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Best Online Guitar Lessons For Kids 2024

kids guitar lessons

Guitar lessons offer a great way to introduce children to the joys of learning an instrument and allow them to develop their musical skills from the convenience of the home. At the same time, they give children a chance to work with guitar instructors that can provide them with the guidance they need to become talented musicians.

When it comes to guitar lessons for kids, there are many different online guitar programs to choose from. Therefore, it’s essential to research and find the best fit for your student. You will also want to take into account what type of guitar you’re hoping for them to learn.

Best Online Guitar Lessons For Kids

1. Jam Play

At Jam Play, you’ll find a unique online learning system perfect for all skill levels. When you subscribe to Jam Play’s monthly membership plan, kids can access thousands of guitar lessons from more than 100+ experienced musicians. There’s also an ever-expanding library of song tutorials, so your little one can get started recreating the classics in no time! 

Whether your child is just learning their first cord or has been practicing for a while, this is an excellent tool for expanding their knowledge and helping them make their musical dreams a reality. Students can expect to learn guitar parts, where to place their fingers, and even how to tune their guitar. Once they master the basics, they can move on to Jam Play’s intermediate and advanced lessons. This includes learning guitar chords, reading music, strumming easy songs, and even music theory.

Kids and teens can explore various music genres, from classic rock to country to the blues. 

2. Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks offers a fun award-winning online learning platform for guitar players of any skill level. After learning the basics, your child can continue expanding their knowledge through a genre of their choice. Guitar Tricks also has a song library of incredible classics. 

One of the things that makes Guitar Tricks so much fun is the ability to earn experience points and level up through their platform. Kids can work through a series of pre-recorded lessons and songs with the ability to fine-tune their learning experience to suit their interests. Each tutorial offers step-by-step instructors additional help in terms of notes and descriptions to ensure they retain the subject matter. 

There are beginner guitar lessons covering things like how to tune your guitar and play one string or chords. There are also more advanced courses on chords of a specific music genre, grooves, and helpful tips specific to that. If you’re looking for one-on-one instructor classes, they also offer those by Zoom.  

3. Guitareo

Guitareo is an all-in-one guide that helps build guitar skills from scratch. This music website provides a variety of guitar lessons on demand as well as live lessons. They work with some of the top musicians in the world, many of whom contributed to their more than 85+ courses. There are over 1000 lessons to help your children learn how to play the guitar. 

From strumming patterns to songwriting, there is a multitude of options to provide children with a well-rounded experience. The online platform offers a variety of resources and bonus features. Kids can learn from world-class guitar teachers with a step-by-step curriculum to help them advance to higher levels. They also provide feedback to help them refine their skills. Students can learn songs from different genres and times, so your child won’t be stuck playing the same old songs and even get access to new ones.

4. Gentle Guitar

Gentle Guitar is an online platform that offers live one-on-one lessons with an instructor. This allows students to receive real-time feedback and ensures they use the right chords and techniques while playing. 

They offer a free trial and have dedicated songbooks for children to follow and learn along the way. The guitar classes are once a week via Skype for 30 minutes, and students work with age-appropriate music. Learners can receive individualized attention as they practice their favorite songs instead of simply watching a video. 

All that’s needed is a computer with webcam and microphone access. They serve young musicians ages 5 to 16+. Adults are also welcome. For guitars to use for beginners, they recommend classical nylon string guitars and electric guitars. 

5. Guitar Gate

If your teenager prefers learning to play the guitar at their own pace, Guitar Gate is an excellent option for them. With this online learning model, your child can learn with pre-recorded videos from Guitar Gate’s instructor, Michael. From there, they can post videos of their practice sessions for feedback. 

Guitar Gate also provides the participants access to an active online community of music enthusiasts passionate about learning. This online course can walk them through the process of learning to play and teach them beginner to advanced concepts. The music program is continuously expanding, with new guitar lessons and challenges posted each week. Michael teaches everything from the fundamentals to chords to rhymes. 

6. Fender Play

As one of the most well-known online guitar schools, FenderPlay offers unique step-by-step curriculums available on demand. Children can get started easily by choosing the style, genres they want to focus on, like blues, folk, and rock, and learning popular songs as they develop their skills. There are hundreds of songs to choose from, and it’s accessible from anywhere. With their handy application, students can access their platform from phones, tablets, and computers. It’s a customizable experience and an excellent choice for self-driven students who want to learn from a trusted company. 

Apart from the guitar, kids can also learn how to play the bass and ukulele on their website. They just need the specific musical instrument they wish to play with. Parents may find that playing multiple instruments is beneficial for their music education, especially something like learning the piano. Also read our guide on piano lessons for kids.


For those looking for a low-cost freebie option, this site offers quite a lot of guidance at no cost. The site is designed with pre-recorded lessons in technique, lead guitar, beginner courses, and even music theory. There is also a free starter course for acoustic guitars that students can sign up for.

They offer a variety of guitar courses, from rhythm, blues, campfire songs, and more. It’s one of the best sites for beginners and a great place to start for the newest musicians. Students can grasp the guitar and begin to play their favorite songs. Once children pass the beginner stage, they can set off to more intermediate-level classes. 

8. Kids Guitar Zone

Kids Guitar Zone offers free lessons to help kids master the basics. It’s kid-friendly, so parents can leave their kids to play on the site and practice without worrying about other content. There are ten lessons with written information about what guitar to buy in case you haven’t done that yet. 

This guitar website offers much value and is one of the best options for parents on a budget. It’s free, provides some great starter tips, and can be fun for the whole family. They also offer their recommendations for guitar gear, so all in all, it’s an ideal place to start for the aspiring musician.

Young musicians can either follow the course on their website or check out the youtube channel for more online guitar lessons. Andrew Keppie, who teaches it, starts with simple songs like The Wheels on the Bus or Old MacDonald before teaching more complicated ones like Gangman style. 

9. True Fire

True Fire is an interactive learning platform that can be accessed from anywhere. You can use it on the computer, TV, phone, or iPad. It’s free to join, and there are thousands of courses from multiple educators, ranging from famous musicians to expert instructors. 

True Fire offers almost anything and everything a music student could need. The recorded guitar lessons are high quality and provide at your own pace learning. Students are guided from start to finish, with the ability to slow things down until they understand everything. It’s interactive, so it’s fun and easy to learn. They offer courses with different music like blues, jazz, country, rock, and much more. 

10. Rock Dojo

RockDojo is a great place to start for children ages 6-12. There are online group lessons, private one-on-one guitar lessons, e-Books, and even video-on-demand. When you sign up for their newsletter, kids get 3 free courses. 

Their award-winning system teaches the must-know concepts, provides the fundamental lessons, and helps students learn how to play songs and set goals they can achieve. It’s a fun, low-cost way for students to keep working towards their music goals in a straightforward manner.

They value music literacy skills as they teach their students how to read guitar tabs and chord charts, as well as make their own music. Check out their after-school in-person guitar classes if you live in the Portland area. 

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