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10 Best Quebec Summer Camps 2024

Summer is a great time for children to learn and play in a camp environment. For decades, campers have traveled to the beautiful Quebec province for dynamic and fun-filled summer camps. These unique programs offer academics and sports to language study and creative crafts.

Quebec is known for its gorgeous scenery as well as its high educational standards. Young children and teens from around the world can enjoy Quebec’s European vibe during an overnight or day camp. The opportunity to expand their abilities and learn new skills in a camp setting is an experience to remember!

Under excellent camp counselor supervision, children work and play with their peers and practice getting along with others. Check out our list of the best Quebec summer camps and discover the perfect one for your child’s progress and needs.

Quebec Summer Camps

Camp Claret

Camp Claret offers a wilderness camping experience to children aged 7-16. During 1-2 week block sessions, campers live in comfortable tents located on their 500-acre wooded property on Lake Elgin, Quebec.

All communications at Camp Claret are in French, with counselors ready to translate and help your child learn or improve their French language skills. Daily activities include water sports, hiking, archery, athletics, dancing, music swimming, canoeing, and more. 

Camp Claret

Overnight chaperoned hikes and camping trips are offered for older teenagers. Evenings feature movies, campfires, dramatic performances, and other fun group activities.

Camp Claret encourages independence, positivity, and challenging oneself to accomplish goals and expand abilities. 

Laurus Summer Camp

Laurus is a leading organization that offers summer day camps for ages 3-15 throughout the Greater Montreal area. The camps take place on location in one-week blocks at schools across the region with 9 sessions.

With a theme that focuses on “Art, Academics and Sports” Laurus designs exciting and fun programs suitable to specific age groups. 

Daily outdoor sports activities, arts and crafts, and games keep kids active. Each day also includes Specific Training Areas (STAs), such as art, music, sports, and STEM. Renowned experts regularly visit and engage students in their chosen area of study. 

Laurus is an inclusive summer camp with several price points to accommodate all income levels. Laurus is a great choice for a fun and educational action-packed day camp for your child!

Camp Des Iles

This Christian faith-based day camp is located in the picturesque Laurentian Ile aux Chats area near Lachute. Camp De Iles offers one-week summer sessions for children aged 6-12. 

Fun and challenging activities at the camp help children and teens to grow and learn. Plus, the daily routine includes Christian Bible study and learning about Christian values. 

Their sessions are available in either English or French. Activities include swimming, races, bicycling on the wooded grounds, arts and crafts, table and board games, and much more.

Camp Desiles

Children learn to play with others in their age group while practicing new skills and having lots of summer fun. All tech equipment is left at home, so campers can connect with others and enjoy nature while away from social media.

If you want your child to deepen their Christian understanding in the context of new friendships and wholesome activities, Camp De Iles is not to be missed!

Camp Nominingue

Camp Nominingue is a boy’s camp dedicated to wilderness training and adventure for young boys ages 7-16. The camp’s programs (offered in both French and English) are geared to beginners or experienced campers. Camp Nominingue’s property is located north of Montreal on 400 acres of beautiful woodlands.

First-time and young campers (7-9, 10-12 years) can attend eight-day discovery camps that introduce them to sleeping in tents and teach basic wilderness skills, like campfire cooking, wilderness exploring, and canoeing. 

Older children and teens can opt for longer sessions up to 54 days that expand on their wilderness training. Overnight and several-day canoe trips are part of these programs, plus time for swimming and sports. Camp Nominingue also teaches boys how to responsibly and sustainably enjoy the land.

Camp Ecolart

Camp Ecolart is an all-inclusive 2-week summer camp for coed campers 9-17. The camp’s Montreal location provides comfortable accommodations with boys with male counselors and girls with female counselors on separate floors. Camp Ecolart is known for its expansive programs and lots of exciting activities.

The spacious Camp Ecolart property includes 22 acres of wide, open spaces for dynamic sports and games. Facilities include a swimming pool, tennis courts, inside game rooms, a fully equipped gym, and beach volleyball on the serene waterfront. 

Camp Ecolart

Everything is carefully planned for the campers, so they are always watched over by an experienced multicultural staff. Weekday and weekend outings might feature trips to amusement and water parks, camping trips, and visits to nearby cities.

Sessions are conducted in French and campers can also choose an ESL (English As a Second Language) camp.


Ekocamp is an international overnight camp with language immersion sessions held in French and English. The camp’s location is north of Montreal in the Mont-Tremblant area, on spacious wooded and lakefront acreage. It forms part of the Quebec Camp Association. 

Ekocamp’s mission is to provide a safe place where children from around the world can meet each other and respectfully enjoy nature. Language immersion helps enrich their roles in the interconnected global community. Children 7-17 attend 2-8 week sessions, with separate areas for boys and girls. 

Ekocamp is limited to 12 students per language class. Team sports, archery, rock climbing, nature workshops, talent shows, and parties are also part of the list of the many things you can do here.

Optional age-appropriate outings might include trips to nearby cities, museums, safari parks, or having a riverfront picnic.

Learning French Quebec

Teenagers from over 25 countries visit the safe and fascinating Quebec City each summer to participate in the Learning French Quebec program. The popular French Language camp has been operating since 2006 and offers homestays or in-residence accommodation to promote a full language experience.

Organized in 1-5 week blocks, this program combines language study with other cultural interests. Participating teens between the ages of 10-17 can choose either a ‘French and Arts’ or ‘French and Sports’ package. 

Each package features daily activities that align with their choice and provide entertainment and also encourage language practice. Mandatory weekend excursions are also part of it and might include attending jazz festivals, circuses, or other cultural events.

MWS Montreal French Camps

MWS Camps has been operating since 1983 and strives to bring teens from over 50 nations together to practice speaking French. The MWS Montreal French Camps take place in Montreal, Canada’s most spirited bilingual city.

Students stay in Montreal’s historic McGill University campus residences with sessions taking place in 1-5 week blocks. Students (7-17 years) are grouped according to their age, with each enjoying language classes, sports activities, and city outings to places like museums and historic monuments geared to their specific age. 

Daily programs incorporate language practice throughout the day in an immersive way. MWS’s French language camps in cosmopolitan Montreal also teach responsibility and keeping to a daily routine. The right balance of study and play makes MWS’s programs popular and successful.

Camp Livingstone

Camp Livingstone accepts children of all faiths to deepen their understanding of Christian principles. The camp, which occupies 62 acres of forested beauty, is located just 1.5 hours from Montreal on the attractive Lake Lovering.

Both day and overnight camps are offered, depending on your child’s age, from 6-17. All of Camp Livingstone’s 1-week camp programs have active schedules that provide lots of fun, plus time to hear inspiring stories from the Bible.

Camp Livingstone

Sleepaway camps are designated according to age. With huge facilities on the campgrounds, you will find everything from a challenge course to an archery range and other areas. 

Adventure and Teen Camps offer more advanced classes, with time for teens to reflect on life issues. Making new friends and working together as a team are highlights of this inspiring camp atmosphere.


Wilvaken invites children from all countries to come and experience a summer of learning. For over 60 years, Wilvaken has provided a unique close community environment that encourages campers to grow beyond their boundaries.

The property, which encompasses 100 acres of natural forest and lakeside wilderness, provides large spaces for playing. Electronics are not part of the equation here, with screen time being non-existent. This encourages learning and participating with others in the camp community.

Wilvaken is officially a bilingual camp, where campers speak in the language of the day. Children choose instructional activities and traditional camp electives. 

Wilvaken offers a 1-week Discovery camp for 6-8-year-olds and 2-,4-, and 6-week camps for older kids and teenagers up to 16 years.

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