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Best Spain Summer Camps 2024

Learning Spanish through an immersion program is a great way for kids to broaden their horizons and become future global citizens.

It provides an incredible skill that will be useful for a lifetime and allows them to see some of the most amazing places in Spain.

Fortunately, in this guide we cover language-focused summer camps in Spain you should consider for your kids.

These are suitable for children from all over the world who want to learn Spanish in the most effective way possible through full immersion in the culture where the language originated.

Spain summer camps

Athena Spain

Athena Spain is an immersive Spanish summer camp for high schoolers from around the world. For one whole month, children attend language study five days a week, attend workshops, and enjoy activities that get them outside. They get the chance to go on excursions to Sevilla, Cordoba, Gibraltar, and the many beaches in the area.

Athena Spain

Campers experience what everyday life is like in Conil de la Frontera with their chosen host family. This carefully selected family helps provide campers with an inviting, nourishing place to immerse themselves in the culture and maximize their study of the Spanish language. 

Kids are treated as other members of the family and enjoy time spent cooking meals, going on excursions, and bonding through shared experiences. Formal learning takes place daily during the weeks at private schools throughout the area.

For a complete and up-to-date list of information including camp dates and tuition information, be sure to check out their website.

AIP Language Institute

AIP Language Institute hosts its immersive Spanish summer camp in the world-renowned city of Valencia on the coast of the Mediterranean. It’s a great option for children 14-18 who are interested in filling their summer days learning in the afternoons and exploring this incredible location in the evenings.

Children will get to choose their preferred accommodations. They can opt for residence hall living to get a preview of life in the dorms or go for full immersion and spend their time with a local host family. These families have a longstanding relationship with AIP Language Institute and know the importance of blending the local culture and heritage to provide a well-rounded language learning experience. 

In addition to the intensive Spanish learning course, kids will be treated with a full activities list including tours of Valencia, outdoor sports on the beach, and culinary tours to enjoy the world-famous foods of Spain.

International Spanish Courses

International Spanish Courses offers a glimpse into the lives of the people of Spain through their language camps. Children 13-18 can sign up for sessions ranging from one to four weeks long in the cities of Alicante and Madrid.

Kids will enjoy abundant opportunities to learn about Spanish culture and traditions through an intensive study. Every week, they will participate in 20 hours of Spanish coursework brought to life by time spent on excursions and group activities with fellow students. There are four core elements to a summer camp session with International Spanish Courses and they include academics, culture, sports, and leisure.

Students enjoy campus-style living on the ISC campus including a set of shared student residences, a swimming pool, a gym, a restaurant, and common areas for studying and hanging out. They’ll also enjoy high-quality training programs, bringing the expertise of professional instructors and coaches.

Casa de Espanol

Casa de Espanol brings Spanish to life through a selection of different summer day camps. They are available to children between 5-16 in the Sacramento area. Camps are 8-12 days in length and consist of a full day from 8:30 am – 3:30 pm or half days between 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Camp themes include learning Spanish through art, culture, and animals, providing fun themes that kids can engage with. All course materials are included with admission, and campers are welcome to bring their own snacks and lunch from home. This is a great summertime activity to help students continue learning during their time off from school.

There are discounts offered for multiple sessions, and more information can be found on the Casa de Espanol website.

Pueblo Espanol

Pueblo Espanol is an 8-day Spanish course set in the village of Úbeda, open to children 13-17 who meet minimum requirements. This is a serious course that will challenge students with over 100 hours of contact with Spanish. It isn’t all business, though, as every day includes blocked-out periods for free time and social activities, as well as opportunities to enjoy excursions. These types of Spanish language immersion programs always feature fun activities apart from just Spanish lessons.

Kids form a one-on-one relationship with native-speaking instructors and peers of the same age. It’s a way to learn in a fun and classroom-free environment meant to immerse students in the culture of the area while making meaningful connections with other kids from around the world. 

An 8-day course through Pueblo Espanol will have them on their way to achieving fluency and making strides in comprehension, communication, and perhaps most importantly, their confidence as a speaker. The Pueblo Espanol methodology emphasizes the need for practice and encourages children to push through their mistakes and try their best.

Don Quijote Spanish Language Learning

Don Quijote Spanish Language Learning has one of the widest selections of summer camps to choose from including resident overnight camps, day camps, and a homestay program. Children worldwide from ages 5-18 are welcome to attend with around 60% of kids being right from Spain. 

This is a unique opportunity for children to mingle and converse with locals and establish a meaningful and lasting connection with someone in their homeland. In addition to various camp formats, Don Quijote Spanish Language Learning also offers several locations, with 8 campuses throughout the country. Children who attend multiple sessions can opt for different stays every time or set themselves up to get to know one specific location.

The camp experience is very similar to a traditional summer camp, with an offering of workshops in things like robotics, entrepreneurship, and creativity. There are also ample opportunities to participate in sports such as soccer, tennis, golf, and horseback riding.

Go Camp Spain

Go Camp Spain is unique among programs because it allows children to take leadership roles for others who are visiting for the summer camp. Students who sign up with Go Camp Spain choose from counseling roles including sports instructor, lifeguarding, music teacher, and a few others depending on their skills and preferences.

This is an incredible opportunity for students to help other children while also enjoying the thrill of traveling around Spain and receiving compensation as well as room and board for the duration of their session. It’s like a backpacking trip through the gorgeous landscapes and cities of Spain but also includes steady pay and accommodations.

Children who successfully complete a counseling session with Go Camp Spain will receive an official certificate from the Ministry of Education for their achievement, as well as a letter of recommendation. These can both make excellent additions to any future employment or college admissions applications.

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