19 Best Online Coding Classes For Kids 2022

The impact of technology and it’s ever-growing importance in shaping our surroundings means coding is a valuable skill for any child to learn. Not only does programming prepare children or teenagers alike for a future career in Computer Science, but it also improves their problem-solving skills and logical thinking abilities. Coding is a creative way for kids to express their ideas and thoughts. 

Although, it’s not something that can be easily taught by a parent or teacher with no previous coding experience — there are plenty of coding websites and classes out there that can teach kids for free or at a low cost. All the different ways on how kids can learn to code can have quite the impact on them. With that in mind, here are some of the best coding websites and courses for kids.

coding classes for kids

iD Tech

iD Tech offers in-person and online coding lessons with programs all across the United States. They've been helping thousands of children learn to code for almost 20+ years. 

With iD Tech's coding lessons, students learn essentials skills like how to problem solve and critical thinking, plus technical skills like creating their own games, building websites and how to create mods. The classes are suitable for younger students as young as 7 and older kids up to 19 years old.

Whether you're looking for a place where students can learn python and several other programming languages, HTML & CSS, build games and much more, iD Tech is the perfect place for them.

Create & Learn

Create & Learn provides top virtual kid's coding classes created by experts from top companies and leading universities like Harvard. Students from all around the world in grades k-12 are taught by U.S teachers. There is a limit of 5 students per class to ensure they get sufficient attention.

Students can select over 25 various computer science topics. This includes things like beginner coding languages like Scratch and more advanced languages like Python. They can also participate in fun game development activities for Roblox and Minecraft. 

Kids can improve essential skills like critical thinking and creativity through their project-based teachings. It helps kids understand how and why to do things a certain way. They also have free STEM classes and exclusive events hosted by large companies like Apple and NASA. 

Code Advantage

Code Advantage is one of the top players for live classes for kids ages 6-13. They have project-based curriculums for children of different ages and interests. With a mission to inspire children to be more innovative and increase their imagination, the classes provide entertainment and education for young students.

They offer courses in a wide range of topics, so kids learn topics like game design, robotics, Minecraft, scratch, and much more along their coding journey. All their instructors have a tech background and also previous experience teaching. They also offer private online coding lessons to provide a completely customized experience for your child and set them up for success.


CogniCoder offers kids coding courses in various subjects ranging from Java, Python, Scratch, cybersecurity, and much more. The classes are specifically created and organized by instructors from the USC Computer Science department. Apart from simply learning to program, it's taught in a fun manner and it shows them how computer science can be used to solve real-world problems.

The Zoom class sizes remain limited to a small group of 4-10 students, so that everyone receives the necessary attention and instruction to succeed. Most programming classes are two weeks long and offered for specific grades and varying difficulty skill sets. 

Through the different difficulty levels, the program incorporates more advanced programming principles as kids transition through different courses. The classes provide comprehensive and interactive sessions to teach children how to code, develop and design.

Code Academy

Code Academy has a unique system they’ve developed to teach children how to start coding for free. Depending on what you want your child to learn, you can select from a group of courses based on their interests. Students will slowly advance based on the path they choose and receive instant helpful feedback regarding their code. They provide quizzes to tests the knowledge you’ve learned and also help you test what you’ve learned by dealing with real-world projects. 

Kids learn everything regarding web development and computer science in general. While they have free coding courses, there is an option to pay for more advanced courses. Code Academy’s PRO path might just be worth the cost as they get access to live advisors and can create an online portfolio of their final projects to help build a resume.

Code Monster

Code Monster offers an engaging and simple way to teach young kids ages 9 to 14 valuable programming skills completely free. Code Monster is aimed at preteens and young learners can start to learn coding in Javascript. 

While it's not as flashy as other programming websites, it's a straightforward text-based coding platform. All it pretty much consists of is a monster icon, code box, and a green dialog box you click on to move forward. You can quickly see the results of what you type into the code box on the right side. 

