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Top 5 Military Summer Camps 2024

military summer camps

Military training doesn’t just teach you how to rappel up a wall or self-defense — it also builds discipline, inner strength, and leadership skills. These military summer camps are designed to teach those values through fun activities and thrilling challenges that bring out the best in teenagers.

Whether your children are interested in a future career in the army or not, these camps can help them become a better version of themselves. These programs offer summer camps as well as ongoing short classes with varying pursuits.

Best Military Summer Camps

1. Camp Sousley

Camp Sousley is located in Flemingsburg, Kentucky, and is open to children aged 12 to 18 years old. It offers short courses that patterned closely to actual training done by the US Army, Navy, and Marines.

At camp, teens learn military drills, ceremonies, run an obstacle course, rappel down towers and cliffs, perform basic martial arts, marksmanship, and even do air jumps.

The camp is meant to create a fully immersive experience for youth who are seriously considering a career in the military. All the teachers are retired military personnel who teach physical skills and impart the values of discipline and dedication.

Camp Sousley also offers advanced courses such as Cadet Sniper School, Cadet Leaders Course, and Cadet Airborne Jump School. Completion of these programs can also earn high school credits. They also customize short team-building programs for companies, churches, and other organizations.

2. Army and Navy Academy

The Army and Navy Academy is an all-boys boarding school in Carlsbad, California. Established in 1910, many of its alumni went on to become leaders in politics and business. Their mission is to bring out the best in each boy by teaching leadership, responsibility, and discipline.

The camps also pass on those values through a fun mix of daily training, team-building exercises, inspiring talks, and even field trips. It’s not just two weeks of grueling drills and obstacle courses. Participants go adventure hiking, enjoy water sports like surfing and canoeing, and even go overnight camping in tents.

However, even the fun activities are designed to impart life skills, as they learn to face fears and work together as a team. By the end of the camp, they l emerge with more confidence in themselves as well as having formed life-long friendships. Visit their website for more information on their activities and the calendar of events.

3. Camp Corral

Camp Corral is a summer camp for military children from 8 to 15 years old located in Raleigh, NC. It’s for children of parents who have become wounded, ill, or even sacrificed their lives in the line of duty. Camp Corral is a non-profit organization that was founded back in 2011.

The camp’s goal is to give them a safe, healing place where they can find emotional support and learn positive coping strategies. While Camp Corral’s main office is located in North Carolina, the camps are hosted in different states throughout the year. You can check their website for the latest schedule. The specific activities changed based on the available facilities, but they usually include outdoor activities and group counseling.

Joining the camp is actually free, but you just need to pay a deposit fee and transportation costs, although there are scholarships available to cover this.

4. XMC Camp

Located in Battleground, Alabama, XMC Camp attracts participants from all across the country. This camp is for enthusiastic teenagers 13-18 years old who are specifically interested in a military-style program. It’s composed of highly qualified instructors with decades of experience. 

The two-week Cadet Basic Training course teaches marksmanship, water survival, self-defense, and obstacle courses. Participants will learn basic skills, develop discipline and inner strength. It’s ideal for people who want a “life-changing experience” to improve their confidence or are considering a career in the military.

If lucky, campers can get a slot with their Cadet Basic Training and Field Leader Course, which includes training in leadership and how to work as a team. After completing the introductory courses, cadets can sign up for advanced classes like Cadet Ranger School, Cadet Scuba School, Cadet Field Ranger School, or the winter Tactical Skills Course.

5. Marine Military Academy

Marine Military Academy is a private boarding school in Harlingen, Texas – and the only school that uses the traditions of the US Marine Corps as the foundation of its curriculum and pedagogy. They believe that the military mindset isn’t just for people who want to join the corps but for anyone who wants to develop discipline, leadership, and character.

It opens its doors to the public during the summer through short camps that combine military training with inspiring talks and bonding activities. It’s a great way to get kids to unplug from their gadgets and spend the whole day outdoors.

Through rock climbing, zip lines, and high ropes challenges, they learn to face their fears and trust themselves and others. Drill and marching competitions teach self-discipline, while strategy games teach planning and problem-solving.

Campers go through obstacle courses, mud courses, combat fitness, and other physical activities to build muscle and perseverance. And of course, there are also fun sports like paintball and canoeing.

The MMA Summer Camp balances military rigor with a playful, motivational atmosphere to build both character and happy memories.