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Best Film Summer Camps For Students 2024

Lights, camera, action! If your young teenager has Hollywood goals one day, sending them to one of these film summer camps is a great way to help them meet those aspirations. These awesome filmmaking camps teach children all the aspects of film production, from screenwriting, directing, editing, and cinematography.

You’ll find a good mix of introductory courses for younger kids and more intensive programs for teens that can be used for college credits or to jumpstart their career as an indie filmmaker. In this list, we included in-person camps as well as online filmmaking programs to find the one that best suits your specific needs. Here are the top film summer camps for kids and teenagers of varying ages. 

Best Film Summer Camps

Film Summer Programs at Interlochen Arts Camp

Interlochen Film Camp

Create a movie from start to finish at Interlochen Arts Camp this summer. Youth can bring their imagination to life as they experience every step in the process of cinematic storytelling, from writing screenplays to location production and editing to showcasing their final project during the end of summer screening. As a filmmaking student, kids and teens can participate in workshops like:

  • Production
  • Post-Production/Editing
  • Screenwriting
  • Tech Skills
  • Film History

and much more. Students leave camp with self-confidence, new skills, and lifelong friendships. Let your kid’s imagination run wild at Interlochen Arts Camp.


School of Creative and Performing Arts (SOCAPA) offers one of the most intensive filmmaking summer camps for teens ages 13 to 18 years old.  

They have a total of six programs. Beginners start with the three-week Core Filmmaking Program, which can be used to earn three college credits.

At this film summer program, they’re taught the basics of writing, directing, and editing, similar to what they’d get in a college introductory course. They also take turns working as a production assistant, sound technician, and director of photography before submitting a final film project.

SOCAPA has specific summer workshops for screenwriting, acting, and action films. After getting experience behind the camera, they can also take the Advanced Filmmaking course, which hones their skills in cinematography, digital editing, and sound.

This summer institute offers programs in Los AngelesNew York City and Vermont, as well as online classes.

Loyola Marymount University

If your teen is interested in becoming a content creator, you can sign them up for the “Social Impact Filmmaking Course” offered by one of the most prestigious film schools in the country — Loyola University. 

This filmmaking course is focused on making films that can change the world and make a real difference in the community. The course is online, so anyone from the country can sign up!

In the first week, they learn to structure, write, edit, and cast. In the next two weeks, they produce their short film, using any camera and locations in their own home. High school students are guided by the course mentors while being encouraged to use their own style and experiment.

The camp is for high school students that have completed their junior year by the start of the summer.

Camp Flix

Camp Flix is one of the most popular film camps in Atlanta that has been running for 10 years. 

It’s open to kids ages 11 to 17 and does not require them to have any prior filmmaking experience. For kids who are curious about making movies, they will learn everything they need to get started.

Campers learn the creative filmmaking process, editing techniques, and even acting tips. And it’s not just a lecture since the middle and high school students pitch an idea and then form into mini film crews to produce it. They’re guided by experienced instructions that are all film industry professionals.

The culminating activity is a Hollywood-style premiere where participants walk the red carpet and see their final work on the screen. Also, read about more Atlanta summer camps.


Facets is a non-profit organization that encourages people to see films not just as entertainment but as empowerment. Facets believe films can bridge cultural gaps, teach digital literacy, and spark meaningful conversations.

They hold filmmaking camps for children, including face-to-face camps, online camps, and hybrid camps.

Kids ages 8 to 13 can join the Film 101 camp, which teaches fundamental concepts and the history of film. There is also Zoom Filmmaking which covers story development all the way to editing. They also offer several other programs that cover digital animation and further help with improving editing skills.

Kids ages 14 to 17 can take advanced courses in photography, filmmaking, and advanced editing using Adobe Premiere.

New York Film Academy Summer Camps

The New York Film Academy offers immersive film camps for teenagers passionate about filmmaking and those who want to join the film industry or become online content creators.  

The most comprehensive course offered by the film school lasts for 12 weeks and gives participants a deep dive into the filmmaking experience. Aside from classroom lectures with industry professionals, they also spend time on set and in the editing room.  

In the Director’s Craft sessions, students learn the art and science of visual storytelling. They learn where to position the cameras, make decisions about movement, the look of the set, edit patterns, and acting instructions.

They’re also taught how to write a script, manage the lighting, and how to use the camera like an experienced pro. Teens also learn what happens beyond the camera and how editing styles can complete the story. 

Apart from these programs, the New York Film Academy also offers shorter courses that last for just a month or even over a series of weekends. They also hold special 2-day camps that focus on a particular topic. Campers can choose everything from theater summer camps to those focusing on 3D animation, screenwriting, photography and more. 

The renowned program has film camps in New York, Los Angeles, Florida, and the Harvard University campus. They also have online filmmaking workshops. To retain the hands-on approach, students are still required to produce their own short movie while being mentored by their instructor.


Calling all future filmmakers! Is your child passionate about movies and cinema? KidzToPros has exciting options that let your little one stretch their directorial wings!

KidzToPros offers exciting, tech-forward courses for kids from ages 4 to 14 to exercise their imagination and creativity. The art summer camps include courses like Film Studio and Minecraft Theatre.

In Film Studio, your child will learn the basics of coming up with a good story and how to tell it. Kids can construct their perfect scene and shoot it to create a short video that they can show off to others.

In the Minecraft Theatre option, they won’t be short of ideas with all the things they can do. Students can work on their voice acting, scripting, and design skills as they create a full-on production while using props.

Ivy Camps USA

Ivy Camps USA Arts, Media, and Communication camp teach kids photography and film school basics. True to its name, each class is led by a qualified teacher from elite Ivy League universities like Princeton, Yale, and others.

The photography and film program teaches kids the perfect techniques and setup to get an awesome photo during the first week. The second week helps students learn everything about TV and movie production. In the end, they create a film project that promotes their hometown.

The program lasts for two whole weeks, and students meet their instructor once a day for 90 minutes. Parents can choose from different class times to find the one most convenient for them. They also have two other program options that focus on public speaking, acting and Youtube content creation.