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5 Best San Antonio Summer Camps 2022

When summer comes around, you want kids to use their time productively and not completely spend it on movies or video games. Enrolling them in a summer camp is an opportunity for children to learn and have fun at the same time. At these programs, they can improve physically and mentally through fun camp activities. 

However, it’s not always easy to find summer camps suitable for your child, especially if you don't know where to look. Luckily, here we cover the top summer camps in San Antonio for your benefit. San Antonio’s warm weather and outdoor delights make it an excellent place for camp locations. 

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Top 5 San Antonio Summer Camps

Morgan's Wonderland Camp

Morgan's Wonderland Camp offers a welcoming environment for everyone. The campground is designed to be accessible to everyone, including children with special needs. This camp is on the outskirts of San Antonio and sits on over 102 acres of the campground. Morgan's Wonderland Camp offers plenty of attractions for your child. 

Some of the attractions include The Stockyard, a modified barn where kids can see animals and learn more about different species. There is also Maggie’s Studio, an area where campers can indulge in any art or craft of their choice like painting and get their creativity flowing. There is also Bike Flatts, a collection of bike trails that allow campers to try on different bikes, from trikes, bicycles to handcycles and tandem bikes.

The camp offers select Family Weekend Camps to the public, but families must register in advance, and the spots fill up fast. If you want your young camper to spend the summer at Morgan's Wonderland, it's better to inquire in advance to ask about availability.

City of San Antonio Summer Youth Program

The City of Antonio organizes an annual youth summer camps that operate out of select school sites and community centers. At their programs, students participate in outdoor activities that promote teamwork and help them find new interests. 

Campers at school sites must be between 6-12 years old. However, community center camps can have older participants up to 14 years old. Being a government-sponsored program, the San Antonio Summer Youth Program is a budget-friendly option for parents.

It offers campers opportunities to participate in math, sports, crafts, and science learning, and art projects. See our guides on clay for sculpting and polymer clay.

Code Ninjas Alamo Ranch

Code Ninjas San Antonio (Alamo Ranch) is a fast-growing coding camp targeted at children ages 5-14. Code Ninjas helps children improve their coding, STEM, and problem-solving skills by taking an interactive approach to coding instruction.

The Code Ninjas summer camp has two age-based programs — Code Ninjas Create and Code Ninjas Jr. Code Ninjas Create is for kids 7-14 and teaches them coding, robotics, and game development. Program activities are held between Tuesday and Friday and last for five hours 2 pm - 7 pm as well as Saturday 9 am to 3 pm.

Code Ninjas Jr. is an introductory program for kids just starting to code and combines visual aids and storytelling to explain concepts to campers. Participants are usually between 5 and 7 years old and receive basic coding and game development lessons, preparing them for further learning.

YMCA of Greater San Antonio Camps

YMCA of Greater San Antonio organizes several summer day camps at different locations in the San Antonio area. These camps all share the same quality: an inclusive environment where youngsters can learn, grow, and have fun.

The summer programs the YMCA offers are outdoor camps and indoor camps. Both are similar, but the outdoor ones involve more rigorous activity compared to the indoor options.

At YMCA camps, adolescents can take part in field trips and enjoy the environment around them or play sports with fellow campers and build a healthy lifestyle. With hands on activities that provide creative play in their daily schedule, campers gain a lot from their camp sessions.

Camp Showbiz at Magik Theatre

Magik Theatre is a long-running theatre education outfit located in the South Alamo region of San Antonio, Texas. It holds year-round creative training programs aimed at developing the imagination and creative skills of young children.

Camp Showbiz is Magik Theatre's summer camp program designed for kids interested in acting and music. Led by experienced teachers, Camp Showbiz provides training in critical areas, such as vocals and acting. The day camps run between 9 AM and 3 PM. Your child's daily activity list depends on what program they enroll for.

They have two primary programs — Musical Theatre Marathon: Best of Broadway and Musical Theatre: Triple Threat. Best of Broadway is for kids ages 7-10 years old and introduces them to the basics of auditioning, singing, and acting. This is ideal if your child wants to explore their creativity. 

Triple Threat trains kids ages 11-13 years old in acting, singing, dancing and prepares them for a career in Broadway. If your child has a strong interest in becoming a Broadway performer one day, enrolling in the Triple Threat program will benefit them greatly.

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