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Best Writing Summer Camps For High School Students 2024

Kids writing

Writing is one of the best activities to help children develop critical cognitive skills, such as communication and critical thinking. Beyond these immediate benefits, writing represents the perfect opportunity for self-expression and imaginative thinking. 

While kids can practice writing during school hours, they may need extra guidance—especially in the early stages. A writing camp is best for speeding up your child’s skills and bringing them closer to their dream of creating amazing works of writing. 

Here are the best writing camps and programs for kids of different ages.

#1 – Mercersburg Academy Writers Camp

Young Writers Camp is organized by Mercersburg Academy and operates out of Mercersburg, Pennsylvania. The 13-day camp is open to students 11-16, with classes on different aspects of writing for budding authors. 

If your child loves creating literary pieces, Young Writers Camp can help hone their abilities. Campers receive lessons from instructors who have significant writing experience as academics or professionals. Campers in Pennsylvania benefit from practice sessions and improve their craft with feedback from writing tutors. 

This writers camp operates like a traditional day camp, with recreational activities to help your kid recharge and relax. Available recreational activities include whitewater rafting, swimming, and rock climbing. 

At the camp, kids learn to write articles for the web, create excellent fiction, and express their ideas through writing. With YWC publishing a literary journal at the end of each camp, campers have the grand opportunity to publish their works. 

#2 – Bay Area Writing Project

Sponsored by the University of California (UC Berkeley), the Bay Area Writing Project is on a mission to make writers out of every student. The camp has writing programs for different age grades, allowing students to explore the art of writing at a pace that matches their abilities. 

Its suitable for students entering grades 3 to 9th grade. Even beginners can learn how to write and build their skills over time. Participants receive detailed writing instruction from professional tutors and practice writing for extended periods. They also have flexible assignments and share their writings with peers for feedback. 

The Bay Area Project also offers High School Writing Courses for high school students in grades 9-12. Some of these programs combine different forms of writing, while others focus on a specific area. Camp duration varies: certain camps last one week, while others last for four weeks. 

The High School Writing Courses can help your child proceed onto the next stage in writing practice. They can explore niche interests in writing, not to mention the high-level training and feedback from course instructors. It’s a fantastic program for kids in the San Francisco Bay Area.

#3 – Camp Brainy Bunch 

Camp Brainy Bunch organizes annual summer writing camps for the young Hemingways and Austens of this world. The day camp has a collection of classes and hands-on activities to strengthen your child’s foundation in written communication. 

The writing program at Camp Brainy Bunch is divided into various age-appropriate categories. This ensures students are comfortable learning the material and practicing lessons learned in class. 

The youngest campers (grades 1-2) learn the fundamentals of non-fiction writing, especially the art and science of researching and explaining facts. This camp culminates in the production of a research book available to all campers. 

The next set (3-4) receives in-depth instruction in expository writing fields, such as journalism. Campers in this category learn the basics of journalistic writing, including researching, writing, and publishing human-interest stories. At the end of the camp, children get to participate in the production of a real magazine. 

Older writers continue to develop their journalistic writing skills. Areas covered at this stage include journalistic ethics, feature writing, and magazine/newspaper composition. 

In addition to its writing development classes, Camp Brainy Bunch organizes fun activities for students to keep them engaged and active. 

#4 – SLC Writer’s Week

Writer’s Week is an annual summer tradition at Sarah Lawson College in New York. This week-long NY camp has guest artists, and faculty members teach high school students how to craft better prose, poetry, and dramatic works. 

The teachers are engaging and committed to providing an excellent learning experience for participants. Students have enough time to complete writing exercises and find their creative voice. 

These online writing classes are open to high school students entering 9th to 12th grade. Each class is limited to 18 students with two tutors. The low student-to-teacher ratio ensures your child gets one-on-one interaction and feedback. 

During the creative writing workshops, young writers can share their works and read writings from colleagues. They’ll share ideas for improvement and work on their creative writing skills based on the feedback. The summer writing program itself concludes with a reading of the best works from participating students. 

#5 – Lighthouse Young Writers Summer Camp

Lighthouse Writers Workshop holds its annual Young Writers Summer Camp every year for aspiring writers. You can choose between half-day camps and summer intensive camps for middle and high school students. 

The half-day camps expose emerging writers to various writing styles and genres. Each group consists of 6-12 students and focuses on a specific topic or genre. For example, some classes cover the basics of fiction and non-fiction writing. 

The camps for middle schoolers and high schoolers are week-long events where students can learn from published authors and practice their writing. They get to share original works with everybody on closing day, building confidence in their skills. 

You have nothing to worry about the quality of instructors either. Teachers included acclaimed authors, playwrights, and poets with a desire to help youngsters fall in love with writing. 

#6 – SCGSAH Creative Writing Summer Program

The South California Governor’s School of Arts and Humanities offers a creative writing program for youth to further develop their abilities. With classes taught by practicing writers and poets, participants learn what it takes to produce great works—whether fiction, non-fiction, or poetry. 

The summer program is separated into two categories for prospective applicants. The Arts Odyssey program is open to students in grades 7-8th. Meanwhile, the Academy Writing Program is only to open to freshman high school students in grade 9.

Both summer writing programs provide practical training in poetry and fiction/non-fiction writing. Participants learn the fundamentals of good writing in expert-led workshops and work on personal poems and stories. There’s an opportunity for sharing creative works with instructors and peers for constructive feedback.