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Best Summer Camps in Houston, Texas 2022

Summer camp provides a unique opportunity for kids to have fun and develop skills during the holidays. Houston, Texas, in particular has a wide variety of summer programs that can be quite beneficial and provide them with lifelong memories. With overnight camps, day camps, and more, you can find the one that suits your child the best. 

Here are some of the best camps in Houston that can keep your kids entertained throughout the summer. No matter your child's age or interests, there's a camp for everyone in Space City. 

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Top 5 Houston Summer Camps 2022

YMCA Houston Summer Camps 

Every year, the Houston YMCA organizes some of the top Houston summer camps. With multiple locations available throughout the Houston region, finding one near is easy.  

YMCA encourage kids to adopt an active lifestyle and provides several sporting and outdoor activities they can enjoy during their stay. Other fun activities for campers include STEM learning, performing arts, engineering, and nature exploration. This unique collection of activities means your child can learn, build friendships, and have fun while at it. 

Some of the popular in person camps are their Discovery Camp, Adventure Camp, and Wonder Camp. At their week long camps, students learn technical and competitive skills as well as leadership skills. They also host events for the entire family throughout the year. 

Camp For All 

Camp For All is a special-needs camp in the Burton area of Houston. Boasting decades of experience catering to special-needs children, Camp For All delivers on its promise of an inclusive camp experience for every child. 

The 206-acre campsite in Washington Country suits kids belonging to special needs groups. Buildings, camp areas, and activity spots are barrier-free and accessible, making it perfect for your special-needs child.

Believing in each camper's ability, Camp For All offers the same traditional camp activities that the typical camp provides. The difference is that Camp For All makes them accessible for everyone.

From wheelchair sports to accessible play structures, Camp For All is a place where campers can have fun without feeling odd. And with trained counselors always supervising campers, your child’s safety is well prioritized.

Language Kids World 

Language Kids World offers the perfect summer camp for kids looking to learn a foreign language. Language Kids World is a specialty camp that nurtures foreign language skills in youngsters and was established over two decades ago. With trained language educators overseeing interactive, beginner-friendly classes, it helps kids develop fluency. 

Classes are available in Mandarin, French, Spanish, German, and American Sign Language. You can choose virtual courses if you prefer your kids to learn from home. The company offers three primary programs for different age groups.

The Linguist Apprentices camp is for children learning a foreign language for the first time and encourages learning through play-based activities, practical exercises, and interactive learning. Campers ages 6-9 can participate in the Language Ambassadors program, which promotes advanced learning through project-based activities. The Language Leaders program is for kids ages 9 to 11 and polishes participants' language skills using practical assignments that measure proficiency and fluency. 

Beyond learning languages, campers engage in craft-making, interactive games, and group recreational activities. Campers can even script, direct or act in a movie of their own! 

Camp Zoofari 

Your kids can connect with nature and wildlife at Camp Zoofari, a fun-filled camp organized by the Houston Zoo. With daily hands on activities and themes to explore, every day at Camp Zoofari is an amazing adventure. 

It’s ideal for kids ages 4 to 14 and provides a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience wildlife up close. Campers study animal behavior and wildlife-saving practices and protection while interacting with peers and cultivating lasting relationships. 

The average day at Camp Zoofari sees campers tour the Houston Zoo and participate in group activities developed around daily themes. Campers can even feed animals and take part in exclusive behind-the-scenes opportunities.

Main Street Theater Summer Camp

If your children dream of a career in theatre, enrolling them in Main Street Theater might be the best choice. The camp has tailored learning programs for children ages 4 to 18 and helps develop their theatre, performance, and stagecraft skills. 

Members benefit from expert-led lessons and hands-on learning that prepares them for a future in the performing arts. Whether your child is an adolescent eager to learn or an experienced teenager — the camps offer an unrivaled learning experience for everyone.

Popular options include Rice Village, Museum District, Match Camps, and Summer Shakespeare. Pod camps are offered for those who want a personalized learning experience.

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