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Best Animation Summer Camps For Students 2024

If your children are curious about making cartoons, video games, or already have good drawing skills but want to learn advanced software or techniques, then an animation summer camp is perfect for them. 

At animation camps, children can learn new animation skills or increase their current skill level in a learning environment that will prepare them for a possible career in animation. Whether it’s becoming a future Disney animator or creating their own shows, these camps teach them skills that are hard to learn anywhere else. 

Here are animation summer camps depending on your child’s interests and capabilities – whether it’s a light introductory course or a deep dive into making animated films and 3D games.

animation summer camps

Best Animation Summer Camps

iD Tech

Children as young as seven years old can learn animation and graphic design skills at iD Tech’s creative animation camps and classes.

They can choose different tracks involving drawing fundamentals, concept art, graphic design, online photoshop, and animation with adobe.

Through iD Tech summer programs, students get structured weeklong sessions and the camp experience of games and challenges. There are only five students per instructor and plenty of time for individual consultation and interaction with other students. 

The iD Tech camp includes two hours of instruction and two hours of project work, which you do at your own pace. You can check their website for a schedule of their camp activities or alternative sessions in case you can’t find the particular class you’re interested in. They also have other classes on game development and game design like Minecraft.

Camp Integem

Kids can learn about Holographic AR and AI art, craft interactive AR art, and 2D/3D animations at Camp Integem. The campers delve into the captivating world of digital animation using Adobe Character animator, bringing characters to life by mirroring their own movements and expressions. They offer in-person and virtual summer camps.

Students learn how art can transcend digital screens and interact with the real world. They leverage AI to creatively design characters and environments, bringing them to life within an augmented reality setting.

Using tools like iHuman, Adobe Mixamo, and Blender, students craft and manipulate 3D objects. They can engage in exciting design challenges that integrate their stories into creative projects. 

Under expert guidance, campers collaborate, exchange ideas, and join a community of like-minded imaginative young digital artists. The programs are designed for everyone, regardless of skill. Students gain the opportunity to develop impressive animation portfolios. You can save $50 per week using the code HUB50.

The Animation Course

The Animation Course is run by Chad Stewart, a highly experienced instructor who runs this animation camp for kids. He has worked as a professional animator for almost 30 years and was part of the team behind Emperor’s New Groove, Tarzan, Polar Express, and more. 

The Animation Course is designed for kids ages 11 to 18 years old. You can choose from three camp formats. In live classes, students join via Adobe Connect and interact through the mic and chatbox. Chad reviews and grades the class project and gives feedback.    

Your child can choose recorded classes, which they view at their own time within the week. However, they are still required to submit homework on time and can contact Chad for questions at any time.

You can also pay for just the recordings. There is no homework and no access to the teacher. While this is the most affordable, it does not have the camp experience of interacting with the other students or your animation mentor.

Elite Animation Academy

Founded by former Disney animators, the Elite Animation Academy teaches kids the right skills and confidence to create cartoons, comics, and game characters.

The classes are quite in-depth and are ideal for older children who have a serious interest in animation. There’s a clear philosophy of creating solid basics and giving you time to master one skill per camp rather than a broad introductory course.

They have drawing classes, including a foundational class that develops their observation and teaches basics like perspective and shadows. They have special courses in the anime-manga style, drawing cartoons, and traditional character design and illustration.

For aspiring animators, they have courses in traditional storyboarding, animatics, and both 2D and 3D character animation. They also teach game design, video editing and special effects, Photoshop, and other software typically used by industry professionals. You can book a camp experience where you select one class a week for a discounted rate.

Animation Summer Program By Interlochen

Students can bring their sketchbook to life through animation summer courses at Interlochen Arts Camp. Here, a kid’s creativity can soar as they develop a strong foundation in animation, and connect with other young creatives as passionate as them.

Students can dive into courses in digital animation, storyboarding for animators, history of animation and more. Explore a variety of animation styles including stop-motion, hand-drawn, paper cutout and digital techniques. At Interlochen, campers learn from renowned faculty who are experts in their field, including film directors, screenwriters, Emmy Award-winners, Oscar-winning filmmakers, and more!

At the end of camp, they’ll have the opportunity to feature their work in a showcase in Interlochen’s 180-seat 2K HD state-of-the-art projection space.

Kids leave camp with improved self-confidence, new skills, and lifelong friendships.

Tekkie Uni Animation For Kids

Tekkie Uni offers one of the best animation summer camps for young kids. It’s designed for beginners ages 8 to 9 and teaches basic art concepts as well as technology STEM skills. They learn by creating animation projects that involve designing random shapes, virtualizing a bouncing ball to practice frame-by-frame animation, and many more. 

Kids take 32 classes spread out over nine months. While it technically extends past summer, the course won’t interfere with their school work. They just need to commit 2 hours a week, including 1 hour for the class itself and another for practice and homework.

Aside from learning about animation, kids also learn creative thinking, self-expression, and problem-solving. They’ll be challenged to think of a final project, so they end up creating a short film by the end of the course. It’s also one of the most budget-friendly options.


PlanetBravo offers amazing day summer camps in animation and game development for kids in grades 2nd through 9th. You can find their in-person camps throughout the Los Angeles area with locations in Irvine, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Manhattan Beach, and more!

Kids can sign up for their cartoon animation program, where campers use professional software like Adobe Animate to create 2D cartoon animations. It’s the perfect option for complete beginners as well as intermediate users. They also offer a Roblox animation course where students create their own characters and make them do interesting moves through scripting. They also provide more options like Minecraft modding, Youtube video creation, game making, and video editing. 

Classes last around a week, and kids can enroll in multiple sessions throughout the summer. Sizes are kept small with an 8:1 teacher-to-student ratio, so kids get all the help they need. Fun camp games are thrown into the mix throughout the day to help ensure the children remain engaged and have fun.