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5 Best Free Virtual Summer Camps For Kids 2024

virtual summer camps

With summer quickly approaching there are great opportunities for families who want to keep their children’s education growing. Virtual summer camps provide a way for children to socialize with others and prevent the dreaded summer learning loss.

You can find plenty of free online camps on different subjects, including things like coding, art, science and much more. Each child deserves the opportunity to continue their education once school-break arrives and these virtual camps are the perfect way to do so.  

Here is a list of free online summer camps to keep your child’s mind active and continuously expanding their knowledge without it breaking your family’s budget. 

1. Microsoft Digital Passport

With Microsoft Digital Passport, kids and families can sign up for different summer courses in all types of subjects. Some of their free programs include STEM and Coding, where kids can take classes on Artificial Intelligence, Minecraft, and more. They also have programs on online travel where they can go to places like Africa and take virtual road trips.

Plus, other programs like diversity & inclusion as well as many others. Children can easily find one that suits them the best and enroll in the classes at different times each day. Through these interactive workshops, your child can further their education from the comfort of home. 

These free summer camp options are an excellent way for your child to continue their learning at no cost to you and in a safe manner. It also helps them prepare for more digital school learning if things don’t get better by the end of the summer. 

2. Maker Summer Camp

Makers Summer Camp focuses on hands-on learning for children. It’s a project focused camp where your child builds things based on their interests. With a focus on art, science, and technology it brings multiple disciplines together. Your child receives daily activities they may like ranging from creating slime to building unique art portraits.

The camp has a very large community of enthusiastic campers and teachers, so chances are someone in your local community might also be participating in it. They routinely hosts live shows from instructors teaching Minecraft coding, doing cool things like magic tricks, and paper planes.

3. Camp Wonderopolis

Camp Wonderopolis is one of the most highly regarded digital summer camps on the planet that is entirely free. Parents and children will find a wide variety of fun and engaging summer camp activities to take part in when they dive headfirst into Camp Wonderopolis. There is a reason on why it’s popular summer program in the United States.

Some of these activities revolve around STEM field careers. Other activities are designed to boost literacy and comprehension, and others help foster critical thinking and creativity in young minds. Best of all, after downloading the free camp kits, you and your campers can go at your own pace to take full advantage of all that this unique digital summer camp has to offer. You have a various course selection, whether you’re looking for STEM camps, english camps, math camps or other subjects.

4. Camp Youtube

Camp Youtube hosts video camps on various topics that involve STEM topics like coding, arts, adventure, and much more. Campers can choose any of them and learn new skills at their own pace right from their tablets or computer. It’s an excellent choice for kids and families that want to learn new things together from the safety of their own homes. 

All the videos are entirely free to watch and taught by expert instructors in the subject. Kids can also find videos on making the traditional summer camp recipes and the art and craft projects to pass the time. Plus, there are also classes on music for youth with artistic talents.

5. Virtual 4-H Camp

Virtual 4-H Camp helps families experience the typical summer camp experience indoors. You can find all sorts of the usual camp activities like arts & crafts, cooking projects, STEM learning programs, and much more. They even include camp songs on the site to play in the background to get into the camp spirit.

Each camp activity has multiple projects to attempt. The arts & crafts section has cool projects like how to paint with acrylic paint, making journals, and how to duct tape a wallet. The STEM section has programs on how to code, astronomy programs, and archaeology projects.

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