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Best Toronto Summer Camps (2024)

Toronto summer camps

Toronto is the biggest and most populated city in Ontario and it’s also one of the largest in all of Canada. It’s a diverse and unique city that offers a lot in terms of programs, activities, and other delights but it really shines when it comes to summer camps.

There are plenty of fun things to do for kids in this large Canadian city. One of the best things about Toronto is the many fun summer camps you can sign up children for. These Toronto summer camps easily measure up against some of the other top options in Canada.

Just because school is out for the summer doesn’t mean that learning needs to stop for kids. It also doesn’t need to be boring, and with the fun outdoor adventures that day camps and overnight camps in the city offer, your child can spend their summer holidays having an amazing time.

1. Chocolate Tales

Is your child really into chocolate or baking or wants to learn? Chocolate Tales offers one of the more unique camps in Toronto with their programs in Hamilton and Thornhill. From 9 am to 4 pm, with an early drop-off and late pick-up option, kids will have an exciting week of making chocolate and baking. No experience in any is needed.

Making lava cakes to creating bean-to-bar chocolate are just a few of the many treats they can expect to make along with chocolate sculpting. Fun outdoor games are also part of the itinerary.
They run for a total of 3 weeks with 1 week sessions and each offers a set of unique activities. Kids can easily attend all three weeks and have an unforgettable summer with treats. The camp is open to children aged 7-12. 

For parents who want to plan a fun birthday party for their young kids or teenagers, Chocolate Tales can also help you prepare a chocolate-themed party. 

2. Jardin Infantil Academy

The Jardin Infantil Academy runs six streams of popular summer camps in the West End – High Park in Toronto. Founded in 2000, they serve children as young as 5 years and above and parents can sign campers up for multiple weekly sessions. Their mission in their own words is to “nurture curious young minds, to develop confident, resilient, and passionate children with strong problem-solving skills.”

What makes JIA camps different: They incorporate Multilingualism in all their programs, through the “Word of the Day” game! Their Cooking Camp is also Multicultural, as the chefs on the making prepare and taste foods from around the world. Also, this year, featuring a brand new Camp: “Go with the Flow”designed for all our friends out there who want to participate on an educational and structures program but require a bit more time to move from one transition to the next.

This Toronto academy boasts several different programs focusing on art, cooking, sports, theatre, and nature. The camps inspire creativity and friendliness in campers while maintaining a non-competitive environment so no kid feels pressured. There are a large number of activities that include everything from exploring the woods and the beaches, dance, acting, art projects, soccer, and basketball among several others.

They offer full-day summer camps as well as year-round options, so the fun doesn’t have to stop at the end of summer. Children will have hours of outdoor fun while being able to further explore other interests while surrounded by friends. Jardin Infantil Academy is quite flexible and willing to work with parents to choose the right program for their kids.

3. Ryerson Day Camps

Founded in 1984, Ryerson Day Camps have an illustrious history of providing excellent sporting and recreational opportunities for children in the Toronto region. Participants develop independence, self-confidence, self-esteem, and other positive traits at their camps. 

They offer different summer day camps, each with its own schedule. The coed summer sports camps are held between July and August and assists young athletes in developing mastery of their sport and developing core life skills like leadership skills. 

Discovery Camp is for kids ages 8 to 14 and offers digital design, technology, and creative arts classes. Through expert-led courses, students learn the basics of digital innovation, film production, and architecture. In particular, the Eureka program is a terrific way to introduce kids to the exciting world of science. 

They also have online programs for parents who prefer a virtual learning experience. Regardless of which program your child likes, they’ll enjoy world-class instruction in an environment that allows them to thrive. 

The flexible structure of the camp program means you can try out different things to see what suits your child’s needs. Most Ryerson Day Camps have four-day and five-day schedules.

4. Taylor Statten Camps

The Taylor Statten Camps are among the highest-rated summer camps in Canada and for a good reason. These overnight camps have operated for 90+ years and count famous figures, including current Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, as alumni. 

