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Best International Summer Camps In Italy 2024

The broad availability of summer camps means that no child has to go without this crucial opportunity for growth. In addition to the myriad camps across the United States, there are options all around the world, especially in Italy.

Summer camps in Italy give children the opportunity to experience immersion in one of the world’s most storied cultures. It’s a beautiful country full of rich traditions and provides a once-in-a-lifetime chance for kids to experience a summer camp like no other. 

Italy summer camps

Rustic Pathways

Rustic Pathways offers three programs with different itineraries in Italy. There is a combination trip involving Italy and Greece with a focus on turtle conservation, an adventure in Northern Italy, and a full North-to-South exploration of Italy. 

Rustic Pathways Italy

Programs vary in duration from 8 days to 16 depending on preference and availability, but rest assured all days are packed with enriching activities and mind-expanding travel that includes a strong sense of cultural immersion.

Italy is the primary focus of these camps, giving children the chance to visit Venice, Florence, Tuscany, Rome, Naples, and Pompeii. All along the way, they’ll experience life as Italians do, combining the hustle and bustle of city life with the more rural atmospheres that make up most of the country.

All programs are intended for kids ages 14-18. Rustic Pathways includes a fantastic primer on their website for what to expect on their Italy trips. Be sure to check out the resources as well as the dates.

International School of Florence Summer Camp

The International School of Florence has a summer day camp for children ages 3-11. Kids don’t need to be enrolled at the school to attend, and all camp activities are conducted in English. A group of talented local faculty and educators serve as the camp staff and guidance through this week-long summer program.

International School of Florence

Located on the 35-acre Junior School campus, the International School of Florence encourages children to explore, play, and learn in nature. Daily activities and adventures are fueled by a selection of healthy snacks and lunches, and children are encouraged to engage in physical fitness through daily exercise.

The International School of Florence hosts three sessions each summer. For more information about dates, stop by their website for details. This is a fantastic option for giving the children something to do while you’re in the area on a summer vacation. Drop them off in the mornings and come back for them after a long day filled with outdoor fun.

Sancelso International Camp

Sancelso International Camp is open to children ages 6-17 and is a combination of day camp and overnight camp. There are opportunities for camping overnight a couple of times per session, but these are optional as kids can also return to their own accommodations.

Sancelso International Camp

Sessions are in one-week blocks, and campers can attend as many as they’d like throughout mid-June and the beginning of August, right in the heart of summer. The location in the foothills of the Orobic Alps is an amazing property complete with mountain views and deep forests for the traditional summer camp feel.

All camp activities are taught in English, and children from around the world attend annually, creating an amazing opportunity for kids to meet others from the international community and learn about life in other parts of the world. 

Kids get to choose how they want to spend their time with a list of activities that includes paintball, e-biking, a waterpark, archery, and horseback riding, among others. The Sancelso International Camp has been in existence since 1955. 

International School of Milan

The 2-week summer camp at the International School of Milan is a unique chance for children to learn about fashion, arts, and design in one of the leading cities of the world.

Camp sessions can be attended for just the day or kids can join the residential camps to enjoy the additional thrills of dorm-style living while they immerse themselves in the program. 

The camp itself consists of a focus on language lessons and art and design with an emphasis on fashion. All courses are taught in English but there are many opportunities to practice Italian in the classroom and real-world settings.

Excursions are included with the cost, and participants will get the chance to visit local cultural highlights, as well as spots that focus on the rich history of art, design, and fashion in Milan. 

These trips provide students 13-17 an opportunity to immerse themselves in Italian culture and practice their language skills with the locals.

Educo Italy

Educo Italy is a specialty camp that is designed to teach Italian children English through performance and play. They encourage kids to learn the language for life and give them the tools necessary to not only learn but retain English over the course of a one-week or two-week period. 

The program is designed for both Italian children 6-18 who desire to learn English and for native-English-speaking students who want to teach them. Those who apply to be a part of this should be motivated to teach English to others and willing to go through training to achieve this goal. 

The instructors at Educo Italy go through a rigorous training program designed to give them the tools to teach through this fun and intuitive method. All tutors must successfully complete the program and certify in order to teach so children are instructed by only the best.

Educo Italy hosts camps all across the country and even has locations in Sardinia and Sicily.

Alphabet International Camps

Alphabet International Camps is a proud member of the American Camp Association and has brought the vision of that organization to life through international locations including several across Italy. They provide the quintessential American summer camp experience in the heart of the beautiful Italian countryside.

Children 6-17 can choose from day and overnight camp themes, with different activities and excursions to go with each. There is a day camp in the heart of Rome, a junior discovery learning camp in Umbria, an outdoor exploration camp, and a sailing course just an hour south of Rome on the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

An experience with Alphabet International is an experiential educational journey unlike any other in the world. It’s a combination of learning, outdoor activities to utilize the beauty of the surroundings, and immersion in the vibrant cultural history of Italy. 

Students get the chance of a lifetime to visit both Rome and Florence and enjoy the scenery of two of the most beautiful cities in Italy. 

Trulli Italian School

Trulli Italian School is a specialty program for teenagers 14-17 interested in learning Italian. The fully immersive language experience lasts two weeks and features the sights and sounds of Puglia, Italy. It’s located in the “heel of the boot” making up the southeast corner of the country.

Summer camp at Trulli Italian School is not all business and also includes trips to cities for art and culture, afternoons at the seaside, cooking courses, and sports. No two days will be the same, but all days feature a similar schedule of activities aimed at teaching Italian in an intuitive and fun way that is easy to retain.

This is an all-inclusive camp and includes 40 total Italian lessons, three meals a day, multiple excursions to places like waterparks and nature parks, accommodations, and so much more. The staff is always present and friendly to help students at all times during their stay. 

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