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The Best Summer Camps in Los Angeles 2024

Los Angeles is a world-famous city and one of the most populated cities in California and the United States. With it’s amazing weather, tasty dining options and cultural diversity, there is so much to do in the city for kids. LA is also known for its entertainment, and those same entertainment opportunities apply to kids with the abundance of summer camps.

There are plenty of day and overnight camps, and other kind of specialty camps that are close or within the city. The city also has plenty of areas for kids to go on outdoor adventures under the supervision of experience counselors. 

If you’re still on the lookout and with the summer quickly approaching, these Los Angeles summer camps are some of our top handpicked selections.  

Best Summer Camps In Los Angeles

1. Pali Adventures

Pali Adventures

Pali Adventures is designed to create a community among its attendees, teaching them both skills and perseverance across a wide range of activities. The campus is located in the beautiful San Bernardino mountains, directly south of the city. More specifically, it’s in Running Springs, which is just over 80 miles by car from LA.

Children between the ages of 8 and 16 can attend, though slightly younger kids who are camp ready may be accommodated. They have a range of outdoor and indoor activities, combining sports, health, and endurance on the one end with finer arts like acrylic painting and individual skills on the other.

Some outdoor and competitive programs include high rope courses, zip lines, ATVs, trapeze, paintball, and other organized team and individual class camp activities. A plethora of choices awaits for the creative-minded – from arts, cooking, film making, broadcasting, music to fashion design.

Pali Adventures summer camp programs are great for team building. Cabin life is designed for bonding, and Camp Pali actively encourages it while keeping close watch with a counselor assigned to every 3-4 attendee. Overall, it’s a 360-degree immersion for the kids who attend. It’s one of the few sleepaway camps here. 

2. Steve and Kate’s Camp

Steve and Kates Camp

Steve and Kate’s Camp offers a wide variety of day camps in the LA county area. With options in Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica, Pasadena, Valley Village, and Torrance, you can find the one closest to you. The day camps serve kids ages 4-12 from 8 am to 6 pm.

Kids can expect exciting things to do like pie throwing, baking, sports, performing arts, animation, coding, movie making, arts and crafts, plus much more. Each week typically ends with their traditional pie-throwing activity and includes other unique offerings like bounce houses and water slides. Campers can choose what they want to do or even try new things to learn new skills.

Lunch and sacks come included, with lunch being constantly rotated to offer different options, including for those with dietary restrictions. You can choose which days to send your kids to camp without even letting them know or send them the entire summer with a pass. The staff and counselors go through a background check as well as receive training to ensure your child is always in safe hands. 

They also offer plenty of other options all around Southern California. 

3. Got Game Sports

Got Game Sports

Get Game Sports was a concept that was transplanted from a beginning in Philadelphia in 2004. Coach K (Korey Kalman) decided to develop the idea of combining childcare, teaching, and physical activities.

The sports camps facilities are located in and around the greater Los Angeles area. Camp locations include Hancock Park, West LA, Mid-Wilshire, and San Fernando Valley. Many of the camps are located at elementary schools such as Hancock Park Elementary, Third Street Elementary, Gardner, and Melrose.

At their sports summer camps, campers separate into different age groups from 4-6, 7-9, 10-12, and 13+. There are both day and virtual camps and in regular times, field trips are offered. 

Get Game Sports offers a wide range of activities in their daily schedules, including traditional sports, water play, original games, and special activities such as on-site surprises and collaborative projects which span arts/sciences and other areas.

Got Game Camp prides itself on the energy and vitality it brings to its camps. Highly trained and passionate counselors provide enough support at their weeklong sessions.

4. Summer in Studio – Hussian College

Students interested in everything from acting, dance, musical theater, film and other creative pursuits will enjoy a productive and fun summer at the Summer in The Studio by Hussian College. You’ll find their camp on the Hussian College campus in the Los Angeles Center Studios in downtown LA.

There are two camps for different age groups, from 8-12 and 13-18 with each camp lasting anywhere from one to three weeks. Your young artist can learn from skilled instructors and college staff with courses on the performing arts and all the activities mentioned above. 

Each program ends with a performance and film, where students put the skills they learned to use and gain some valuable creative experience. The Hussian College summer program is a great way to introduce children to the arts and help teens refine their techniques while meeting peers that share similar goals and interests.

5. The Industry Dance Academy Summer Camp

The Industry Dance Academy is one of cities top institutions for anyone interested in learning how to dance. Your child can learn from the amazing faculty at IDA by enrolling in the academy’s summer program for kids. 

Children Camps are open to students between the ages of 4-6 and 7-10, while more intensive classes are open to adolescents in their tweens and teens. These programs have different durations and payment requirements, so be sure to choose what’s right for your child and budget. 