Located near Canoe Lake in Algonquin Park in Ontario, Taylor Statten Camps guarantees campers an unmatched outdoor experience. Campers can choose from an exciting mix of outdoor play recreation, including canoeing, kayaking, sailing, and horseback riding.

The fun doesn’t stop there for campers since other activities also include field sports, performing arts, yoga, and arts-and-crafts. The Taylor Statten camps have separate programs for boys and girls: Camp Ahmek for male campers and Camp Wapomeo for girls. The length of each camp varies, and you can choose anything from a one-week camp to an entire, two-month session. 

5. True North Camps

True North Camps has been hosting coed sports camps for kids ages 4 to 14 in the Greater Toronto region for 10+ years. True North Camps welcomes campers for camps in hockey, baseball, flag football, and soccer every summer. 

If you want your child to explore different sports, the Multi-Sport Camp might be worth considering. Participants learn the fundamentals of other sports, solidifying their motor skills and picking up positive attributes along the way. 

True North Camps promotes an inclusive environment where kids always feel welcome. Regardless of whether your child is just starting or playing competitively, they’ll have the chance to enhance their abilities in a safe camp environment. 

True North Camps run for one week, with the option to register for more weeks. If you have more than one child you want to sign up, you can get quality for a multi-sibling discount.


Code-It Hacks encourages kids to develop critical digital skills through fun and interactive classes lasting 8 to 10 weeks. Classes are beginner-friendly, using multimedia materials to teach complex lessons in coding and robotics.  

For children ages 5-14 just starting in STEM, Code-It Hacks provides a fantastic learning opportunity. Each camper gets a personalized teaching plan and the freedom to learn at their own pace. 

Code-It Hacks offers both virtual and in-person camps for students. Physical classes are the best option if you want your kids out of the house during the summer break. Besides, your child can connect with other students and grow their interpersonal and social skills. 

The instructors at Code-It Hacks do an excellent job at providing engaging online lessons. That means you can expect your child to enjoy every session and stay focused while in class. 

Students have access to the best hands-on training in Toronto that includes game design, digital animation, Python programming, 3D art, and more. In addition, they create portfolio projects under the guidance of supervisors to show off their skills. 

7. YMCA of Greater Toronto

The YMCA offers summer camps for kids across 30+ locations in Toronto. These weekly sessions offer everything from sports camps and games to science classes and arts-and-crafts. 

The YMCA of Great Toronto camps run from Monday to Friday each week. You can even request extended hours to accommodate your busy schedules. On certain years, they also offer overnight camps.

Each day is a new adventure, with campers allowed to try new activities or pursuits they like. Your child will develop solid friendships, enjoy new experiences, and build lasting connections with fellow campers. 

If you want your kids off the couch and learn valuable outdoor skills, these traditional YMCA camps are the perfect solution.

8. UCC Summer Camps 

UCC Summer Camps are organized by the Upper Canada College and rank high among day camps in Toronto for high school students. 

The arts and theatre day camp inspires campers to tap into their creativity as they practice the fundamentals of acting, visual arts, and music. Students enrolled in these classes will sharpen their artistic skills greatly. 

UCC also has a sports camp that teaches your kids the basics before introducing them to advanced skill classes. UCC also supports STEM education with various camps that provide learning opportunities for campers interested in STEM topics. 

The technology programs are ideal for kids enthusiastic about game development, space exploration, and related areas. There are also robotics and coding camps for teens and tweens passionate about computer programming.

9. GTA Photography Classes

If your kid dreams of becoming a world-class photographer one day, you should enroll them in the GTA Photography summer camp. With interactive and practical classes taught by industry experts, this program gives your camper a solid foundation in photography. 

Campers are separated into two different age groups of 8-12 and 13-1. Each program is tailored to fit the needs and interests of campers, so the fun activities differ. 

In the Kids Camp, your camper get introduced to the basics of photography. They’ll learn how to handle a camera, edit images with computer software, and create beautiful stop-motion animations. 

Teenagers Camp trains budding photographers to solidify their mastery and encourage continuous development. They learn the basics of taking magnificent pictures, framing, editing, adjusting settings, and so on. In the last phase, campers learn about advanced photography equipment and studio use.