Children receive a step-by-step guide starting from the basics like creating functions, declaring & setting variables, loops, and much more. They can learn at their own pace and even move or skip lessons if they've already practiced it with this coding platform.


Code Wizards provides students in grades 3-12th with live classes on coding from their expert instructors. The programs offered are separated into different levels based on difficulty and provide step-by-step instruction.

It's an excellent choice for beginners as no previous coding experience is required. All that's asked from kids is the curiosity and interest in wanting to learn everything that can be done with programming.

Some of the programming languages taught at CodeWizards HQ include Python, Javascript, Java, and more. At the end of a successful class, kids receive a certificate for their hard work and dedication.

BYJU'S FutureSchool Summer Program

BYJU'S FutureSchool Summer Program, in partnership with NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly, offers summer coding courses for children.

Younger students will get the opportunity to create space-based games and apps while enhancing their coding skills. The program offers two different courses that differ in length  — a 6-week option and a 12-week option. There are different focuses on game development, app development, and space technology, so your child can choose which one they're more interested in. The coding program runs all the way to August 31st, perfect for those looking to get a late start in the summer. If your kid has an interest in space and programming, this is the perfect opportunity for them.

Apart from the classes, students can also participate in webinars instructed by Scott Kelly. There they can learn about his career experiences and learn how to get to his position from the expert himself.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the most popular websites worldwide that offers free classes on any subject. Programming is a huge part of their offerings and is an excellent way for complete beginners to learn. With their free coding classes, students learn at their own pace, and there are even online lesson plans created by others you can follow. High school students currently enrolled in AP computer science courses can also use their helpful videos to supplement their learning. 

Overall, Khan Academy is an excellent place where anyone of any age can learn to code. At the same time, it's a great way to test the boundaries and figure out whether your child might like coding without having to commit to any classes or courses financially.  

Code Galaxy

Code Galaxy offers some of the top coding lessons across the nation. They offer virtual coding lessons, summer camps, and private tutoring to kids. They have courses on web and game development, design, Python programming, and other STEM-related programs. The classes are designed for kids to develop valuable programming skills to equip them for their careers.

From Scratch + Minecraft to Python Programming and Web Development, the coding camps for kids are the perfect way to spend time off school. Kids can receive an education while also having fun and learning valuable coding skills. Code Galaxy is great way to learn the foundations of coding and creating games. Their programs are specifically for kids ages 7 to 18 years old.


Tynker offers programming coding lessons for younger kids who are complete beginners. The company does a great job at making learning programming fun and simple. While their programs don't have a specific age minimum, kids as young as 6-7 years old (1st grade) can benefit. There is a class on just about every coding language available. 

With the Tynker platform, children can advance at their desire with the self-paced classes, and the learning material is based on their perceived skill level. Kids can test their learning progress by taking up one of the coding projects suggested by the platform. 

With millions of children served and partnerships with schools worldwide, Tynker is one of the best places for children to learn how to code online and who want a better STEM education.

Solo Learn

Solo learn is a fantastic platform that teaches students from all skill levels how to code at no cost. Their coding website can be used to practice coding skills or the mobile app to learn fundamentals. One of their unique platform features known as the “Code Playground” lets people see code that others created for cool projects like mobile chat apps, ATM programs, and text animator programs.

This is one way to learn to write and read code from others and inspire to create personal code projects. They have millions of learners from all across the world, so no matter what part of the world you live in, your kids learn at their convenience. While other coding teaching platforms take on a more solo learning experience, Solo Learn (contrary to the name) has a crowd-learning feature to learn from others. To reinforce kids skills and ensure they retain what is learned, they can participate in coding exercises, quizzes, and tests.

To keep them motivated, children can earn trophies and points once you finish a certain level or course. Students get to choose which language to learn from with a wide selection of well-known languages like Java, Javascript, Python, SQL, and Ruby.

Code For Life

Code For Life is a free coding website where kids can learn to code for free. It's a nonprofit organization that was established in 2014 and has helped thousands of students since.

