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Best Music Summer Camps For Students 2024

music summer camps

If you have a young musician, summer music programs are something to consider for them. They’re as enriching as they are fun and offer many benefits, including a chance to further develop their skills and grow confidence in their abilities. 

Music camps also give kids a new experience, which can enhance they’re learning. They meet like-minded friends who support and share their love of music. Camps are often led by highly talented instructors who give your child an exemplary education.

Whether your child is already serious about music or if they’re just getting into it, there are beginner-friendly and intermediate options out there. With one of these best music summer camps, campers can have quality experiences that can help them no matter where they are in their journey.

NYU SummerStrings

The SummerStrings program is led by NYU’s prestigious school of music faculty. The program is strictly for kids 12 and up who play string instruments (violin, viola, cello, and bass). There are on-campus and virtual options available. The on-campus session takes place at New York City’s NYU and is two weeks long, while the remote session is four days.

Students attend a variety of classes, including two private lessons each week. Campers get opportunities to work on solo works and play with larger groups in evening chamber music readings. The goal of the program is to help them grow in both skill and self-confidence.

When applying for the summer programs, you need to submit an audition tape or recording and limited scholarships are available for those with financial hardship. The on-campus program includes field trips in the city to a Broadway show, a baseball game, and much more. Meanwhile, the online program has additional workshops on neuroscience and music.

Electronic Musicians’ Camp

The Electronic Musicians’ Camp from the Bleeps and Loops label is designed for students between the ages of 12 and 18. It’s perfect for those interested in learning more about electronic music production and performance. All skill levels are welcome, and lessons are tailored to students’ skill levels. 

The two leading instructors are Michael Vawter and John Kammerer, who have extensive education and experience in music and electronics. There are also special guest instructors. Sessions last five days and take place either on the UCLA or University of Washington campuses. Teenagers get the chance to learn with professional equipment and even release a collaborative track with their peers at the end of the session.

The camp focuses on several aspects of production, including the technical aspects, collaboration, and performance. They can also learn how to play the guitar. Campers get one-on-one time with instructors and work with a small group to create a music track. They leave with a live recording of their performance and the sample track they make.

Summer Music at DePaul

From the well-established DePaul University School of Music faculty based in Chicago, Summer Music at DePaul offers serious, budding musicians the chance to hone their skills while learning from professional musicians. Participants can challenge their abilities in areas such as chamber music and jazz or tackle workshops that can richen their music education. 

Students looking to refine their audition repertoire through lessons, coaching, and stage performance can also enroll in the Summer Voice program. Essentially, Summer Music at DePaul is a selective, exclusive opportunity with limited spaces, so it’s crucial to complete the application process as quickly as possible. 

Young musicians aspiring for a music degree in the future will find this program helpful in getting a taste of what it’s like to be learning in a college setting. 

Berklee Music Performance Summer Programs

Berklee offers a variety of summer music camps for kids ages 9 to 18, although most of the programs are for high school students 14 and up. Most of the camps occur at the Berklee campus, but there are several options in Boston, MA, and Valencia, Spain. The sessions range from five days to two weeks, but there is also one five-week program.

Many of Berklee’s programs are focused on particular instruments, while others allow for a diverse group of musicians. There are courses for pianists, vocalists, songwriters, and aspiring film composers. Other summer programs include musical theater and music production and composition.

Berklee also offers day sessions designed for students with disabilities. There are also online summer camps for those who can’t attend campus, plus students can earn college credits for attending. It’s a prestigious program for those with a serious interest in a music career and future college students. 


GRAMMY Camp is a five-day program for high school students interested in pursuing a career in the music industry. Students attend sessions at the University of Southern California. The music camp is non-residential, so they must stay with a parent or guardian approved by the GRAMMY Museum.

The program is run by the museum staff and other industry professionals. The goal is to guide talented youth planning to pursue a career, including those who aren’t going into performance.

There are camp sessions for different segments of the industry, including vocal and instrumental performance and songwriting. Children interested in the more technical side can take classes in audio engineering and production. There are also classes for music journalism and business. To apply, you’re required to submit a short audition video.

Florida State University College of Music

Boasting one of the most comprehensive music camps in the country, Florida State University offers extensive opportunities for elementary to high school students. Placing importance on inclusivity, this camp welcomes musicians of all abilities, looking to help foster skills in a safe, creative environment. If you want your child to establish a positive relationship with music that they can carry forward, then this camp aims to deliver that. 

With each camp ranging approximately one week, participants have a range of options to choose from. These camps include Choral Ensemble and Treble Choir, Jazz Ensemble, Piano Institute, Senior High Band Camp, String Orchestra Camp, Marching Band Leadership, and more. All campers stay in a privately-owned dorm close to the music buildings, with a dining hall.

The summer music programs consist of academic classes, electives, daily practice, and fun evening activities with other students.