There are also themed programs like the Frozen Fun Summer Camp, which introduces campers to musicals by dancing to tunes from the Frozen movie. They learn the fundamentals of ballet, jazz, and musical theatre while having an absolute blast!

Other programs include the Broadway Bound Camp for broadway lovers, Pink Ballet, and Dance and Cheer Camp. Campers can show off their skills to friends and family in a themed performance at the end of camp. 

6. Los Angeles Boys and Girls Club Summer Camp

The Los Angeles Boys and Girls Club summer camp is an opportunity for kids to spend the summer making new friends and having loads of fun. Campers also dedicate time to improve cognitive skills through math, STEM, and literacy classes.

The LAGBC summer camp program runs between June and August, and you can sign up for a four-day experience to try things out. If your kids love the camp, you can enroll them for the entire season. 

Children get the chance to explore the outdoors, as camp offers periodic nature trips for them. That includes hikes in nearby trails, park visits, and nature walks all around the area.

While food is provided at LAGBC Camp, you may want to pack an additional meal for them. The camp organizers advise that campers keep mobile phones at home. This is so campers can really immerse themselves in camp activities and connect with their peers during their stay. 

Read the following guide to find more summer camps in Orange County.

7. Los Angeles Zoo Camp

With over a million visitors per year, the Los Angeles Zoo is one of the hottest attractions in the City of Angels. The zoo houses a mammoth collection of wildlife, including 2,000+ mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and over 278 other species. 

While you could visit with your kids, it’s an excellent idea to let them experience the zoo on their own. You can register them for the annual LA Zoo summer camp, which runs for eight weeks between June and August. 

The LA Zoo camp provides the perfect escape for your camper to get lost in the dazzling beauty of nature and wildlife. They interact with animals in a safe environment, learn about animal care, and make lifelong friends. 

8. Catalina Sea Camp

Catalina Sea Camp

Catalina Sea Camp is a unique summer camp that combines marine science education with fun adventures. The overnight summer camps take place on Catalina Island in Toyon Bay and Fox Landing. Kids are transported there on a huge boat supplied by the camp from Long Beach, only 45 minutes from the city. Kids ages 8-17 can sign up for one-week or three-week programs.

They offer campers many exciting activities like wall climbing, kayaking, arts and crafts, night snorkeling, surfing, ropes courses, giant swings, underwater photography, scuba diving, and much more. Kids have the ability to choose what activities they want to do during their time here. Youth can also expect fun camp events like beach parties and carnivals.

Through the experience, children can gain self-confidence and become more independent while under the mentorship of experienced counselors and camp staff. Catalina Sea Camp is the perfect place to make new friends and create long-lasting memories. There is a sibling discount if you have more than one child as well as a multi-session reward if you’ve previously signed someone up.

9. Camp Bob Waldorf

Camp Bob Waldorf is organized by the Jewish Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Los Angeles. The summer-long program targets children in low-income communities and seeks to provide a safe and inclusive environment for kids to have fun and interact. 

This camp has an amazing number of activities that appeal to everyone. Everything from archery and arts + crafts to water sports and film/media is available here. There are optional electives that campers can choose to spice up their daily schedules. This includes water polo, skiing, and many more. 

A regular day at Camp Bob Waldorf starts with assembly and announcements, followed by a quick breakfast and subsequent cabin rotations until noon. The rest of the evening goes to elective activities until the night where campers retire to cabins under the watchful supervision of instructors. 

This camp is open to kids entering grades 4 through 12, with activities and schedules arranged by age groups. Financial assistance is available for families, making it easier for parents of all economic levels.

If your kid enjoys being out on the water, then Catalina Island which is only an hour boat ride away from here, might be another good place to look for camps during the summer.

10. SOCAPA Los Angeles Camp

The School of Creative and Performing Arts (SOCAPA) is located at the campus of Occidental College. The school is minutes away from Hollywood, so campers are closer to the action than you can imagine!

They have a hotbed of creativity, with photography, filmmaking, acting, dance, and music classes. With the camp’s proximity to some of Hollywood’s top filming locations, it’s common for filmmakers and on-screen talents to visit and talk to SOCAPA campers. 

Weekends are spent touring many of the cozy neighborhood of Eagle Rock, where Occidental College is located. Your child also gets to see some of Hollywood’s most popular tourist spots, including the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Santa Monica boardwalk. 

While the camp has dormitories for participants, your kid can attend as a day student if you live around the area. Day activities run between 9 am and 5 pm and often involve various activities, including shooting, editing, and mixing.

11. Camp Wildfolk

Camp Wildfolk is a project-based camp designed to infuse a love for the wild in every child. This camp will spark your child’s interest in adventure and transform them into bolder, more outgoing versions of themselves. 

