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Best Coding Summer Camps For Kids 2023

Kids coding at summer camp
Kids coding at summer camp

Knowing how to code is becoming more critical than ever as our technologically-inclined world progresses. Children who learn how to code can set themselves up for a successful career down the road with many opportunities. 

Coding summer camps provide kids with educational benefits and a summer filled with fun and creativity. There are many coding camps out there, ranging from in-person to virtual classes with small group sizes. Programming needs to be taught in a fun and effective manner to make it memorable for kids and keep them engaged. 

To find one that’s perfect for your child, these are some of the best coding summer camps for kids who want to learn to code and may be interested in a possible career in computer science. 

Best Coding Summer Camps

#1 – iD Tech

If you want your child to receive an education in coding or game development, ID tech provides the perfect opportunity for that. With virtual coding camp options or in-person camps at over 150 locations, you’ll find a program convenient for your child.

Kids between 7 and 19 can join all types of programming camps involving coding with scratch, python game development, coding apps with java, and more. For students with more coding experience, they also have advanced courses for ages 13 and up. 

iD Tech camps can build a quality computer science foundation for kids and provide them with expert instruction from qualified teachers. Most of their in-person overnight and day camps take place at different university campuses across the United States.

#2 – CodeWizardsHQ

CodeWizardsHQ prepares kids and teens for a world led by technology and tech-based applications with its virtual summer classes and camps. They offer 3-week accelerated classes and 1-week Minecraft and Roblox-based camps taught by live teachers in small group settings.

1-week camps use Minecraft and Roblox to capture the imagination of campers while teaching real-world programming concepts. Campers will complete projects and learn to code their own games. 3-week classes are an accelerated version of year-round classes. Students are taught computer languages such as Java, Python, JavaScript, and HTML/CSS.

Campers aren’t required to have any prior experience in coding. They just have to be curious enough about the games they play and the applications they use for teachers at CodeWizardsHQ to harness their potential into becoming the developers of tomorrow. 

#3 – CodeAdvantage

CodeAdvantage offers online coding camps with LIVE instructors via Zoom for children 6-13 years old. At Code Advantage, children aren’t just taught how to code and develop, they’re also encouraged to develop real-life skills such as developing logical thinking, critical reasoning, and unleashing their creativity.

Summer coding classes are conducted daily as part of a project-based curriculum for different advancing levels. Over 35 classes are offered including 3D video game design, Scratch, Python, Web Development and Minecraft/Roblox based coding classes. Groups contain up to 7 students for optimal learning.

Educators and instructors are recruited from leading institutions with a balance of experience working with kids and computer science/engineering. They’re trained to build relationships for better understanding, comfort, and confidence thereby tapping into a young developer’s full potential.

#4 – PlanetBravo

Planetbravo has been running technology camps in Los Angeles for over 20 years. Now with 10 locations in the LA area, campers can learn about all aspects of technology, including coding.

Students can choose from various coding-related courses, including Python coding, Drone programming, and multi-player game making. They even have a coding course for 2nd-3rd graders with Jr. Scratch Game Coding. The 8:1 teacher-to-student ratio ensures your child gets an adequate amount of attention.

The PlanetBravo instructors have diverse backgrounds and expertise in subjects like computer science, engineering, and robotics. PlanetBravo is very careful about who they hire as an instructor and perform a thorough background check to ensure your child is getting the highest level of education from the top teachers.

#5 – KidzToPros

Is your child the next Bill Gates? Encourage that innovator spirit and give them an opportunity to explore their talents with KidzToPros coding summer camps!

From Scratch Coding, Minecraft Game Design, to LEGO Robotics–they provide engaging programs that teach kids essential skills in a fun and enriching environment. With options for kids 4-14, let KidzToPros give them their best summer yet!

To sweeten the deal, save $50 on checkout when using the promo code SCH-50. Visit the KidzToPros website to see what’s available in your area.

