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Best Tennis Summer Camps 2024

If you have a budding tennis player in the family, consider sending your child to a tennis summer camp. These sports camps operate all over the United States, and taking part can mean making a serious leap forward in terms of their ball game skills. 

Though match play is a big part, young athletes will also spend time honing specific skills and in some cases, participating in other activities. 

Whether your child needs more experience in mixed doubles matches or could use some serves, footwork, or strategy training, these tennis summer camps will ensure they come away playing to the very best of their ability.


Academy Camps

Academy Camps offers coed summer tennis camps for boys and girls in Connecticut. These are overseen by Symeon Siomopoulos, a veteran of the international and US tennis scene who boasts a long list of coaching credentials.

He was also a successful junior tennis player during his formative years. Currently an American College of Greece professor of Sports Psychology (he holds a Masters and PhD), Siomopoulos now devotes his summers to tennis coaching in America.

Academy Camps Tennis

Academy Camps tennis coaching stands out because it extends beyond mere match-play. Instead, there’s a dedication to developing youngsters’ skills via small group and individual sessions, as well as playing matches. Campers also participate in activities throughout their day that include additional sports, adventure, and social events. 

Book your child into Academy Camps for help on improving their skills in serves, footwork, strokes, returns, speed, breathwork, visualization, and strategy. Sessions last for one or two weeks for rising 5th to rising 10th graders.

Academy Camps tennis training takes place at The Hirschmann Tennis Complex in Suffield, Connecticut. Overnight accommodation is included for the duration. This facility offers ten hard courts, performance and wellness centers, and indoor swimming pool situated just two hours drive from New York City and Boston and 3 miles from Bradley International Airport. There are also camps on basketball, soccer, and lacrosse.

Heat Tennis Academy

The summer program at Heat Tennis Academy in Michigan promises to develop your young athlete’s tennis skill set. Based in Oakland County, the experience and expertise of the instructors are second to none, and attendees can also benefit from focused one-on-one coaching sessions. 

Heat’s summer tennis program centers on developing young players’ skills in a range of ways. It’s hard work but fun too, and aims for players to develop consistency while improving their overall level of fitness. Footwork is also a key component. 

Heat Tennis Academy

Heat Tennis Academy is also dedicated to turning out well-rounded individuals for whom tennis becomes their way of life. Whatever your child’s level of experience, the program will provide them with high-energy training which is designed to test their limits. Practicing both doubles and singles matches also helps to hone their teamwork and individual skills. 

Their tennis training sessions last between 2 and 2.5 hours and take place daily throughout the summer. Some are open to players of all levels, while others are targeted at tournament and high school players only. This targeted approach ensures every player gets the most from each training session they attend.

The Penn Tennis Camp

The Penn Tennis Camp is operated by the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Up to a thousand students attend this popular camp each summer. Sessions take place for 9 weeks during the summer months with day camps available as well. 

This Wilson Collegiate Tennis Camp has programs suitable for kids aged between 5 and 18. Whichever you choose, you can expect a well-organized experience that’s as fun as it is instructional. Players will learn alongside others of similar ability to ensure maximum benefit. 

All attendees get coaching in areas appropriate to their skill level. Beginners, for instance, will focus more on fundamentals such as their swing, while more experienced players will concentrate on the likes of points building and game strategy. 

Like all Wilson Collegiate Tennis Camps, the program features eduational learning about the rules and techniques of the game. For players with some experience, it can be about sharpening existing skills and preparing them for competitive tennis tournaments. Camps operate on a weekly basis, running between 9 am and 3 pm each day. 

On the Rise

On the Rise tennis academy is based in North County, San Diego. Camps run for one week, with daily sessions taking place between 9 am and 2 pm on weekdays. Sessions welcome athletes from all skill levels, and kids are always pitched against another player of similar ability. 

These On The Rise camps are quite affordable, and there is one coach for every 9 students. As well as playing matches appropriate for their skill level, students will engage with experienced instructors, fun games for variety, and take part in skills development sessions. 

On The Rise

The facility has 8 courts, so there’s plenty of space for everyone to play. Children don’t even need their own racket, as a top-quality one can be provided. They will just need to bring their own lunch, however, and of course, a large bottle of water. A lawn chair is also a useful accessory for rest breaks and observing others. 

The sunny San Diego climate supplies a lovely setting for your child’s coaching. Whatever their skill level at the start, they can expect to improve on this by the end of the week. It’s a fun and educational sporting experience for those kids who love to get active and have a passion for tennis.

Tennis and Life Camps

Taking place at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota, Tennis and Life Camps (TLC) cover it all. Meals and accommodation are supplied, as well as first-rate tennis tuition. Various parts of this private liberal arts college are used throughout for dining, training, and sleeping. 

Junior camps are open to kids aged between 11 and 18, no matter their level of ability. The experience includes other activities such as performing arts and swimming. All students get to take home a TLC shirt, their individual tennis report, a camp photograph, a certificate of attendance, and any applicable performance awards.

There is also a Tournament Players Camp for the most skilled individuals. To attend these, players must already either rank at the top of their school or take part in summer USTA tournaments. In addition, TLC operates camps for adults and families. You may also attend their retreat camps on an invite-only basis.

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