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Best Robotics Summer Camps For Kids 2024

Robotics summer camps

If you have a young child who is eager and excited to learn more about STEM disciplines, a robotic summer camp just might be right up their alley. 

They give campers an opportunity to dive deep into the world of robotics from top to bottom. The best robotic summer camps out there offer a unique opportunity to learn in a very focused and personal way while still enjoying all the benefits that traditional summer camps bring to the table.

Below we highlight some top-notch camps that exist out there. These options provide your child with exciting and engaging activities while also creating lifelong memories that are hard to find anywhere else.

iD Tech

iD Tech offers summer classes designed for children between the ages of seven and nine years old. The weeklong courses start at beginner level through advanced level curriculums revolving around coding, game development and robotics. It’s a great way to build a foundation for computer science. 

Children work in small groups of four or five (with one educator/camp counselor per group) to learn the building blocks of how to build robots as well as how to code and program them. Children of all skill, talent, and educational levels are invited to attend them. By the time they finish these weeklong program they’ll be able to go home with a robot they have built themselves.

Playto Labs

Playto Labs offers a robotics summer camp tailored for kids aged 8-16. This summer camp includes a free Playto Robotics Kit specially designed by their experts, live 1:1 classes, and a robotics curriculum curated by alumni of Harvard, IIT, Amazon, Microsoft, and Intel. They have different levels of summer camps like robotics starter, explorer, and champion, depending on skill levels.

In Playto Labs’ robotics summer camp, your child will have the opportunity to learn 21st-century skills like robotics, coding, AI, and IoT, along with nurturing critical thinking, creativity, and developing confidence to build real-world robots.

With a track record of training over 400,000 students in 65+ countries, Playto Labs boasts a rating of 4.5/5, establishing itself as one of the premier robotics education institutes worldwide.

What sets Playto apart is its unique refund policy, which operates throughout the program. This policy ensures that you only pay for the classes you take, and you have the flexibility to cancel any remaining classes and receive a refund within 24 hours if needed. This risk-free approach allows parents to assess the quality of their camp through a free trial and provides confidence in the product and the quality of their robotics program.

In terms of pricing, even with all these benefits, their robotics camp remains highly affordable, starting at just $100 and includes everything. You can book a free 1:1 class on their website and get started.

AI Robot Programs at Camp Integem

At Camp Integem, kids and teens (ages 6-18) will learn how to design their own intelligent AI robots. No prior knowledge of robotics or computing is needed and it’s suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced.

The program ranges from enhanced programmable Lego robots mounted with AI systems for ages 6-8 to AI-enabled smart robots with sensors for ages 9-10 and Mecha AI robots equipped with NVIDIA Jetson Nano AI Edge computers for ages 11-18.

With Holographic AR technology, students can remotely launch their AI robots and teleport into the remote robotics world comfortably from their homes. It seamlessly merges the physical and digital realms in a uniquely immersive experience.

At Camp Integem, the emphasis is on practical, hands-on and personalized learning to prepare students for the technological future. Students learn at their own pace and develop skills crucial for tomorrow’s innovators. 

Accredited by ACS WASC, Camp Integem provides a high-quality educational experience. They equip students with the skills and confidence to navigate and contribute to the evolving landscape of technology. Additionally, students can earn school credits and NVIDIA AI certificates.

Use the code HUB50 on their website to save $50 per week.

Robofun Camps

Perhaps the most flexible of all the options we have listed — your child has an opportunity to attend just a single week of STEAM in New York City or the entire summer. This depends entirely on your needs,  interests, and budget. No matter what, each individual camper is provided with very hands-on education in the world of robotics, visual programming, and applied engineering and mathematics.

Challenged every step of the way and encouraged to really stretch their skills and abilities (even if they are brand-new to the world of robotics), it’s hard for campers not to come away from this program with a better understanding of robotics in general. Plus happy memories and new friendships.

American Robotics Academy

This camp is headquartered in Houston, Texas and has been consistently rated as one of the best robotics camps for a number of years, including 2022 – winning a variety of different prestigious awards.

Gifted campers that participate in the program can take advantage of an exciting new curriculum that gives campers an opportunity to learn at their own pace while being challenged, pushed, and encouraged to develop new skills and abilities in this STEM field.

Like a lot of other places around the world, the LEGO robotics building blocks are the foundation of this summer program – at least on the hardware side of things. A number of different programming languages are taught as part of this robotics course as well, giving children freedom to experiment with different capabilities. Meanwhile, it also helps them develop marketable skills going forward.

Drobots Camps

If your child is interested in robotics courses that makes drone technology possible, this is the right camp for them. Drobots camps is intended specifically for sixth graders, seventh graders and eighth-graders with an interest in STEM disciplines.

Children are encouraged to move through a project-based learning curriculum that focuses on hands-on approaches to the world of drone technology and robotics in general. The curriculums are for novice and advanced students alike in mind, making sure to provide foundational education as well as challenges to keep things interesting.

This robotics summer camp also has some of the best instructors in the industry, guaranteeing that your child has highly qualified tutoring. Other interesting programs include their Roblox 3d game designAI camp and several other coding-focused camps.


Engage your budding engineer this summer with KidzToPros robotics camp.

With programs like MakerSpace, LEGO Robotics, and Wonder Robotics, your child can gain real-work skills while having fun. KidzToPros camps are designed to build problem solving skills, teamwork, and confidence in an encouraging environment with passionate instructors.

KidzToPros programs are the perfect way for your child to pursue their passions. With enriching curricula designed by a team of experts, children ages 4-14 will get the most STEM has to offer.

To make your decision even easier, take advantage of the $50 discount when you use code SCH-50 at checkout! Visit their website today to find the right program for your little innovator.

Robot Academy

Robot Academy is located in Columbus, Ohio and is unique in that it offers one of the best student to teacher ratios. They also have an online master class that kids can take at their own pace throughout the summer. 

Designed to accommodate children between the ages of four and eight as well as nine and sixteen, children are grouped into age-appropriate camps and given exciting, fun, and challenging robotics course work while helping develop problem solving abilities.

Robots are built in LEGO and many of the instructors participating in Robot Academy are not only fully certified by the LEGO Robotics department but also have won numerous international awards for robotics.

Robotics Academy Space Camp

This robotic focused summer camp is headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama at the US Space & Rocket Center for the new season. Its home of one of the most iconic and popular Space Camps not only in the United States but worldwide.

It revolves around teaching campers about robot design, how to build advanced algorithms to control robotic functions, remote control design, operation, and gives insight into aerial drone technology.

Each individual session is one week long, with attendees learning new skills throughout the week. It culminates in individual and group challenges that revolve around the robots they build.