#6 – The Coding School

The Coding School offers a summer of Emerging Tech Education & Excitement! With Camps and Research opportunities in Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Cybersecurity, Data Science, Pre-AP CS & more. The Coding School is creating the next generation of tech leaders and giving students opportunities to learn skills rarely taught to K-12 students.

Their Quantum Computing Camps give middle and high school students the opportunity to be among the first students in the world to learn quantum computing and code with a real quantum computer!

The renowned Data Science Research Program with Columbia University helps high school students learn in-depth data science skills, conduct real-world research with top professors, create research projects to showcase on college applications and gain a competitive edge for college! Each one of the emerging tech programs puts K-12 students at the forefront of the tech revolution.

It provides some of the most supportive, accessible and in-depth tech education for K-12 students since 2014. The Coding School has taught over 47,000 students in 125 countries and is proudly partnered with leaders in tech, education, and government including IBM, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Stanford, Caltech, Harvard, and the White House.

All programs are virtual with live instruction for students grades 6 – 12. Register today to secure your spot! 

#7 – Young Wonks

Young Wonks offers young students ages 8-18 coding and engineering classes. Kids can learn everything they need to know about IoT, robotics, and game development.

Coding concepts are taught in an effective manner, where kids are taught how things work and why they work before they apply it to their own projects. This ensures that students retain what they learn and understand how it’s used in the real world.

Their coding camp curriculum teaches children about Scratch, then continues with Python and dives further deep into other programming concepts like multithreading, object-oriented programming, algorithm, and more. The advanced classes then teach them how to make websites and mobile apps and implement machine learning.

The teacher-to-student ratio is 4:1, so group sizes are small and efficient. You can also sign up your kids for one on one private classes so that they can receive more special and individualized learning. 

#8 – Power Up Tech Academy Coding

This summer, kids can learn to code at one of Power Up Tech Academy’s online camps. Each camp has just 4 students and a live, expert instructor. Personal attention makes all the difference in ensuring that every kid is engaged, learning, and having fun.

Each one-week camp is part of a carefully designed curriculum that builds coding skills through hands-on, project-based lessons. All the projects are kid-friendly and designed to build motivation and excitement for coding. A Power Up student will learn to make video games, apps, websites, and more, depending on the camp. They will acquire foundational skills for high school, college, and beyond.

Camps are open to kids from age 8 to 16, and there is a camp for every level from beginner through advanced. Languages and topics include Scratch, Minecraft Modding, Mobile Apps, Python, Javascript, and Unity. Power Up is in its 7th year of offering summer camps and delivers a proven formula for learning and fun.

#9 – Camp:Aspire

Camp:ASPIRE from UBTECH Education offers virtual STEM summer programs focused on robotics and coding for ages 8+ interested in these subjects. They offer beginner level courses for kids who don’t have any previous coding experience as well as intermediate level for those who do.

They also offers some of the top robotics classes for children with their own robotic kits. Kids are taught by professional instructors and get real hands-on work with UKIT robotic kits, which they use to build and code robots. Discounts are also available when kids sign up for multiple sessions, and every campers gets to keep their UKITs after camp ends for additional exploration.

Kids receive a summer education in coding that is hard to find in schools. If you want your child to receive a top-notch education while also having fun, enroll them in UBTECH Education’s Camp:ASPIRE. The program also teaches concepts like artificial intelligence.

#10 – 4-H Spartan Coding Camp

4-H Spartan Coding Camp is a virtual STEM summer program offered by MSU Extension aimed at high school students interested in receiving a programming education for the summer. The camp consists of two weekends in July and August and is completely done by Zoom from 9 am to 3 pm.

The 4-H Spartan Coding Camp provides quality coding education from expert instructors with real-world coding experience. No coding experience is necessary, making it a great option for students who want to give coding a try or those interested in a future career involving it.  

Students learn about programming languages like Javascript, Ruby, HTML, CSS, and Rails. They also familiarize themselves with Github, plus create a website they can add to their portfolio. Activities are group-based, so children can socialize with others while working on their teamwork skills.