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Top Spanish Immersion Summer Camps

One of the easiest ways for children to learn how to speak or improve their Spanish is through a language immersion camp. They can enjoy all of the thrills of traveling to Spanish-speaking countries while learning at a faster rate than attending traditional classes.

They can do all this while simultaneously experiencing the world through a cultural immersion program. Spanish language immersion camps are available around the world and typically occur during the summer when kids are on break from school or in the spring.

You can find programs in different parts of the world, like Mexico to countries in South America like Costa Rica and Ecuador, and Spain in Europe. 

Spanish immersion camps

Athena Spain

Athena Spain provides high school students in grades 9-12 a month of full immersion in the cultural traditions and excitement of locations across Andalusia. Athean Spain runs a homestay program for students of all Spanish skill levels and learning styles, open to those eager to learn and grow.

After going through a placement test on the first day of classes, kids will enjoy formal Spanish classes five days a week. This is only the beginning and the rest of their days are occupied with immersive activities and experiences to help with their language learning. They can enjoy cooking, surfing, flamenco dance lessons, community service, and kayaking. 

Athena Spain

Throughout the camp session, students will get to go on exciting day trips to explore towns all around Andalusia including Cadiz, Sevilla, Cordoba, and Gibraltar, among others. Between these experiences, they’ll get to enjoy the hospitality of a trained and well-vetted host family who will make the trip one worth repeating year after year.

Putney Student Travel

Putney Student Travel has been in the business of teaching languages for over seven decades through its immersion programs. They host middle and high school students in Ecuador, France, and Spain who want to experience true language immersion while discovering new and exciting places.

The student travel programs are a hands-on approach to French and Spanish. They encourage students to take risks and fight the fear of failure while learning their language of choice. A supportive, non-competitive environment full of instructors and fellow students all but guarantees success and a summer like no other.

Rather than being at a set location, kids who attend a Putney Student Travel immersion program have several options to choose from. A sample itinerary across Spain includes several days in the Northern Coast, Picos de Europa, Madrid, and Granada.

Students stay with local host families and classmates who help guide them along their Spanish speaking journey.

Arcos Journeys Abroad

Arcos Journeys Abroad gives children 14-18 the chance of a lifetime to explore Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico, or Spain while diving deep into Spanish lessons. 

Summer camps are available in two, three, or four-week sessions, and all options include room and board, excursions, cultural activities, and all required transfers to and from airports. Students just need to show up with a willingness to learn and try their best, and Arcos Journeys Abroad will help with the rest.

Students can feel right at home while away thanks to the network of host families utilized by Arcos Journeys Abroad. Upon arrival in the destination country of their choice, students are paired with one of these families and welcomed as an honored guest. 

From this stable beginning, teenagers are encouraged to explore and learn about the culture of the country and the traditions of their chosen destination.

Common Ground International

Common Ground International offers traditional Spanish language immersion camps for high school students that last from one to four weeks. Every session includes at least 20 hours of formal classroom learning per week, a host family stay, community service projects, cooking and dancing classes, and exciting excursions.

Students can gain a better understanding of the practical applications of the language while they explore either Costa Rica or Ecuador. Along the way, they’ll get to participate in volunteer opportunities to help local folks and reinforce the power that language possesses to understand those from other walks of life. There will also be fun excursions to see the beautiful landscapes of jungles and beaches. 

In addition to a traditional immersion experience for high schoolers, Common Ground International hosts other camps for children and adults. There is a family program so everyone can experience it together, a program for teachers, and even options designed for medical students who want to earn elective credit abroad.

CIEE High School Summer Abroad

The CIEE High School Summer Abroad program is great for high school students who are interested in achieving Spanish fluency while learning about Mexican culture. Through this trip, approved students explore the rich cultural traditions of modern-day Mexico and also of the ancient Mayan civilization that once occupied this area around Merida. 

All participants undergo a placement test to establish what level of program they will attend, ranging from the basics to discussions on social and academic topics for the most advanced.

The immersion starts and ends daily with the host family that students are placed with. Every day features ample opportunities to practice with native speakers at home, in the classroom, and throughout the community of Merida. During the weekends, students participate in day trips and excursions to some of the nearby attractions of cultural significance. 

Students receive over 60 hours of formal instruction from native-speaking teachers, four college credits, and a once-in-a-lifetime experience abroad that they’ll be talking about for years. 

LITA Summer Programs

LITA Summer Programs are open to students in grades 9-12 looking for an immersive Spanish learning experience in their choice of northern or southern Spain. Teens can choose from either three or five-week programs with similar itineraries and activities.

The locations throughout Spain include places such as Galicia, Castilla and Leon, and the Basque Region to the north, and El Mantarrana, Andalucia, and Sevilla to the south. Students will enjoy immersion through culinary experiences, discussions of local and regional politics, and religious and cultural heritage.

Every student can experience a custom program tailored to their needs and abilities. The environment is one of cooperation and encouragement, giving students room to grow while comfortably pushing themselves to new levels of fluency. 

The focus of LITA Summer Programs is first and foremost to teach Spanish in the most intuitive way possible, blending the significance of international travel with the everyday conversations had with people who call this country home.

San Juan Spanish School

San Juan Spanish School offers a cultural immersion experience in San Juan La Laguna, Guatemala, on the shores of the beautiful Lake Atitlan.

Every student participates in a minimum of 15 hours of private Spanish instruction every week from a native-level speaker. You attend these classes at a proper Spanish school and have the chance to converse with other students and share stories of travel and their lives at home.

All students receive a Spanish and travel starter kit, learning materials, travel assistance, and a certificate of completion once they are done for the week. Accommodations are provided by the San Juan Spanish School’s incredible network of host families who welcome all students with open arms. You get to enjoy three meals a day as well with them. 

There are three program levels available depending on the desired level of dedicated classroom time and whether or not a student wants to stay with a host family.


Maximo Nivel

Maximo Nivel has a Spanish immersion summer camp for high school kids ages 13-17 that is anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks long. The camp is hosted at two different educational institutes in Costa Rica in the cities of San Jose and Manuel Antonio. Maximo Nivel combines areas with rich cultural heritage and a campus atmosphere to make for a perfect learning environment.

Fun and exciting activities off-campus help students put their new Spanish skills to the test in real-world situations. Some of the activities they can expect to enjoy include beginner scuba diving, cooking, go-karts, a jungle zipline, and a visit to the Manuel Antonio National Park. 

Maximo Nivel also offers opportunities for adults and those who want to learn Spanish online with private instruction. 

Instituto Cultural Oaxaca

Instituto Cultural Oaxaca was established in 1984 as the first Spanish school in the city. Ever since then, they have been bringing Spanish learning to life through a combination of formal classroom learning, intensive immersion, and cultural workshops.

The Spanish immersion programs at Instituto Cultural Oaxaca are meant for students interested in a daily full-time schedule that provides over seven hours of study opportunities and language practice. This schedule is similar to one a student might experience in college with a major in Spanish for a fraction of the cost.

Camps can be attended strictly as a daytime class or students can make an entire trip out of it and include a stay with one of the many host families around Oaxaca, Mexico.

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