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Best Greece Summer Camps 2024

One of the best ways to help teenagers grow is by introducing them to other cultures. Traveling abroad is mind-expanding and creates opportunities for personal growth. Educators have realized that attending summer camp in Greece, the birthplace of Western civilization is a great way for teens to have new life experiences while enjoying summer fun. 

Getting out of their usual routine helps teens develop a sense of adventure while practicing how to behave responsibly within a group. It’s not necessary to speak Greek to attend a summer camp here as students from all over the world attend these all-inclusive camp sessions. Most programs arrange chaperoned group flights to Greece.

Summers in Greece are warm and sunny, and the people are famous for their friendly hospitality. The summer camps set in these beautiful historic locations will provide memories that your child will never forget about.

Greece summer camps

Rustic Pathways

Rustic Pathways offers teen adventure travel around the world. With the Rustic Pathways philosophy, every teen can have life-altering vacations that teach more about the world we live in through cultural immersion.

This intentional adventure group offers two summer programs in Greece for teens ages 14-18, one of which includes time in northern Italy. The “Greece: Island Turtle Conservation” and the “Italy & Greece: Cultural Immersion and Turtles” are the two you can choose from. 

Rustic Pathways Greece

During the 2-week Greek program, teens enjoy summer on the Ionian Greek Islands and beaches while engaging in turtle conservation. The schedule includes hours of community service, such as protecting turtle nests and habitats. There’s also plenty of time for having fun with newfound friends while hiking the area or swimming in the aquamarine-blue waters.

The Italy-Greece program starts with cultural experiences in northern Italy while learning about Italian history, touring ancient sites, sampling local food, and more. The latter part of the program takes the students to Greece, where they engage in marine conservation to protect local sea turtles.

Ionian Village

Ionian Village is a faith-based camp for Greek Orthodox high school students who have completed 9th grade and up to 12th grade. The camp, which hosts 20-day sessions, is located near Bartholomeo on 32 acres of stunning oceanfront property.

This unique summer camp expands your teen’s horizons with travel to Greece, the home of their Greek Orthodox heritage. Ionian Village provides the opportunity to deepen their faith while living in a secure village-type setting.

Ionian Village

The campers follow an educational and activity-based daily schedule. Along with learning, students can swim, play sports and games, and generally have lots of fun with other Greek Orthodox youth.

The schedule also includes travel days, where students visit historic places and monuments important to Greek Orthodox heritage like Athens. Ionian Village provides a safe and happy environment for your teen to expand their personal horizons and enjoy the summer of a lifetime.


For over 60 years, Kinderland has offered an exceptional experience for young kids and teens from all over the world. Their well-appointed 120-hectare property outside of Athens overlooks the scenic coastline of the northeastern Attica region in central Greece. 

Kinderland offers comfortable rooms, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, and a full schedule of dynamic activities that keep students interested. The Kinderland camp sessions last from 1 to 3 weeks. Many kids enjoy the experience so much that they return year after year.


Activities include dance performances, football, swimming at the gorgeous nearby beaches, painting and other creative classes, plus beach soccer and volleyball, and movie nights. 

Kinderland, an original member of the Greek and International Camping  Community, focuses on healthy outdoor activities that make the most of Greece’s fabulous summer climate and seaside culture. 

Whether playing in the sun or resting under the large shaded areas on the property, Kinderland will show you the best Greece has to offer!

Harvard Summer School

Harvard University, with support from the Center for Hellenistic Studies, offers a summer program for university students in historic Greece. The popular 5-week session divides class time between the large city of Thessaloniki and Nafplio, a small coastal town.

This Harvard cultural exchange program is multidisciplinary and includes interactive seminar classes (Monday-Thursday) where students exchange ideas on literature, philosophy, history, and language. 

Weekends offer a dynamic schedule of outings, from visiting historic locations and ancient sites to beach time and theater performances, among other entertaining activities.

Undergrads and graduate students from universities around the world are eligible to attend, along with Harvard students. This program gives students a multicultural academic and social experience that broadens their views and moves them forward in their personal and educational growth.

The Ranch

The Ranch is a year-round camp and activity facility in southern Greece. During summer, the center offers a 15-day camp for children and teens from all corners of the earth.

The Ranch’s attractive 330-acre property, located in the legendary Sofikos Valley on the Peloponnese peninsula, welcomes children ages 6-16 for fun and learning.

The goal of The Ranch is to provide a well-rounded in-residence experience that helps children grow in responsibility, develop creativity, and practice social skills. The Ranch Camp also fosters team spirit, as children and teens work and play together with others in their age group.

The Ranch

The Ranch’s camp schedule creates a daily routine where campers have lots of time to enjoy activities such as horseback riding, sports, arts and crafts, board games, dramatic performances, and music.

There’s also a traditional “village” onsite, where children are introduced to artisanal skills of the past, such as cheese and bread making. Additionally, children have the opportunity to learn ecological practices like recycling, and how to sustainably enjoy the surrounding forest.  

West Coast Connection

West Coast Connection is a teen adventure travel company offering a 25-day adventure program that takes small, co-ed, age-compatible groups of students in grades 7-12 on a tour of a lifetime!

The tour begins in Italy and includes hiking the villages of the Cinque Terre and preparing a feast at an Italian cooking school. They then move on to visiting ancient Greek archeological sites. Also included are lots of beach activities, including a scuba diving class and other water sports. 

On a West Coast Connection tour, teens are motivated to step out of their comfort zones and try new things while under the excellent supervision of experienced tour leaders. The small group dynamic encourages teens to befriend their group members and work together during the trip. 

Many West Coast Connection alumni happily report that the confidence and perspectives gained from their experience are an added bonus when pursuing university enrollment and post-university job placements. 

The Paideia Institute

The Paideia Institute for Humanistic Study is a non-profit organization whose aim is to help students form a connection with the classical humanities through in-person learning. 

Living Greek in Greece High School is a mind-expanding experience that begins in Athens, then moves in the second week to Nafplio, in the Peloponnese. Paideia’s in-residence program takes place over two weeks in July. All high school students are eligible for the program, even those with no prior Greek language experience. 

Paideia Institute

This fascinating program introduces students to the Greek classics. It also offers enriching cultural activities to practice the current language, such as in music, modern literature, cuisine, and more.

Classroom sessions are balanced by field trips, where learning takes place in the open air at archeological sites and other cultural monuments. When teens have the opportunity to travel to historic areas and see how the ancient Greek language is still alive today, learning becomes exciting. 

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