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Best Virtual Winter Break Camps In 2024

online winter break camps

Keeping kids engaged during the winter holidays can get tricky, especially with the cold weather. Thankfully, there are plenty of school break camps to address this problem.

Winter camps enrich lives through fun, kid-friendly activities focused on arts, academics and provide fun things to do on school break. Instead of just sitting in front of a screen playing video games or watching TV, your child can remain active and learning. 

Here is a list of the best winter break camps to keep kids busy during the holidays.

1. Chess4Life

Chess4Life is an ideal solution for parents who want kids to use the holiday break productively. They offer online chess classes that are interactive and maximize learning potential through practical sessions.

The Online Premium Classes at Chess4Life deliver top-tier lessons in small group sessions. Your child’s progress is monitored by coaches as they progress through the six levels. Their Online Chess Camps pack in the learning with daily chess lessons and practice tournaments during schools breaks.

If your child is an enthusiastic player looking for practice with friends, they also have Online Chess Clubs. Signing up for them gives your child access to daily live club lessons and mini-tournaments offered in multiple skill groups. All programs are suitable for children ages 5+ years old, and beginners through advanced players are welcome in any program.

2. Code Advantage

Code Advantage offers virtual coding classes featuring live instruction in small groups. Kids learn the basics of programming, game development, and software design, receiving badges and certificates along the way. 

For kids who still need to explore before picking a STEM field, Code Advantage has 45+ online classes they can explore to see what interests them. Classes include 3D game design, web design & development, Scratch and Python coding, and mobile app development.

A flexible schedule structure means your child can pick what learning style works best for them — whether that’s a small group class, buddy classes, or private one on one sessions. At Code Advantage, kids ages 5 to 15 can learn from the best tutors using a coding curriculum designed to match their interests. 

3. Ivy Camps USA

Established in 2010, Ivy Camps USA is a highly rated provider of virtual classes and has a presence in 40+ countries. It combines the power of A+ tutors, engaging classes, and a top-tier curriculum to provide a seamless and fun learning experience for students. 

A winter camp session at Ivy Camps USA is likely to take your child’s skills up a notch and improve their performance in other areas. Students are encouraged to interact during lessons, which can lead to an improvement in social skills.

Your child can explore diverse fields, from business leadership to STEAM and arts/media communications. Kids can even take free sample classes, allowing them to experiment with the program before committing. Most of their winter camps are suited for kids ages 6-14.

4. Create and Learn

STEM careers have become popular, with professionals seeing higher demands for their services. A STEM class can help your child build those skills needed for future career success. 

Create and Learn is a winter camp that focuses on STEM education, especially in the computer science field. Through online classes taught by experts from top universities, campers can learn the fundamentals of coding, robotics, and other exciting fields. 

Create and Learn virtual camps tailor to the needs of every kid — from kindergarten to 12th grade. This includes fun activities like Scratch Ninja, a beginner class developed for students in grades 2-5, and Junior Robotics, an introductory course to robotics. 

Advanced classes include Python for AI, a comprehensive lesson on the programming language, Unity Game Development, a program for kids to build 2D and 2D games in Unity, and Cloud Computing for Web Apps. These are just a few of the many STEM camps they offer.