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Best London Summer Camps 2024

Although London is the United Kingdom’s bustling capital city, there are tons of green spaces to be found here. These include Richmond Park, Bushy Park, and Regent’s Park.

With so many parks and green spaces in the city, it’s no surprise that there are some fantastic summer camps in London. These all differ in price, dates, and activities, with some even tailored towards indoor recreational activities and STEM.

To give you an idea of the options available, we take you through the top summer camps that are within or near England’s capital. These cater to a variety of different hobbies and skill sets so there’s something for every child.


Camp Ally Pally

Camp Ally Pally is a London summer camp that highly prioritizes immersive experiences and excitement. Thanks to the variety of exhilarating activities and their hard-working staff, your child will never be bored. 

At Camp Ally Pally, children can get involved with innovative games and sports, as there’s a big focus on physical activity. For the more creative types, there is also drawing, modeling, and painting.

Camp Ally Pally

There are two camps available at Camp Ally Pally with one that caters to 4-5 year olds and the other designed for children aged 6-11. Each is found at a different school.

Both run during every school holiday with early drop-off/late pick-up available. This makes it a fantastic choice if you have a complicated work schedule.


Set in the beautiful Regent’s Park, Skola offers a fantastic English camp. The park is used for a variety of sports and outside lessons. Skola also offers central London excursions from here so there’s always a lot of fun things to do.

Skola hosts two summer camps every year. The first is suitable for 10-17 years olds and the second is for 5-9 year olds and is held at Gloucester Gate on the park’s opposite side. 

Thye have both full-day and half-day programs which include lessons in English and international classes. Apart from sports and activities, older kids will benefit from three excursions a week while the younger crowd goes on one half-day excursion. 

Campers can meet some great friends at Skola as everyone comes to learn together through fun games and activities.

The Strings Club

If your kid is a keen musician, check out The Strings Club. It’s ideal for students who can play a musical instrument or who are looking to learn.

It’s known for its first-class facilities, exceptional experiences, and incredible staff. The Strings Club is held across several locations in London. This award-winning holiday camp is suitable for children ages 4-11 and is split into two age groups (4-7 years and 8-11 years).

The Strings Club

Highlights of The Strings Club include interactive sports and creative activities, instrumental sessions, and free-play sessions for the youngsters. This club also offers instruments so your child can practice at home! 

At the end of the summer program, there’s a grand concert where students show off what they’ve learned. Everyone leaves the camp with a certificate of achievement. 

Tasis England

At Tasis England, kids are guaranteed to have an unforgettable summer thanks to their high-quality travel, sports, and academic programs. There’s something for every child in the 3 summer sessions! 

Tasis England is located on a 46-acre campus in Surrey. It’s suitable for ages 11-17, with the goal of developing confidence and creativity while offering attendees the chance to forge strong bonds.

Unlike other camps that just focus on fun, Tasis England provides a diverse range of courses from STEM to performing arts. Classes take place Monday to Friday, followed by ample adventures during the weekends.

Sports and activities take place every weekday afternoon, and social events are organized in the evenings. They provide for everything a child might possibly want during the season.


If you’re looking for a renowned program, check out Alpadia. Located right in the area of New Cross, campers are in the perfect location for exploring the city. Not to mention, they’ll be staying in modern residences. 

Alpadia is suitable for teenagers 14-17 and their summer courses combine language lessons, sports, cultural experiences, and entertainment. Attendees receive an all-rounded experience full of exciting things to do and trips outside the campus. 

Alpadia London

There are two-course packages available: standard and intensive. Standard includes 20 lessons per week while intensive includes 25. These packages include accommodation, tuition, meals, activities, and trips around London and the surrounding cities.

There are also some fantastic and secure facilities at Alpadia including a sports field, outdoor space, and student lounge. The meal plans at Alpadia are numerous enough to accommodate any camper.

Young Film Academy

Students keen on becoming filmmakers or aspiring actors can look forward to visiting the Young Film Academy. The academy hosts a variety of classes for every age group from 8-19. The Residential Filmmaking & Screen Acting camp is one of the most popular choices for teenagers and lasts 1-2 weeks. 

Kids can choose whether they want to be in the filmmaking crew or acting crew and develop skills in that specific discipline. They will enjoy workshops, practical activities, and masterclasses run by film industry professionals. 

Young Film Academy also offers 4-day acting and filmmaking courses, as well as one-day options. If you don’t want an intense 1-2 week camp but still want the experience, Young Film Academy has that option too.

Camp Horizons

Known for its action-packed program, Camp Horizons is open to kids and teens 6-14 years old. Their mission is to allow children to enjoy fun hobbies while also letting them discover new interests and form amazing friendships.

Kids can get involved in a variety of sports, games, and creative activities. In terms of physical activity, there are sports like cricket, rounders, badminton, and netball.

Camp Horizons

If your child is more on the creative side, they can select from arts and crafts, dance, drama, and journalism. Of course, there are some great events held at Cam Horizons too, such as bingo, inter-camp games, and a talent show.

A unique aspect of Camp Horizons is that they hold ‘theme days’ every week. These range from Hawaiian luau parties to Disney days!

Let’s Go Native

Let’s Go Native offers English language and holiday camps. They have camps in other destinations(including Chester), but a popular choice is the Oxford camp. 

At a Let’s Go Native camp, your child will be able to immerse themselves in the English language through interactive lessons. As well as developing their reading, writing, and speaking skills, Let’s Go Native works towards making their camps as fun as they can be.

Campers can enjoy sports, free time, and sightseeing at Let’s Go Native. The summer camp also offers great activities such as a costume night, bowling party, movie night, and other evening events. 

Suitable for children aged 11-18, Let’s Go Native provides participants with unique experiences where the ambiance is like no other. One of these includes a themed Harry Potter excursion, where you can visit famous filming locations.

Little House of Science 

Little House of Science welcomes any young science enthusiasts interested in expanding their knowledge of nature or the solar system.

Their science camps run from July to August and each week focuses on a different topic of science, ranging from geography to astronomy. Other subjects also include physics, geology, medicine, and engineering.

It’s possible to book single days and full weeks with the Little House of Science. The benefit of this is that your child can visit when their favorite subject is covered if they’re not already spending the whole summer here. 

Each experience is hands-on and project-based. Students are assisted by staff when it comes to any cool science experiments. Even after the school break ends, you can still send your kids to any of their after-school programs or STEM weekends so the fun never stops.

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