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Best Sleepaway Summer Camps For Girls 2024

all girls summer camps

All-girls sleepaway camps are the perfect place for girls to experience self-growth and make life long memories. At camp, kids and teenagers have the chance to try new things in a nurturing and rewarding environment.

At some of these summer camps for girls, they can choose their own activities and try all sorts of exciting things like canoeing, horseback riding, water sports, and land sports, to name a few. 

If you’re looking for an all girls camp where your daughter can have fun, build character, improve self-confidence, and gain lifelong friendships, check out our top picks. 

Best All-Girl Overnight Summer Camps

Pali Adventures Girl-Power

Pali Adventures Girl-Power specialty provides girls ages 8-16 with an opportunity to spend their time doing all sorts of exciting activities. This beautiful overnight camp in Southern California, receives campers from all across the United States and different countries.  

Fun activities include dance, waterskiing, paintball, rope courses, zip-lining, and even self-defense classes. Plus, a whole bunch of other on-land and water pursuits. With a focus on empowering girls and helping them become a better version of themselves by improving self-confidence and testing themselves in a supportive environment, Pali Adventures is one of the top choices no matter where you’re located. 

It’s also an ideal program for young campers who have never attended camp previously. The staff is welcoming, professional, and always there to help at any point in time. The program is a great way for girls to improve mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Camp Farwell

Camp Farwell is one of the oldest sleepaway camps for girls in the U.S. It’s located in Newbury, Vermont, surrounded by beautiful forest areas perfect for exploring. Camp Farwell is an exceptional option for young girls ages 6 to 17. 

Situated at Green Mountain State, it covers 100 acres of land on the magnificent Halls Lake. The superb location and facilities offer a wide variety of traditional camp activities . This includes water sports like kayaking and sailing, horseback riding, cooking, dance, music, individual pursuits, and many other group activities.

The staff at Camp Farwell aim to provide a family-oriented, fun, and safe environment so that every girl at the camp can shine. Running for nearly 132 years, Camp Farwell has a low camper to staff ratio and offers elective programs. They offer 2-7 weeks sessions that usually start at the end of June.

Camp Ma-He-Tu

Camp Ma-He-Tu is an overnight camp for girls ages 7-15. It’s located in Rockland County, New York, close to a gorgeous lake and surrounded by beautiful outdoor landscapes in Harriman State Park. Since it rams its first program in 1937, it’s been creating lifelong memories for those who attend each summer.

With a limited 110 campers per session, they’re encouraged to form close friendships in a welcoming and caring camp environment. They offer all sorts of fun activities, including archery, swimming, ropes course, tumbling, dance and much more. Every day is different with various activities and random events to keep things interesting. Campers wake up early in the morning and participate in programs that run until night. 

Camp Ma-He-Tu’s mission is to empower young girls and help them grow spiritually, and develop personal skills to help them in all aspects of life. You can enroll your child in two week sessions that start at different points in July. 

WeHaKee Camp for Girls

WeHaKee is a premier summer camp in the Midwest (and USA) for girls between 7 to 17 years old. It’s based on Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters tradition with Gospel values and social principles. The great thing about this camp is that all girls, regardless of their faith, race, culture, and religious backgrounds, are welcomed respectfully. Girls come from all around the world to attend WeHaKee Camp every year. 

It’s a fun place where girls can enjoy over 40 activities of their choice to allow them to grow, strengthen, and develop self-confidence while embracing everyone’s uniqueness in a community environment. Girls decide their own daily activities that are led by skilled staff.

The camp has been providing quality, meaningful, and fun camp experiences to young girls and women since 1923. Their goal is to help campers build lifelong relationships, value community, compassion, justice, and peace.  The social, emotional, and physical safety of every camper is important to WeHaKee Camp.

That’s why all necessary state licenses are maintained and certified by the American Camp Association.

Keystone Camp

Keystone camp is nestled in the beautiful North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains situated southeast of the US. This attractive campsite is a fun summer camp for girls to enjoy friendships and adventure. Established in 1916, Keystone has a history of operating a safe and secure all-girls sleepaway camp every summer. They operate with an all-girl staff, counselors, and instructors. Although popular for its horseback riding programs, it also offers other water sports and land sports. 

The activities include rock climbing, drama, arts, gymnastics, jewelry making, yoga, Riflery, archery, dance, arts and craft, and other special activities. It’s also the oldest girl summer camp in the southeast. Keystone Camp provides young campers the opportunity to have a new adventure and learn new skills.

The main goal is to encourage young girls to become stronger, independent, and confident. It’s done by teaching essential values and skills in a nurturing, happy environment. If you live in Raleigh, it’s around 4 hours away from you by car.

Amplify Sleep Away Camp

Located in Ojai, California, Amplify offers 2-6 week sessions of music (vocals, keys, guitar, drums, or bass) music production/engineering, photography/film, and journalism/podcasting. Girls in grades 5-12 come from around the globe to attend Amplify Sleep Away Camp every summer. Their mission is to empower young women through the power of music education, creative arts, and community. Music can completely transform lives, so the camp offers encouragement and freedom to their campers. Girls from all backgrounds, faith, and races come together to create close bands. Amplify aims to create an equal community that rejoices authenticity, creativity, and value for every voice.

With a safe, secure, supportive, and fun environment at the camp, the girls gain the confidence to try new things and follow their dreams. Thanks to the 1:6 staff-to-camper ratio, each camper gets an unforgettable summer experience.

Camp Netimus

Established in 1930, Camp Netimus is an award-winning summer sleepaway camp for girls. This residential camp is located in the beautiful mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Every year, Netimus camp with its 80 staff members is open for 145 campers from all across the USA and around the world. Girls of age 7-16 experience an enriching and exciting camp experience during their summer holidays. Girls get to participate and enjoy more than 40 activities that include climbing, swimming, hiking, horse riding, sailing, canoeing, tennis, photography, crafts, water sports, and other fun-filled adventures.

As one of the leading sleepaway all-girls summer camps, it aims to enhance self-confidence, independence, self-discovery, and reliance. Camp Netimus is a traditional camp that holds traditional values. Campers can attend 2 to 7-week sessions and select their own daily activities.

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