major city in the US and world, making it both convenient and easy for parents to enroll their child in one. However, with all the many different options, including in-person and virtual programs, it’s not a simple decision to choose one for your child.

To help with your decision, here is a complete list on some of the best STEM camps. Whether you want them to spend their summer living on campus, learning online, or just attending a day camp, you’ll find several options. 

Best STEM Summer Camps

1. iD Tech

If your child is into coding, robotics, game development or design and wants to choose from over 150 locations, this tech camp is for them. Anyone between the ages of 7 and 19 is welcomed at iD Tech camps. Plus, they also offer virtual options for kids who want learn from home.

You can simply choose from camps that are co-ed or girls-only. iD Tech is available in the US, UK, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, and Singapore. The iD Tech STEM camps are an amazing opportunity for your child to grow their knowledge and learn computer science skills from incredible teachers while enjoying their summer at prestigious universities. 

Whether you’re looking for online programs or in-person STEM summer camps during the summer or even during the school year, iD Tech offers amazing choices. They learn using the latest technology and in a supportive environment. 

2. CodeWizardsHQ

CodeWizardsHQ offers online coding classes and coding camps for kids and teenagers alike. No experience is necessary, making it an excellent choice for students 8-18 who are complete beginners. Participants can learn and improve coding skills with programming languages like Python, Scratch, Javascript, and more. 

Sessions last between 1-2 hours and meet 4-5 times a week depending on the program you select for your child. Class sizes are kept to small groups of 6-8 students and are led by highly experienced teachers. There are office hours and homework help available, so students always get the help they need whenever they need it.

You can choose from a one-week camp focusing on Minecraft & Roblox or a three-week course with carefully constructed curriculums. Their courses are project-based so that kids have fun while learning new things and furthering their education.

3. Chess4Life

Chess4Life offers live, interactive online chess classes, clubs, camps, and tournaments for children ages 5-15 years old.Your child can learn what it takes to overcome any challenge, all while having fun! 

A small group of experienced coaches welcomes beginners through advanced chess players. They can take advantage of the cognitive benefits of chess – increased focus, patience, & critical thinking skills. The curriculum encourages students to build life skills like respect, sportsmanship, and patience!

Kids can join their online premium classes for small-group learning with individual progress tracking. The online chess clubs are great for daily lessons and tournament practice. Seasonal and summer virtual chess camps offer engaging daily chess lessons and tournaments plus extracurriculars like art, drama, and more. You can check out the weekly Online Quad Tournaments for exciting, rated tournament play!

4. Code Advantage

Code Advantage is one of the top choices for online coding classes for kids between 6-13. Their project based curriculum helps children gain a deep understanding of coding while also growing to like it at one of their one week or two-week camps. They aim to help children become more innovative and improve their imagination and stem skills while having fun.   

They have quite a few different summer programs that include things like game development, robotics, Roblox, Minecraft and so much more. Campers are taught by expert instructions with credentials and previous experience.

With a 7:1 student to teacher ratio, Code Advantage offers amazing camps for students in a welcome and caring environment. For kids who want more focused learning, they also have private coding lessons for a suitable experience specifically made just for your child.

5. AstroCamp

AstroCamp is a summer adventure camp with a focus on STEM studies. If your child is looking for the traditional summer camp experience mixed in with educational STEM learning activities, this is the perfect option. Located in Idyllwild, CA, it has a 100-acre facility for kids to explore. Their labs have the latest technology that kids can use for their studies in outer space, physical and earth science, plus the natural world.

They have one and two-week sessions you can enroll them in. Apart from STEM education, kids can participate in fun activities like rock climbing, arts and crafts, biking, and many more! At AstroCamp, boys and girls from ages 8-17 will receive Astronomy training from experts in the field. AstroCamp mixes in educational experiences with fun outdoor adventure. 

6. PlanetBravo

PlanetBravo offers fantastic technology camps in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California for students in grades 2-9. It combines outdoor fun mixed in with educational lessons. They keep their camps small with an 8:1 student-to-instructor ratio to help each camper get the attention they deserve.

They mix in some outdoor activities and games to help kids stay active while learning. The best part is that there is a large variety of STEM classes to choose from. Students can select from topics that include Minecraft, Roblox, scratch coding, game making (including RPGs), cartoon animation, Youtube video creation, and much more.

They have experience running tech camps for over 20+ years, so they’re good at what they do. PlanetBravo offers more than just a learning experience, as the campers can also grow their self-confidence, critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities and make new friends. 

7. Boston Leadership Institute

The Boston Leadership Institute offers award-winning STEM summer programs for students. The camp sessions last one week and three weeks, with programs available for high school and pre-high school students.

There are several different kinds of camps focusing on various subjects, including math, science, technology, medicine, coding, and much more. Each camp offers a specific focus like neuroscience, biomedical, robotics, and more, so students can choose the one they are most interested in.

Students get hands-on training in this science program with their medicine & science labs. For those participating in the tech and engineering program, teens learn with the latest top-notch technology.

There are three different campus locations throughout the Boston area. There are programs offered at Dana Hall, Longwood Medical Area, and Gann Academy. It’s a great camp for gifted students who want to further their education and meet other like-minded peers.

