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Top 9 Summer Camps In British Columbia

British Columbia provides ideal scenery for summer camps with its combination of untouched forests, rugged mountains, and crystal-clear lakes. This makes for a spectacular setting for kids to enjoy the great outdoors while making lifelong friends at camp. 

British Columbia is a place meant to be experienced firsthand, and camp is one of the best ways for campers to enjoy it under the supervision of experienced camp staff and counselors.

The summer camps in British Columbia are convenient to Vancouver but far enough in the wilderness to achieve a classic traditional camp feel in this part of Canada.

British Columbia

L&E World Camp Shawnigan Lake

Learn and Experience aims to provide kids between the ages of 8-15 with more than just a summer camp. The Learn & Experience programs inspire them to get out and explore while making new friends from an international community.

There are 3 sessions throughout the summer which are all located at the Shawnigan Lake School on Vancouver Island. The school has modern boarding houses with sports fields and many facilities for a cozy stay. The daily schedule is packed with non-stop fun with a wide selection of indoor and outdoor activities.

Learn & Experience

Learn and Experience has carefully crafted the activities to include all of the classics in adventure, sports, and outdoors, as well as creative activities, English learning, and leadership. There are also additional icebreaker games, theme nights, talent shows, trivia competitions, and much more!

Every day starts and finishes with a camp-wide group activity to foster community. Learn and Experience also has camps in the United Kingdom in North Yorkshire, encouraging children to travel and learn more about the world.

Camp Imadene

Camp Imadene is a Christian summer camp for kids located on the beautiful Masachie Lake, close to Victoria and Nanaimo. This Vancouver Island location is a prime spot for acquiring memories that will last kids a lifetime.

Friendships are the specialty at Camp Imadene, and kids will find it easy to make new friends during their time here. Days at Camp Imadene start early and go late, taking advantage of the incredible weather in this location. 

They can start the day with a morning swim before enjoying a hearty breakfast, then it’s on to a day filled to the brim with activities. Once in the morning and the evening, children come together in fellowship and enjoy chapel sessions designed to bring the lessons of the Bible to life.

In addition to the traditional overnight sessions, Camp Imadene also offers day camps, family camps, a leadership training program, and men’s and women’s retreats.

Camp Squeah

Camp Squeah has a range of options for all kids between the ages of 6 to 17. Mini camps for the youngest children between 6-9 give a 2-night preview of what an overnight summer camp is all about. Youth camp provides the typical experience to kids ages 9-14. All camps are hosted on the Camp Squeah property in Hope, convenient to the Vancouver metro.

The Christian faith is at the center of any experience at Camp Squeah, and it forms one of the central aspects of these camps. Campers foster friendships, engage in thrilling outdoor activities together like orienteering, rock climbing, and bushcraft, and embrace Biblical lessons through singing, chapel sessions, and Bible study. 

Sessions are organized by age group to keep children close to peers who share the same interests and life experiences. Camp Squeah also offers family camps, leadership and discipleship camps, and a spring break intensive program. 

Camp Narnia

Adventure awaits children ages 6-15 at Camp Narnia, located on Vancouver Island. Camp Narnia lets you experience the magic of summer camp through a combination of imaginative play and activities.

Every kid will find something they’ll enjoy, as well as a community of peers to enjoy it all with. Campers go on solo and group adventures, in addition to camp-wide events every day, like campfires and talent shows.

The focus at Camp Narnia is healthy living and encouraging children to stay active physically and mentally. It’s a place where imagination is encouraged, and play is a rule, allowing kids to enjoy being kids. The smaller size of the camp means that all kids get the kind of direct attention they might not experience with a large camp.

Camp Summit

Camp Summit is located in the Upper Squamish Valley at the base of Mt. Tantalus, just outside the bounds of Tantalus Provincial Park. It’s in the ideal location for children 4-17 to enjoy an array of experiences, from traditional sleepaway camps to day camps and adventure challenges.

Depending on their age and comfort level, your kids can attend anywhere between a couple of days to a couple of weeks at Camp Summit. Every day is guaranteed to be better than the last with a calendar full of activities and free from the distractions of modern life.

A typical day at Camp Summit includes six different activity periods with rest periods and free time to relax. They’ll enjoy three meals prepared fresh daily and all of the drinks and snacks they need to fuel their adventures.

You should also consider looking at summer camps in Alberta.

The Youth Excellence Society

The Youth Excellence Society lets kids between 14-18 say YES to a summer opportunity that lets them thrive in a community of peers. Located on Vancouver Island at the Cowichan Lake Outdoor Education and Conference Centre, children are exposed to the great outdoors in the way it was intended.

Campers are placed by grade level and all sessions are a full week in duration, with the option to attend multiple sessions in the summer. Return campers are encouraged and welcomed year after year with open arms.

Self-discovery and personal development are the focus of The Youth Excellence Society, and kids are given free rein to be themselves and learn what it’s like to be a part of a community. They introduce children to effective leadership in a supportive, non-competitive environment made up of friends and world-class camp staff.

Timberline Ranch

Timberline Ranch brings the ways of the Wild West to children 9-16 in the Vancouver area. The property that the camp sits on features over 70 acres of untouched wilderness with the comforts and conveniences of modern life strategically placed for maximum enjoyment.

Camps at Timberline Ranch are offered by age and comfort level, beginning with 3-day long Kickoff Camps for the youngest attendees and 5-day full-week camps for the older and more experienced youth. All camp sessions are offered as residential with day options for those who aren’t quite ready to stay that long away from home.

The property has even been made up to look like an old-school town including a main street with shops and covered walkways, making this a trip back to a simpler time. You kids can learn what it’s like to live on a ranch while staying close to Vancouver.

Camp OAC

Since 1950, Camp OAC has provided children 7-15 with an impactful outdoor stay. Kids are placed in their respective age groups with junior, intermediate, and senior camps.

Camp OAC is first and foremost a Christian camp, and there is a large portion of the daily schedule dedicated to time for worship and Bible study. The values of prayer, faithful service, and the Anglican tradition form the foundation on which children at Camp OAC build lifelong memories.

The Camp OAC property is also available for rental to those looking for a fantastic outdoor playground featuring over 50 acres of natural beauty. Camp AOC has worked hard to become a place where visitors come to learn and grow. Their campus which receives thousands of kids each year features plenty of forested land and beaches for their enjoyment. 

Camp Goodtimes

Camp Goodtimes has day and overnight availability on its grounds at the Loon Lake Research and Education Center. This incredible camp was designed to serve families with children who have received a cancer diagnosis.

Children who attend Camp Goodtimes will get the chance to experience the fun and friendships of a traditional camp with the added benefit of a 24/7 staff of professionals. The peaceful, outdoor setting provides the perfect backdrop for fun and the supportive, welcoming environment makes everyone feel at home.

All of the programming by Camp Goodtimes is free of charge to all families thanks to the generosity of donors. Give them the gift of quality time that allows campers to see beyond their diagnosis and enjoy being a kid.

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