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9 Best Asheville Summer Camps (2024)

Summer camps provide a way to get academic enrichment and wonderful outdoor experiences when school is out. Asheville is a hub filled with family fun and outdoor adventures to creative pursuits. The range of summer camps in this city of North Carolina is as diverse as the landscape itself. 

Choosing a summer camp that can foster the interest of your child might be a difficult choice, but these are some of Asheville’s top camp offerings for you to consider. Asheville families can ensure their children have a good time by sending them to one of these programs. 

Asheville Summer Camps

Appalachian Institute for Creative Learning

Within the picturesque mountains of Western North Carolina, the Appalachian Institute for Creative Learning offers a one-of-a-kind experience for young campers to immerse themselves in nature. 

Set against the backdrop of the stunning Appalachian landscape, their summer camps provide an inspiring environment where budding campers can hone their drawing to storytelling skills, unleash their creativity, and best of all, have fun!

The Appalachian Institute for Creative Learning offers a rich variety of activities designed to spark creativity. Whether crafting poetry or scripts or learning STEM concepts, campers are encouraged to experiment with different genres and styles and push the boundaries of their imagination. 

They provide campers with a collaborative community in which to thrive. The camps last for two weeks in July, with students choosing their preferred classes and prices ranging from $579 to $899 per week. 

With its emphasis on hands-on learning, the camp empowers children to become well-rounded in multiple subjects and embrace their creativity. 

Blue Star Camps 

Found in the scenic mountains near Hendersonville, Blue Star Camps offers a traditional camp experience with a modern twist. Campers enjoy a stunning natural setting and outdoor activities. 

There is much to do at Blue Star Camps, like swimming, hiking, arts and crafts, sports, and performing arts. Whether your child is interested in outdoor exploration or honing their artistic talents, there’s something for everyone. 

Blue Star Camps offer camp sessions lasting seven weeks for $11,150, as well as shorter programs from one week for $1950 to four weeks in duration for $6950. This flexibility allows families to choose the session length that best fits their needs and schedule. 

Blue Star Camps focuses on fostering a sense of community and belonging among campers. With its inclusive atmosphere and supportive staff, Blue Star Camps provides a welcoming environment at its massive 500-acre campus for students in 2nd to 11th grade. 

Camp Cedar Cliff 

Located in Asheville, Camp Cedar Cliff offers a Christian summer camp that combines outdoor adventure with spiritual growth. Set amidst the Blue Ridge Mountains, Camp Cedar Cliff promises to provide children with opportunities to explore nature, build friendships, and deepen their faith. 

Campers can go hiking, rock climbing, mountaineering, horseback riding, Bible studies, and attend worship sessions at Camp Cedar Cliff. Your children will have the opportunity to challenge themselves physically and spiritually while connecting with nature and with each other. 

Camp Cedar Cliff sessions occur for one to two weeks, with longer camps up to four weeks in duration. Prices range from $450 per child to $2620.  Whether your children are seeking a brief introduction to summer camp or a more immersive experience, Camp Cedar Cliff has options for every need. 

Asheville Community Movement Camp (ACMC): 

For parents seeking an experience that emphasizes physical activity and community engagement, Asheville Community Movement Camp is an excellent choice. 

ACMC promises to provide children with a dynamic and inclusive environment that encourages kids to explore movement, their creative side, and connect with others.

ACMC offers classes on yoga, dance, outdoor adventures, and team sports. Children will have the opportunity to challenge themselves physically while developing empathy and social skills. 

ACMC runs for multiple weeks in the summer months with various weekly themes. ACMC has a massive 35,000 sq ft facility contains everything from a gymnastics facility to sports courts and a covered pavilion. 

Asheville Community Movement

The Educational Garden Project (EGP): 

The Educational Garden Project combines academics with outdoor education for ages 6 to 10. They offer children hands-on experiences that allow them to learn about gardening, sustainability, and environmental stewardship. 

Planting and harvesting are part of the schedule at camp as well as wildlife observation. Kids will get their hands dirty in the garden while learning about organic gardening practices. 

EGP summer camp has traditional camp sessions lasting up to 11 weeks, with a price of $400 per week. EGP focuses on environmental education and hands-on learning to foster a deeper appreciation for the environment. 

North Carolina Arboretum Discovery Camp 

Set in the Southern Appalachian Mountains, the North Carolina Arboretum teaches children about plants, science, and the environment. With opportunities to explore the Arboretum´s garden and trails, children will learn about native plants, ecosystems, and STEM. 

The North Carolina Arboretum summer camp takes children on nature hikes, gardening projects, and hands-on science experiments taught by their expert instructors. 

Summer camps run for one week, and prices range from $370 to $475 per week, depending on the program and membership. The Arboretum summer camp promises to foster a deeper understanding of the biodiversity in the state and a lifelong love of conservation. 

Asheville Adventure Camps: 

Asheville Adventure Camps offers an exciting array of outdoor adventures. Found amidst the breathtaking scenery of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville Adventure Camps lets kids go rock climbing, whitewater rafting, zip-lining, and learn wilderness survival skills. 

Each session costs $419 to $439 weekly at their 100-acre campus. Three programs can be found for age groups from 8 to 15.  

Asheville Adventure Camp

Asheville Art Museum Summer Camp

The Asheville Art Museum Summer Camp has children work on their artistic talents through various mediums. The Asheville Art Museum provides a vibrant setting in the heart of downtown Asheville. 

From painting and sculpture to drawing, collage, and mixed media, campers can explore different techniques and styles under the guidance of experienced artists. Additionally, the museum´s exhibitions serve as inspiration for camp projects, allowing children to engage with contemporary art and learn about different artistic movements and traditions. 

The Asheville Art Museum camps last a week each, with costs from $150 to $300. By providing access to professional art materials and tools, as well as opportunities to exhibit their work in the museum, the camp empowers children to see themselves as artists and creators.  

Sun Soo Martial Arts Summer Camp 

Sun Soo Martial Arts Camp is an enriching camp where students take classes on the ancient art of Taekwondo. 

Sun Soo Martial Arts has a comprehensive curriculum that combines traditional martial arts with thrilling activities. Designed for campers from kindergarten to fifth grade, their one-week sessions occur nine times and cost $375 a week plus a $25 fee for a uniform if you are a new member. 

They have Taekwondo classes and belt testing and incorporate elements of mindfulness, helping campers cultivate focus and self-awareness. Sun Soo Martial Arts Summe Camp is a holistic approach to martial arts education that emphasizes character development and self-discipline. 

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