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8 Best Lacrosse Camps In the USA 2024

The popularity of Lacrosse has significantly grown from its original foundation as stickball played by Native Americans to now being one of the most popular sports in the United States. 

Lacrosse camps across the US offer an amazing opportunity for young and aspiring lacrosse players to fine-tune their skills. Going through intense training under elite staff with fellow athletes in the summer can help any athlete prepare better for the upcoming season and grow to love the sport even further.  

Whether they are youngsters just starting out or seniors about to graduate into a collegiate program, there is a great lacrosse program out there for your young kids or teenagers. These camps offer the chance to try out new positions, train with top coaches, and practice in group settings. 


South Sound Lacrosse Club

South Sound Lacrosse Club offers a two-day summer training camp in Tacoma, Washington. Over the course of these days, players will practice stick work and positional training. They will take part in games and have the chance to earn prizes. 

South Sound Lacrosse

In addition to the summer camp, the club runs a team training camp. This camp is offered over the course of a weekend with two sets of dates available. It’s an opportunity for players to spend a good chunk of time playing and learning with their teammates. 

All programs are staffed by top Lacrosse players across the nation. This includes staff who have previously earned national championships and All-American titles. South Sound Lacrosse Club also has fall and winter training sessions.

Academy Camps

The lacrosse camps by Academy Camps offer a summer experience where young players can improve every part of their lacrosse game. These sports camps cover every area, from stick handling to shooting, catching, and much more. Campers will practice in the state-of-the-art David Holmes Field. 

Academy Camps Lacrosse

Players ages 9-16 can enroll in three different one or two-week sessions. The coaches will lead the players through individual and group training sessions and position-specific skill work, so all players no matter their position, are welcome to join. They create a positive and competitive environment where campers can progress.

Apart from daily training, kids can expect fun evening events and activities to still get that same overnight camp experience. Camps take place at the Suffield Academy in Connecticut, close to Boston and NYC. 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes Lacrosse

Fellowship of Christian Athletes Lacrosse National Camp runs for five days and hosts nearly 500+ campers. The camp is a residential Monday to Friday program open to both boys and girls. The camp session takes place in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 

Each day, campers will take part in up to three practices led by elite coaches. During these training sessions, athletes will practice basic lacrosse fundamentals as well as focus on improving their overall strategy and specific skills in the sport.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided daily. In the morning and evening, players will meet with their huddles, which are small groups decided at the beginning of the week. Within the huddles, they will go through their Bible studies and eat together. Evening activities include a worship band and guest speakers. 

Jacksonville Lacrosse Camps

The Jacksonville Lacrosse Camps are run at the Jacksonville University campus in Florida. The camp makes use of the university’s facilities including the stadium, dorm rooms shared with one other camper, and cafeteria. 

Jacksonville Lacrosse Camps run for three days and are available to both residential and commuter campers. Open to male students currently in grades 6-12, all participants must be members of USA Lacrosse. 

Each day, players will have three training sessions in which they will focus on their individual skills. Coaches will also help them develop position-specific skills to help lead them to play at the top levels of the sport. They are staffed by experienced coaches who all have a collegiate playing background. 

All three meals of the day are included, and there is free time each day for socializing. Players also gain access to the university pool during this time. Dorm rooms are supervised 24/7 by staff members ensuring campers are safe at all times.

Homegrown Lacrosse Summer Camp

The Homegrown Lacrosse Summer Camp has an amazing four-to-one camper-to-staff ratio. This ensures focused attention for each player during the sessions which include games and activities alongside more formal lacrosse practice and skill development. 

Homegrown Lacrosse

The camps are hosted over a four day stretch with day and overnight options serving boys and girls. Players are divided by grade level with 3-6, 6-8, and 9-10 options. High school students in grade 10 or higher are encouraged to enroll in the Leadership Development Program. By taking part in the program they will get matched with a younger camper and have the opportunity to mentor them throughout the week.

Hometown Lacrosse is held at the University of St. Paul in Minnesota, where it’s been running since 2004. All meals are eaten in the dining hall which provides a great array of options from an ice cream bar to stir fry night.

Pitt Lacrosse Camp

Pitt Lacrosse Camps are held in Pennsylvania at the University of Pittsburgh. There are day intensives lasting from just two to three hours up to the entire day. In addition to that, there are also two-day intensive camps. 

All of these camps are taught by Pittsburgh lacrosse coaching staff and other NCAA coaches. During these sessions, campers will practice through drills and games. They will also have specific instruction targets to help every part of their Lacrosse game. 

Accommodation is not included, but there are many nearby hotels available you can book. Some of the meals are included during the two-day sessions but for other meals students will need to bring their own food or eat at one of the many nearby restaurants.

Triple Threat Lacrosse Camp

Triple Threat Lacrosse Camp takes place over two and a half days from Wednesday to Friday. Open to girls going into grades 7, 8, or 9, players of all skills are welcome to attend. 

They maintain an 8-1 camper to coach ratio which ensures players are safe and that their individual needs are being met. The player groups are divided up by grade level. 

Triple Threat Lacrosse

Each session aims to challenge the players on and off the field and to push their limits, but it always maintains a high level of fun and comradery. Training will include games as well as specific skill instructions. 

Three meals are served each day and further snacks are available for purchase in the evenings from the camp store. Campers will get to stay in air-conditioned dorm rooms at the Episcopal High School in Alexandria, Virginia.

Trilogy Lacrosse

Trilogy Lacrosse’s New England Day Camp is open to students in grades 1 to 8. Elementary students will attend for a half day, while those in grades 3 to 8 can attend for the full day. Beginner and intermediate-level players are all welcome to join.

Players will have the chance to improve their basic fundamentals in Lacrosse. There is position-specific training as well as the opportunity to try out new positions. Group training and strategy are also offered along with scrimmages and games throughout the week. 

All of the playing is done on grass fields at Ellsworth Mcafee Park in Northborough, Massachusetts. Trilogy Lacrosse’s mission is for everyone to always be safe and have fun while being able to grow as a player. 

There is always a maximum of a 10 to 1 camper-to-coach ratio maintained. As parents, you just need to worry about packing food for your child and the coaches will do the rest.

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