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10 Best Online Homeschool Programs In 2024

More and more parents turn to homeschooling each year to ensure their kids don’t fall behind in their education.

As a result, online homeschool programs are becoming increasingly popular. Accredited homeschool programs are intended to give your children a comprehensive and flexible education experience. They make it easy for homeschooling parents to teach their children the subjects they need to learn. We’ve listed the best online homeschool programs to help you educate your child at home.

In general, homeschooling tends to use more informal methods of teaching compared to traditional schools. However, the actual practices of homeschooling can vary greatly depending on who is doing the teaching. If you’re a parent thinking of homeschooling your kids, these options can help.

online home school programs

1. CodeWizardsHQ

CodeWizardsHQ’s online coding classes are a perfect fit for homeschooling families. Small group classes taught by industry experts deliver a comprehensive coding education, ensuring that your child is prepared with the programming skills needed for their future.

CodeWizardsHQ is a parent’s friend with the best beyond-the-classroom support, such as homework help, instructor office hours, and 24/7 access to their proprietary platform. Each coding class is tailored to engage elementary, middle, and high-school students with real-world languages like Scratch, Python, JavaScript, Java, and HTML/CSS. With a four-session money-back guarantee, students can try the program risk-free.

CodeWizardsHQ has a thriving homeschool community and offers classes during the school day, a dedicated Facebook resource group page for homeschoolers, and homeschool group rates. From beginning basics to their unique internship program for graduates, you can prepare your homeschooled student with a structured coding curriculum that is developmental, challenging, and fun!

2. Northgate Academy

The Northgate Academy offers a faith-based online homeschool program at a reasonable monthly cost. Upon graduation, your child will receive an accredited high school diploma that meets the state and national standards. 

Your child will follow a high-quality curriculum composed of all the standard classes and college-prep courses like foreign languages. They can also enroll in other optional classes to learn about STEM, like astronomy and electrical engineering. 

They offer a great learning system for students who value learning in their own time as it’s self-paced. It’s an excellent option for homeschool families who want their child to receive an education at home and is flexible enough to meet the needs of any student. Your children receive a Christian education that matches that of any other high school.

Northgate Academy also makes it easy for parents to track how their child is doing. They’ve previously received awards from popular homeschool websites like, and their standards certainly live up to that. 

3. Bridgeway Homeschool Academy

The Bridgeway Homeschool Academy offers various ways for kids to get the education they need at home. Bridgeway features courses tailored to several levels of education, including from pre-kindergarten, elementary, middle school and high school.

Bridgeway has several options for its courses that cater to a wide range of learning styles. This homeschool curriculum features self-paced online courses, allowing kids to log on and view pre-recorded lessons whenever it’s convenient for them, as well as scheduled live online homeschool classes that offer a greater degree of interactivity with the instructor.

Bridgeway is a paid program. However, they are also an accredited program, so your child will earn legitimate credentials by completing the self paced courses. With their personalized learning plans, students receive an academic path that’s made just for them. Brideway definitely offers an amazing online homeschooling program.

4. Connections Academy

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive online learning experience for your kids, you might want to consider Connections Academy. It’s a no-tuition full time online school that offers courses for elementary schoolers, middle schoolers, and high schoolers.

Connections Academy is all about helping students connect with each other even when online. This program features virtual clubs for students with similar interests to join, and it allows kids to communicate outside of the classroom for activities like field trips. Your child will be able to take courses in every subject ranging from math, science, reading, writing, etc. The classes are all taught by certified teachers with a focus on preparing your child for college.

Connections Academy is completely free, and the only thing you have to worry about paying for is the typical school supplies like notebooks and pencils. Each student is assigned a teacher that is in charge of keeping them on the right track. They will do a monthly call that goes over what the student is learning and how they’re doing on their homework. Your responsibilities are to ensure that your child is learning what they need to.

5. Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool

The Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool program is an entirely free homeschool curriculum. It’s promoted as a Christian curriculum. Besides standard school subjects like math, history, and science, the Easy Peasy curriculum also includes Bible-related courses, such as studies on the Old and New Testaments and Biblical prophets.

The Easy Peasy curriculum contains classes for grade levels from preschool, middle school and high school. It allows parents to pick and choose the specific paths they want their kids to participate in, so you can skip the Bible studies courses if you don’t consider them relevant for your lesson plans.

All of the homeschool curriculum reading materials and other resources the program offers are free. It’s worth noting that the Easy Peasy program is only a learning resource and not an actual online school. You, as a parent, are responsible for determining what your child will learn and helping them understand it.


K-12 is another of the free homeschool options that offers online public schools for any student in grades K-12. This tuition free online public school offers classes that are taught by licensed public school teachers and cover the same school subjects which are normally taught at in-person public schools.

If you’re homeschooling your child yourself and looking for alternative non-full-time options, K-12 also offers completely free E-Books (over 17,000 options) and tools for homeschooling families that make planning a homeschool curriculum easier. Through their STRIDE program, your child can also access game-based learning for grades K-8. 

It’s a great online public school for students of any age, especially high school students. Students can learn at their own pace and from the comfort of their home.

7. Power Homeschool Services

Power Homeschool Services doesn’t present students with a set homeschool curriculum. Instead, this homeschool program allows parents to create their own homeschool curriculum from a selection of various courses.

Power Homeschool Services is a paid program. When you join the Power program, you get access to several resources that will be useful to you as a parent for preparing lesson plans. These include progress reports showing you how well your child is doing in each of their courses and a digital attendance system that can show you when your child was working and for how long at a time.

It provides an excellent homeschool program with tracking abilities that few other online programs offer. You can choose from thousands of their courses so you can choose what your child learns. They also have automated tools that provide instant feedback to help your child with their writing skills. If you’re looking to create the best homeschool curriculum, use their courses as an add-on to it. 

8. The Keystone School

The Keystone School is a paid online school that offers courses for students from kindergarten to grade 12. Keystone’s courses are taught by certified teachers, and Keystone allows students to reach out to teachers, other students, and admin staff for any assistance they might need help with.

Keystone allows students to enroll in individual courses or sign up for a degree path that consists of multiple classes. They also offer a credit recovery program to help students struggling with particular subjects get back on track.

Their coursework requirements certainly aren’t easy and require dedication from the student, especially high school students. Keystone School is an amazing choice for students in grades K-12.

9. Ambleside Online

Ambleside Online offers a full-time homeschooling curriculum. The principles followed in the curriculum are based on the ideas of Charlotte Mason, a twentieth-century educator and reformer. By following Ambleside’s homeschool curriculum, using the books (which can be found online for free), and support resources you can set your child up for educational success.

Ambleside Online is one of the most popular homeschooling curriculums which a lot of parents follow. Due to this you’ll find a large homeschooling community consisting of thousands of homeschool families and educators which all follow Charlotte Masons’ education principles.

There are also plenty of online homeschooling resources that focus on this specific curriculum due to its popularity. Although the learning style is a bit different than other programs, the ideals provided by Charlotte Mason are a game changer for some students.  

10. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the most well known non-profit organizations known for its high-quality online learning material which is completely free. Through their website you can easily customize your child’s classes and schedule by selecting their grade level and skills they’re interested in learning. 

While it’s not a complete homeschooling program, Khan Academy makes for a great addition to your child’s homeschooling education with video lessons. Khan Academy also offers a lot of unique and high-level classes that aren’t always traditionally offered in schools like web development, computer programming, entrepreneurship, and artificial intelligence.

It’s hard to find any other site that offers the level of home education as Khan Academy. It’s by far one of the best online homeschooling resources for parents. It’s a useful tool that can help with your homeschooling journey.

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