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9 Best Summer Camps In Virginia 2024

Allowing your kids to spend time away at a summer camp in Virginia can make for one of the best memories of their lives. They’ll get to camp in large tents or cabins, tell stories around a campfire, and experience an endless amount of fun activities.

At the same time, finding a summer program in Virginia isn’t always so simple. Not because there are so few quality options to pick and choose from but because there are so many! With many magnificent landscapes like the Blue Ridge Mountains and places to explore, Virginia is filled with a wonderful outdoors that many camps make the most out of.

Below we highlight some of the top summer camps that can give your children a summer filled with adventure, friendship, and excitement that they won’t ever forget.

Best Virginia Summer Camps

1. Steve and Kate’s Camp

Steve and Kate’s offers two summer camps in Virginia at their Arlington and Alexandria locations. From 8 am to 6 pm, your kids can participate in camp activities ranging from coding to sports. 

With this unique day camp, you buy day passes and send your children to them as you wish. They’re provided with lunch and snacks to keep their energy levels up throughout the day as they have fun and make new friends. 

Their trained staff carefully watches over your children and ensures they spend a joyful time at camp. Whether it’s going down the water slide, watching performances and dancing, or creating an obstacle course, no two days are the same at Steve and Kate’s. 

All children ages 4-12 can come to experience amazing days here during the summer or even the winter and spring breaks.

Steve and Kates Camp

2. Richmond Debate Institute

If you want your children to learn public speaking and debate skills, send them to Richmond Debate Institute. They have summer programs for commuters and overnight campers in middle school and high school. 

Lasting 5 to 7 days, your children will be able to build a foundation for debate by practicing how to research, give speeches, and formulate arguments. The camps end with a final debate tournament that provides a real experience of how these competitions are done. 

The students will attend the VCU School of Business, where snacks and lunch are included as part of the program. The Richmond Debate Institute is the largest speech and debate organization in Virginia and has been providing students with high-quality instruction for many years now. 

3. Wilderness Adventure Camp

Wilderness Adventure Camp hosts adventures for boys and girls in the Blue Ridge Mountains. They look to build upon a strong reputation every year. 

Campers have a chance to participate in all kinds of adventures here. These experiences range from rock climbing to hiking, canoeing, and kayaking. There is also mountain biking, cooking while camping, and much more. All of the activities are designed to challenge children, push them through perceived obstacles, and help them build up their confidence. 

Each summer camp adventure is limited to 12 campers and two camp counselors. Other more extreme trips bring another counselor on board to ensure that the camper-to-counselor ratio never goes above 4:1.

4. Camp Carysbrook

Camp Carysbrook

Camp Carysbrook for Girls has been around for almost 100 years, earning a reputation as the only camp in Virginia that offers camper choice in daily activity programming. It’s a critical component of developing empowered young women.

There are camp sessions for teenagers as old as 16 and as young as 6. The one or seven-week camp sessions give campers plenty of opportunities to build the kinds of memories they’ll cherish for the rest of their lives. They can make new friendships and go on plenty of adventures that can help them grow their self-confidence. 

Situated in the stunning New River Valley of southwest Virginia, the summer camp’s philosophy has always been about creating a social and physical environment for young ladies. The camp aims to foster growth emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

5. Camp Friendship

The motto for Camp Friendship has always been “turning moments into memories”. Camp Friendship up as one of the most idyllic summer camps in Virginia, with more than 30 different activities available for children ages 7-16 to pick and choose from. 

This gives kids all the opportunity in the world to decide on their daily itinerary and be in full control of their experience. They are free to explore, discover, and grow with the guiding hand of supportive camp counselors. Participants can choose from a wide selection of things to do like mountain boarding, archery, wilderness survival, paddleboarding, canoeing, music performance, and more. 

There are one to two-week camp sessions, with specialty programs like an Equestrian camp available. There are also family camps that last a week or a weekend in late summer.

6. Williamsburg Christian Retreat Center

Williamsburg Retreat Center

The Williamsburg Christian Retreat Center hosts yearly summer programs for children and families. At camp, kids grow their spirituality as they learn about the Bible and the Gospel. 

They have a large selection of summer camps, including day, residential, and leadership training. They’re open to all children ages 6-18, and their family camp lets parents enjoy the same fun activities with their children.

Whether your young one is looking to do some climbing, kayaking, zip-lining, swimming, or creative pursuits like painting, it has all they need. Their Ministry Leadership Training can train your teen to become a camp counselor one day.

The campus and facilities feature pleasant places to stay with their cabins, each having its own private bathroom and shower. There are also swimming pools, playgrounds, sports fields, and hiking trails all for your camper’s enjoyment.

7. Traveling Players

Traveling Players is a prestigious summer theatre camp that helps younger actors and performers bring out their best acting skills. 

These performing art programs last 2 or 3 weeks and serve students in 4th to 12th grade. There is also a 1-week program for younger kids in 2nd to 4th grade. At Traveling Players, campers rehearse and participate in productions based on Greek Mythology, Shakespeare Ensemble, and more! 

You do need to audition for a part, and each program is limited to 13 performers so that each participant can get the best possible training from their expert staff. Your child can practice their acting and comedy improv skills under the mentorship of professional directors. 

Young performers get to stay in comfortable accommodations in Leesburg, VA, at their Freedom Center. There are over 100 acres with facilities that include a basketball and volleyball court, firepits, and hiking trails for campers.

Reading screen at a theater summer camp. Photo Courtesy from Traveling Players.

8. Camp Hanover

Camp Hanover is a local favorite sleepaway camp in Virginia. It’s one of the more traditional Christian programs, offering day and overnight camps since it was first created back in 1957. 

One of the unique things about this particular camp is how the program’s design focuses on small-group, community living, and cooperation. When you arrive at camp, you work with the other campers in your group to create your camp experience for the week. Campers learn what each member of the group is interested in doing.

Starting from a blank slate, you design your group’s schedule of daily activities, with the Mudslide being a favorite camp activity for everyone.

9. Camp Horizons

Exploring and outdoor activities are the names of the game at Camp Horizons located in Harrisonburg, Virginia, deep in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Accredited by the American Camp Association, this co-ed overnight summer camp is recognized as one of the best overnight summer camps in Virginia and competes with the others along the East Coast. 

Affordable, accessible, and open to campers from around the world, there are plenty of opportunities for attendees to experience an unforgettable summer. Boys and girls get to enjoy all types of fun activities at Camp Horizons.

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