Camp Wildfolk operates different age-based programs that participants can consider. This includes Camp Wildfolk Classic, Young Folks Camp, Adventure Camp, Wildfolk Free-Range, and Robot Hybrid. Each camp is structured around the needs of each group, with activities carefully chosen for maximum satisfaction of campers. 

Wildfolk Classic is the most popular program and perhaps the most feature-packed. Here, campers are divided into teams according to their age and collaborate on a specific project during their two-week stay. They can also selectively add optional activities to their schedule, whether that’s a sport, arts & crafts, or another educational class. 

Young Folks is another good one if your child is yet to start kindergarten. This camp is overseen by instructors with Early Childhood Development (ECE) experience, who can give your camper the adequate care and supervision they need at this developmental stage. 

12. Tocaloma Summer Day Camp

The Tocaloma Summer Day Camp has been running since 1945, making it one of the longest-running camps in the US. Campers are treated to various activities, including archery, swimming lessons, arts and crafts, sports, and performing arts. 

There are different programs at Tocaloma Summer Day camp, including Explorers (kindergarten), Rangers (Grade 1), Trailblazers (Grade 2), Pathfinders (Grade 3-5), and Outpost (Grade 6-7). Youths in Grade 9-12 can attend the Counselor In Training camp, where they learn leadership, teamwork, and other skills necessary to be a counselor. 

This summer day camp is housed in a private 66-acre facility that includes sports fields, an air-conditioned indoor area, a swimming pool, and multiple playgrounds. Children get a feel for the outdoors while enjoying modern creature comforts. 

13. KidzToPros

KidzToPros has you covered with exciting and enriching STEM, Arts, and Sports Summer Camps all around the Los Angeles area! These courses are specially designed for children ages 4-14 to encourage their passion for the high-tech world.

Campers can explore their ingenuity with STEM courses like LEGO robotics, Minecraft and coding. In their Art programs, your budding artist will have fun with performing, creative and digital arts. Their sports camps give little Linoel Messi the valuable teamwork and leadership skills to win the World Cup!

KidzToPros has camps in schools like Saint Sebastian School, Glendale Adventist Academy, St Dorothy School, Barnhart School, St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church, Lutheran Church of the Resurrection/Riviera Hall School and St. John Chrysostom School. Go on their website for more locations, and while you’re there, take an extra savings of $50 with promo code SCH-50!

14. Cali Camp

Cali Camp is a fun-filled summer camp for kids local or near the area. This traditional summer camp is located in the Topanga Canyon area, located in the Santa Monica mountains in western LA.

They offer summer day camps for kids ages 3 to 15. There are multiple camp sessions, typically lasting from 9 AM to 3:30 PM. Cali Camp offers nine separate 1-week Monday through Friday camps, each with a different camp theme.

Camp attendees are involved in outdoor activities — such as sports, games, action, adventure activities, or a camp with a focus on horseback riding. There is also the aerial arts camp and creative art sessions involving music, dance, theater, and arts & crafts. 

Themes include Guardians of Big Rock, Crazy Cartoon Week and Out of this World! Every activity is married with nature among the majestic surroundings.

15. YMCA Metro LA Camp

Typically, YMCA Metro LA offers several day and overnight camps in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, they’re not offering their overnight camp programs at the moment. However, their traditional day camp options are still top notch.

Trained and experienced staff watch over your child as they try new activities and step out of their comfort zone. Campers learn valuable leadership skills all in a safe and supportive environment while making new friends. Compared to other camp options, camp tuition is one of the lowest here and the quality of pursuits and learning remains the same.

There are quite a lot of camp locations in the city, all offering similar fun activities so you can choose the one closest to you. Boys and girls ages 3-17 can enjoy a wonderful summer camp experience with their programs.

Apart from camps, they also offer after-school care and other fun family-wide activities.

16. Fitness By the Sea Day Camp

Fitness By the Sea Day Camp offers youngsters a beach experience close to home they won’t forget. There are four locations for Fitness By the Sea – Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, Bel Air Bay Club and Jonathan Club. 

Pacific Palisades, the largest camp, is at Will Rogers Beach. All the camps are between 2 miles of each other. Fitness By the Sea Day Camps offer the traditional camp experience to children ages 4 to 14. Typical camp hours are from 9 AM to 3 PM.

It was the first beach camp in the area to allow campers to choose from a menu option of nearly 50 activities, many of them focused around sea and water related activities. There is a counselor for every six kids, so there is plenty of hand holding to help children develop a level of comfort with the sea.

There are also a plethora of team activities such as soccer, volleyball and basketball at the summer programs. For the individualists, there are a range of choices – from yoga to fencing to martial arts. For the quieter kids, creative arts and individual time are forever an attraction – options include arts & crafts, dance, magic shows, face painting and card games.

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