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Best Roblox Summer Camps For Kids 2024

Kid playing roblox game

If you have kids, you’ve probably heard of Roblox. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s an immersive digital environment where users design and play games. 

Moderators work to keep Roblox a kind, safe, and positive community where kids can connect from all over the world and combine their imaginations with digital skills. At Roblox summer camps, kids learn how to create games using Roblox Studio and Lua, a programming language. Gamers can use simple or complex codes so that anyone can play, regardless of their experience. 

If your child loves Roblox or is excited about getting started with it, you should consider a summer camp! Programs are offered in-person and online for absolute beginners and experienced players.

Best Roblox Summer Camps

#1 – CodeWizardsHQ

If your child has been playing Roblox and wants to learn how to design Roblox games, CodeWizardHQ’s Coding with Roblox Summer Camp is a great option. Students learn how to use Roblox Studio and concepts of Lua programming to build their own dream games from scratch.

During the five-day, live online Roblox camp, kids bring their imaginations to life, learn fundamental programming skills, and add different Roblox components like blocks and obstacles to games. Most importantly, they have fun in a supportive community. Classes are led by highly qualified teachers who are passionate about the game and developing students’ education. Participants receive daily progress reports and an individual course certificate upon completion of camp.

The students are grouped into classes based on their age, with options from 8-10 and 11-13. No experience is required to enroll. All that’s needed is a computer and internet access. Additional summer classes are available for kids and teens interested in learning more advanced coding skills in Python and Java. You can also choose from one of their Fortnite camps or Minecraft options.

#2 – iD Tech

Kids ages 7-9 are welcome to join the weeklong Roblox Editor camp, where they learn about the fundamentals of video game design in Roblox Studio. Older students ages 10-12 may be interested in the Roblox Entrepreneur camp, where instructors teach how to create, publish, and monetize their games. These on-campus programs are offered in over 20 states, and you can check the class sites for exact locations. Virtual summer camps are also available if you don’t want to travel to the campus location. 

Other programs focus on programming logic, imaginative game design, and advanced coding. At ID Tech, there is something for everybody, whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced user. With so many personalized programs to choose from, you can easily find the perfect Roblox camp for your children. 

ID Tech has provided tech camps for kids and teens for more than 20+ years. They have a comprehensive list of courses and camps available for anyone curious about Roblox coding and game development. 

#3 – Code Advantage

Code Advantage invites K–8th graders to spend a week or two learning how to use Roblox with them. Classes are offered in-person and online, and the 7:1 instructor to student ratio allows each student to receive personalized instruction. 

The Roblox summer camp is for campers ages six to eight, with no prior experience needed. There are three levels to the camp: Level 1 introduces the basics of using Roblox Studio to create unique characters, and obstacle courses, Level 2 teaches students how to use advanced design tools, and Level 3 dives even deeper into the tools of the studio. 

Check their site for the summer courses, and don’t worry if you don’t see a slot that fits your schedule. With a minimum of five kids, you can organize a custom course that works for you.  With a huge variety of classes to choose from, kids can get a crash course in the fundamentals of computer science or enhance their skills by taking on new challenges with the support of expert teachers.

#4 – PlanetBravo

PlanetBravo hosts technology summer camps in Los Angeles, California, for students in grades 2-9. They have multiple campuses throughout the Los Angeles area that teach kids about coding, Roblox, Minecraft, and more.

Their Roblox camps include three classes relating to game creation, animation, and special effects. The courses for 4th to 9th graders can help your enthusiast gamer learn various things in the Roblox world while gaining a quality education. In the game creation course, kids can develop their own Roblox game and learn all about adding features and game mechanics.

The animation option lets them build a character from scratch and teaches them how to perform moves and do things at the touch of a button. The special effects class has them implement the concept of lasers, fires, and more into their little world. They learn using the latest software programs, scripting languages, and more. 

#5 – Outschool

Children can visit an amusement park, water park, and go bowling, all without leaving their homes in this summer program by Outschool. This virtual Roblox camp is hosted entirely online using Zoom. Classes are one hour long and can be booked individually, so there’s no long-term commitment. 

The online summer camp is available for kids ages 8-12 years old with experience playing on Roblox. Participants simultaneously play Roblox together and use Zoom to communicate with each other while they visit the virtual parks and play together. 

Enrolled children can have a blast connecting with like-minded peers from all over the world and enjoying the many games and attractions of Roblox. At $15 per class, it’s one of the most affordable options on this list. They also offer another class called the Roblox Fitness Challenge, where participants can play virtual sports games on the platform as well as take a screen break and do actual physical activities led by an instructor. 

#6 – iCamp

iCamp offers video game design Roblox classes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level users. There’s a class for those who’ve never played before and those who want to take their skills to the next level. Youth ages 7-13 can sign up for a five-week-long online Roblox camp with iCamp. Classes meet once a week virtually for a total of 45 minutes. 

The Design An Obby program is for kids new to the Roblox platform. During this course, kids learn the fundamentals of Roblox Studio and Lua. When they finish, they can create their very own game with superheroes, villains, and power-ups, plus much more. 

The Epic Architect program is for intermediate users. The course teaches more advanced game design and building skills. Building on the basic skills they already know, students design impressive games and buildings to explore.  

For advanced users, Multiplayer Madness teaches them how to create more complex designs with multiple player games. It’s recommended that students take the beginner and intermediate level courses before enrolling in this program. 

#7 – FunTech

FunTech offers Roblox summer camps for kids 7-16 fascinated with the online platform. Classes are offered online to anyone with an internet connection or in-person at their UK campuses. Kids create, design, and have fun while learning essential programming skills. They can build a cool obstacle course and racing game in Roblox with the aim of getting close to real-world physics.  

The course begins with an introduction to basic coding and game design skills and gradually gets more complex. Teachers offer excellent support so that whether your child is an absolute beginner or an experienced player, they can learn something new with the help of instructors! 

FunTech offers additional classes for students who want to learn about Python and advanced 3D game design. They emphasize creativity, collaboration, and most importantly, having fun! After a summer camp with FunTech, your child will be thrilled to share their new skills with those around them.

#8 – Galaxy Kids Code Club

Galaxy Kids Code Club teaches young students how to make Roblox games like a professional. Students ages eight and up can create unique and exciting 3D games with their in-person camps in Brentwood, California. Using Roblox Studio, campers get the opportunity to design and implement elements with Lua programming.

The classes are kept to a small group of kids, so instructors can ensure each student gets the most out of the program. Apart from having fun and learning new things, the summer camp allows campers to improve their critical thinking skills, creativity, and much more. 

Once they create the games, they can invite their friends to play to show off what they made. There are half-day and full-day options for the day camps, both running from July 18th to July 22nd.