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Best SAT & ACT Prep Summer Camps 2024

Taking the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) can be a stressful thing for many high school students across the nation. Considering how vital SAT and ACT scores are to getting into college and qualifying for scholarships, its advantageous for students to be as prepared as possible.

SAT prep camps are intensive, structured environments where students get personalized instruction from professional tutors and teachers. They’re an excellent way for students to prepare for the upcoming test and keep their minds sharp over the summer break. 

Here’s a breakdown of the best SAT & ACT prep summer camps to prepare your children for the next step in their lives. 

sat prep camps

1. Kent Prep

The Kent Prep SAT prep camp offers rigorous training by experienced test specialists and subject-specific instructors. Students spend four weeks on the beautiful Manhattanville College campus, located just 30 minutes outside Manhattan. The residential program provides boarding facilities, so students get the opportunity to bond and build friendships with their peers. 

Students study for at least seven hours a day and take up to ten mock exams. Teachers support students individually and in small groups. They’re given access to college facilities and academic consulting services during their stay. To keep things interesting, kids also enjoy weekend activities and excursions. 

The program is available for those entering grades eight through eleven and runs from July 10th through August 4th. Non-residential day camps are also available for participants who don’t wish to stay on campus. Students also get the chance to talk with admission counselors for tips on getting into their dream college.

2. Excel High School Online SAT Prep Course

The Excel High School Online SAT Prep Course is one of the easiest ways for students to improve their SAT scores. They cover all about the SAT, from how it’s structured to specific skills that each student can work on to improve their scores.

Students take pre-assessments that guide them on the areas they need to study throughout the course and teach them how to prepare for the SAT math, reading, writing, and all other portions.

Excel High School also provides assignments and quizzes to do throughout the class so that students can retain the knowledge they learn.

In addition, Excel High School provides homework help and academic tutoring. However, they also offer their own online high school diploma if you think your children can benefit better from online school.

3. SAT Summer Institutes

The SAT Summer Institute at the University of South Carolina offers live-online and in-person classes for students who want to better prepare for the SAT exam. The program covers test-taking strategies and quantitative, reading, and writing subjects. Campers receive virtual resources, individualized support, and a personalized study plan to ensure success. 

The intensive online program makes this SAT prep program available to everyone regardless of location or schedule concerns. Students can take SAT practice tests and use feedback from testing specialists to improve their scores. Expert educators give direct instruction and also host office hours for one-on-one advising. High schoolers use online support resources, a course workbook, and their study plan to practice their skills in preparation for testing day. 

The University of SC offers a variety of camp lengths and dates, so you can find a time that works for your family’s summer schedule. Choose from four, eight, or twenty sessions and register online or by mail. Find more South Carolina camps here.

4. Kaplan

Looking for a comprehensive online test prep provider? Kaplan offers live and on-demand classes for students preparing to take the SAT test and others like the ACT, LSAT, and AP. Over ten years of experience have made Kaplan a trusted name in the online learning industry, and their expert instructors help raise their scores.

Students who use the on-demand course have access to over 50 instructional videos on testing strategies like time management skills and content review. The 30-minute videos are approachable and realistic for kids with a busy summer schedule. Completing just one or two videos along with the follow-up quizzes can help youth get great scores on the exams. 

Live online classes are led by expert teachers who give group and individual instruction. The virtual course includes 18 hours of live instruction and an additional 15 hours of video content. Campers also receive four SAT prep books to reference throughout the classes.

5. IES Test Prep

High school students come to IES Test Prep summer camp to improve their scores and enjoy the beautiful campus in Metuchen, New Jersey. The campus is surrounded by a duck pond and Victorian buildings, giving students a serene setting to enjoy while they study. 

At IES Test Prep, classes run from Tuesday through Friday for three, six, nine, or twelve-week sessions. The more extensive Bridge program is also available for ambitious students who wish to study for more than twelve weeks. Subject-matter experts use IES’s test prep strategies to help study reading, writing, and math skills. 

The core components of this camp are practice tests, private tutoring, and workshops. Private tutoring allows each student to receive direct feedback from tutors and identify their strengths and weaknesses. IES also offers virtual summer camps for those who can’t make it to the campus. Programs begin in June, and parents can sign their kids up by registering them online. 

6. KD College Prep

Students in seventh through twelfth grade can choose from various programs at KD College Prep. In-person classes are held at the Dallas-Fort Worth campus, and virtual and on-demand SAT prep courses are also available for youth who want to study online. The On-Demand Core program gives kids six months of access to videos with 120 hours of practice activities. 

The Complete Program is aimed at students in grades 9th through 12th. They participate in weekly workshops, take SAT practice tests, and review their work with qualified educators. The program covers all the skills future undergrads need to master in order to get high scores on the SAT and ACT. 

Seventh and eighth graders can get a head start on test preparation by enrolling in the Advanced Start program. The summer program introduces test concepts and strategies to students and provides support for campers who want to challenge themselves with advanced concepts. 

Students who need a more individualized approach can sign up for one-on-one  tutoring. Private tutors are available to those in grades 7th through 12th in-person and online. This is great for participants who have a specific skill they want to hone in on before the big day. 

7. Georgetown University

Parents can enroll their children in an immersive college experience this summer at Georgetown University. The five-week program gives students access to undergraduate classes, campus facilities, and seminars. 

This summer camp not only prepares students to do well on the SAT and ACT but also allows them to experience living on a college campus and attending real college courses. It’s a mixture of a college admissions prep camp and test prep camp. Testing seminars cover diagnostic testing, academic language skills, and college admission guidance to improve their college applications. 

At camp, each student is looked after by a Georgetown mentor. Participants have access to the university writing center and the admissions workshop to teach them about the college admissions process. The program runs from July through August and is only offered in person. This is a great opportunity for incoming juniors and seniors ready to take their college plans seriously. 

8. Zinc

Zinc offers a two-week SAT & ACT summer boot camp that prepares high school students to ace these standardized tests. On top of content knowledge and practice tests, campers learn about proven test-taking strategies and skills that help reduce test anxiety. 

Zinc takes a unique approach to exam preparation, using gamification to keep kids engaged in the learning process. Zinc has helped hundreds of students get the scores they want by making the preparation process fun and less stressful compared to more rigorous programs. 

Their summer programs run from July to August in New York City, with in-person and online courses available. Zinc also offers programs throughout the school year so that kids can get an additional advantage. It’s fast-paced, lasting only a couple of days but engaging.  

9. Socratics Summer Academy

SSA has been helping students get desirable ACT & SAT scores since 2010. Its mission is to help children succeed academically and socially in an environment that inspires personal growth and a close community through its SAT prep courses. SSA combines its test prep camp with its leadership camp for marginalized students from urban areas. 

Alongside essential test-taking skills, children learn about critical thinking skills, entrepreneurship, and social justice issues. Participants also experience typical summer camp activities like bonfires, ice cream sundae parties, and outdoor games to make new friends. So, kids can expand their education while also having a fun-filled summer. 

Summer camp runs from June 25th through July 16th at Colgate University. They also offer tutoring in specific subjects for kids who want to improve their skills in things like math, science, reading, or writing.