8. Young Wonks

Young Wonks offers coding and engineering classes to students ages 8-18. Kids can also learn about things like robotics, IoT, game development, and much more. 

Experienced instructors teach children in a manner that encourages them to understand what is being taught and learn how to apply it in their projects. The coding programs have innovative curriculums, so kids work on hands-on projects to build a foundation for their programming knowledge. Young Wonks has small class sizes at a 4:1 instructor to student ratio.

Courses run on a linear level, where kids start off learning Scratch and continue to Python, Raspberry PI, and more as the levels increase. It’s followed by advanced concepts like object-oriented programming, iOS & Android mobile development, and ends with Artificial Intelligence.

Each class involves homework and coursework to ensure that students retain what they learn and can apply it in their own work. Their classes run on a year-long basis, so kids can continue their learning even after the summer is over.

9. National Computer Camp (NCC)

National Computer Camp is America’s original computer camp has been running for 45 years now. They offer online camps and in-person overnight and day camps. There is a morning half day camp for kids ages 6-8. The virtual camp is quite similar to the in-person option except that campers simply remain at home. 

NCC offers a tech curriculum that includes video game design, web design, Minecraft, Arduino programming, animation, and much more. Each week NCC provides all levels of programming in languages Python, Basic, C++, Java, assembler, HTML, JavaScript and scratch. Coed campers ages 6-18 can attend multiple sessions with a continuous curriculum that is designed for their age and skill level. Beginner to advanced level campers are welcome.

The camp is ideal for experienced and first time campers and an optional sports program is available. Visit their website to get more information regarding their mission, curriculum and testimonials from others. NCC also offers scholarships campers.

10. Andover Summer at Phillips Academy

Andover Summer at Phillips Academy is a 5-week on-campus academic enrichment program for rising 7th-12th graders. Over 60-course options are available in multiple disciplines with a heavy emphasis on STEM-related content. Students in middle school and high school and international students from across the globe engage with distinguished faculty members through small classes and an experiential, hands-on style of learning.

Whether you’re looking to explore life on a premier boarding school campus or preparing for the rigors of the best colleges and universities, Andover Summer at Phillips Academy offers a in person transformative experience to last a lifetime.

11. Boston University RISE

The Boston University RISE program is a tremendous opportunity for high school juniors. This residential 6-week program has students spend their time on campus conducting hands on research in their laboratories under the supervision of brilliant scientists.

They also offer an ongoing commuter program for local high school students that starts and ends a day after the residential option. Teens can choose from a selection of different STEM areas to study, which includes subjects like astronomy, computer science, mechanical engineering, neuroscience, physics, and much more. The main focus of the program is for participants to conduct a research project in their chosen area while being mentored by university faculty.

RISE is one of the most prestigious STEM summer programs in the U.S and the world. It’s an excellent option for curious and intelligent young minds who want a career in the field and want to gain some college experience at Boston University. 


The MIT Minority Introduction to Engineering and Science (MITES) program receives high school students in 12th grade from underrepresented and underserved communities. It lasts a total of 6 weeks and offers a curriculum in engineering and science. Kids with high grades and wishing for a job in either of those subjects will find the program quite beneficial. 

One of the best parts about it is that it’s completely free, and students simply need to pay for transportation. High school students can test into classes involving math, physics, life sciences, and electives that include things like electronics, architecture, engineering design, and more.  

While no residential program took palace this season, they did offer an online option. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the most prestigious colleges in the world, so it makes for a great learning experience and excellent thing to put on a college admissions application.

13. Camp Edmo

Camp EDMO offers online and in-person programs in small groups providing an excellent instructor-to-student ratio. Campers in grades pre-k to 8th can experience a summer full of education in different subjects like science, technology, arts, and much more. 

Apart from educational activities, kids can expect to partake in outdoor and other recreational activities. Everything ranging from 3D Modeling, yoga to dancing is offered at camp. 

Camp EDMO Online provides everyday lessons that last a couple of hours throughout the day. The goal is to help inspire children to be their best by offering a supportive environment where they can do just that.

14. Ivy Camps USA

The STEAM Summer Camp Program offered by Ivy Camps USA focuses on helping students ages 6-14 to discover the exciting world of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) through hands-on experiments, comprehensive instruction, and the pursuit of original projects led by students themselves. All their instructors come from top universities in the United States, such as Harvard, Yale, MIT, and more. They are specifically trained to help students develop skills to become innovators of tomorrow.

Ivy Camps USA offers two options for their online STEAM programs. The first program focuses on the science of building and transportation. The second program option focuses on educating students on how to think like an engineer using the Stanford design cycle and then has students apply those skills to city planning and design.

If you’re looking for an online STEM camp where your child can learn from home, you can’t go wrong with any of their options.

15. Engineering For Kids

Engineering for Kids offers online and in-person camps in STEM. True to their name, they have various subjects that kids can choose from — ranging from robotics, coding, interactive engineering, and more.

With camps involving ESports, Minecraft, game design, and other subjects, your child can have a memorable time learning while having fun. There are different programs for kids separated by grade levels, so your child receives adequate education for their age. Groups are split into pre k to 2nd grade, 3rd to 5th, and 6th to 8th grade. 

They offer STEM summer programs all across the United States, so there is a good chance you’ll find one in your state or a nearby state. They also provide after-school programs and classes during the school year.