They learn by playing fun coding games and advancing through the different levels. The learning is suitable for kids ages 6-13+, and there are also free resources available if you're a teacher that want's to teach kids in the classroom. 

It's a great way to learn the basics if your child plans on taking any computer science courses in the near future. 


Free Code Camp is a non-profit organization that teaches people how to code completely free. They have thousands of free online videos and tutorials for beginners. Not only do they have programming videos, but they also have study groups people can join to keep themselves disciplined and help each other out. Beginners learn important coding concepts and then use what they learned to take on challenges and projects as they progress.

They have thousands of tutorials covering different programming languages, including the most popular ones out there like Java, Python, C++, and Javascript. People can learn just about anything computer science related, including creating websites, mobile app development, scripting, and more. Free Code Camp also has an extensive community of alumni, which have successfully gotten software development jobs. This shows the value of their programs and the quality of learning that people receive. 

Code Combat

Code combat takes a unique approach to teach coding to kids. With the use of coding games, they’ve designed an interactive and engaging way for children to learn and enjoy programming. The main coding languages they use are Python and Javascript, two of today’s most popular high level languages. Code Combat teaches core principles, which helps children learn essential coding concepts allowing them to pick up other languages easier.

Children receive hints and suggestions when they get stuck at specific points, encouraging them to learn by trial and error while also improving their problem-solving and analytical skills. They offer several course options ranging from self-paced classes, small groups, and even private offerings. Code Combat classes are suitable for children between 7 and 16 years of age. 


Codemoji offers a variety of online coding lessons for kids. It's one of the best coding websites for younger kids and allows them to easily practice with their online text based editor.

Their curriculum focuses on teaching kids web development and coding in an entertaining way. The main programming language used is Javascript, along with HTML and CSS. Children will be able to create a website and animations using the things they’ve learned.

Depending on the grade and skill level, the online classes will have different goals for the students. With a project-focused way of teaching, young students can put what they learned to the test, helping them develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills and polishing the basics of what good coding is all about. All their online class teachers currently teach in school districts, so you can rest assured your child is getting taught by professionals.

Code Ninjas

Code Ninjas takes a young child's curious mind and their enthusiasm for technology and transforms it into real-world use to code and design. They offer programs all around the world, including countries like the United States and Canada. There are locations in different states like California, Texas and more, so you can find one close to you. 

The coding camps offered have in-person sessions and online courses for children between the ages of 5-14. They have interactive, game-based lessons to develop their teamwork, logical problem solving, and self-confidence. Children are taught STEM skills and computer programming in a safe, fun, and interactive environment.


CodaKid is a coding academy and tech camp based in Scottsdale, Arizona catering to children between the ages of 6-15. The camp introduces young minds to real programming tools and professional coding languages such as Python, Java, and JavaScript.

Through their fun and engaging courses with live support from engineers, CodaKid teaches children in over 15 countries new tech skills like how to build coding apps, develop games, and even create mods in Minecraft

CodaKid offers a range of intermediate computer programming courses to an expert level that takes on average 30-60 hours (plus a 14-day free trial). Their mission is to encourage young minds to unravel their talent in coding from an early age using the same cutting-edge technology that professionals use to become the coders, developers, entrepreneurs, and designers of tomorrow!

Kids 4 Coding

Kids 4 Coding is an online programming camp where participants between the ages of 7-16 can enter into a virtual playground (or design one of their own) for after-school and Saturday sessions to learn everything there is to learn in the fast-paced, growing tech-world. 

The founders of Kids 4 Coding have a combined experience of 20 years between them. The educators are recruited from top universities such as MIT, GA Tech, Boston University, WBI, Northwestern, and Auburn University. So if you're looking for a camp in Boston or in a state like Alabama, attend one of these.

In its seventh year of operations, Kids 4 Coding has been named one of the Top Ten Most Innovative Young Start-Ups by Microsoft Azure. Courses are reasonably pricedand include a wide variety of topics, including Java, JavaScript, Scratch Programming, Roblox, Minecraft, and so much more.