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Best Summer Camp Directories 2024

summer camp directories

Summer camp directories serve as a useful tool for both parents and summer camp owners/directors. They can help people find local summer camps in specific locations. Whether they’re grouped by city, state, or country, directories can help you find the top summer camps in the area.

They aren’t just useful to camp parents either, since summer camp directors or camp owners can list their camp on them to make it easier for people to find them. It’s an easy and essential way to market a summer camp. Here are the top summer camp directories to find a camp for kids or to list your camp if you’re the camp owner. 

Best Summer Camp Directories

1. Summer Camp Hub

That’s right, we’re a summer camp directory. If you’re looking for the best summer camps either by state or by type (STEM, robotics, video game design, etc.), we’ve got you covered. Apart from listings camps by state, we also have helpful summer camp resources like how to afford camps, benefits of camps, and how to choose one. If you’re a camp owner and want to get listed, send us an email. As a side note, we also offer advertising on our sidebar and certain top camp pages.

2. American Camp Association Find A Camp

The American Camp Associations has a list of camps that are ACA credited. They have a vast selection of camps and programs so you can find the right one for your child. It’s nonprofit, and it’s the largest summer camp association in the United States. They also have a wide variety of helpful summer camp resources for parents and camp owners alike. 

3. is one of the older camp directories that has been helping parents find camps for children since 1995. They have lists of all types of camps ranging from military, adventure, art, academic, and many more camp types. Parents can sign up on their website to view all and save their favorite camps.

4. is another summer camp directory that offers several resources for finding camps. Apart from summer camp directories, they also provide listings on camps that can be rented. Whether you’re a parent looking to rent an entire camp or wishing to start a camp business but can’t afford to buy land outright, you’ll find their directory useful.

5. Camp Resource

Camp resource is an online summer camp directory that covers day camps and traditional camps. They have a useful tool on their homepage to simplify the searching process and help you find camps based on what information you put in it. Camp owners can also easily add their camp to the directory. For those interested in working at camps, you can visit their Camp Jobs section for any available opportunities.  

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