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Best San Diego Summer Camps 2022

San Diego, California, is known both for its sunny beaches and gorgeous outdoor landscape, as well as a very dynamic arts and culture scene.

With summer camps in San Diego, you’ll find a similar vibe. Kids can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities that encourage them to use their creativity and imagination.

We created this summer camp guide to help you choose the right one for your child. Many of the camps have unique themes or special programs to cater to specific interests. You can find one for any particular interest like theater, music, robotics, and much more. 

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Top 5 San Diego Summer Camps

Outposts Summer Camp

This popular San Diego summer camp is located near the Los Penasquitos Preserve. It has programs for different age groups, with Junior Outpost for kids ages 5 to 7 and Senior Outpost for ages 7 to 9. They have two sessions every year, each lasting about two weeks.

Outposts keeps the groups small, so each child gets close supervision and has time to bond with the other campers. If your child gets shy or overwhelmed in large groups, it’s an excellent choice for a first summer camp experience.

The activities are tailored to different needs and personalities. Some days kids can play games or sports, or they might have a free day of swimming and make-believe play. All activities help the kids unplug from technology and enjoy nature in every sense. You can choose between whole-day or half-day summer camp. 


YMCA summer camps have 13 camp locations all across the state and several programs throughout the year. YMCA offers week-long camps and follow a unique theme. Their Discovery camp has activities that build curiosity such as storytelling, crafts and wildlife shows.

YMCA San Diego also has specialized day camps and overnight camps on sports or subjects like robotics or art, as well as teen camps and leadership camps. There are even camps for children with special needs. 

Campers are supervised by trained counsellors, and there is a smaller counselor-to-child ratio. Each summer program is designed to support kids and help them get to enjoy a fun summer experience.

You can search the camp schedules according to your child’s age, gender, and area of interest on their website. As a side note, they also tend to host spring break events and virtual classes. 

Northcoast Rep Theater Camps

The Theatre School offers memorable summer fun at their theater camp for kids. They have programs for different age groups, including 4 to 8, 9 to 12, and 13 to 18. Each session culminates with a production that parents can watch.

The camps for the youngest children take half a day to a whole week. They teach rhythm, basic music skills, and sound. Through creative play, they are introduced to theater techniques like improvisation and storytelling. Counselors work with them on a one-on-one basis.

For 8 to 12 year olds, the theater camps are full-day and run for two weeks. Kids are taught acting skills, and prepare for their role in the culminating production at the end of the camp. The theater camp for teens is more immersive, and the plays are more challenging too. 

Keystone South Summer Camp

Keystone South Summer Camp is a holistic San Diego summer camp that has a good mix of activities. Keystone’s programs include sports, crafts, games, and other traditional camp activities. Your child can enjoy a full, action-packed day.

The day camp programs change often, so there’s always something new. Some days campers can enjoy activities like soccer, frisbee, disc golf, and other days they can take art classes from local artists. Younger kids can join the Junior Camp program. At junior camp, they learn songs and skits, make art crafts, engage in creative play, and get active through fun sports and games.

With just five kids per counselor, you can be sure that your child will get close supervision and individual instruction. This is all done in a safe and fun environment.

Camp Jaycee

Camp Jaycee is one of the most established camps in the San Diego area. The program has been running for over 70 years and is accredited by the American Camp Association. It also works with the American Academy of Pediatrics to ensure its programs are child-centered, age-appropriate, and safe.

There are day camps and longer programs for children as young as two years old to teenagers. Since they have indoor and outdoor facilities, you can sign up your child for sports camps, theater camps, dance, scouting, coding, cooking, chemistry, and more!

It even has unique theme camps like Funster Detectives where kids learn problem-solving, a Jedi camp for Star Wars fans, Lego and Minecraft camp, and a magic camp inspired by Harry Potter. You can check their website for their calendar and find camps suitable for your child’s age and interest.