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Best Overnight Sleepaway Summer Camps For Boys 2024

All parents hope their sons will grow up to be independent men strong enough to face adversity and kind enough to treat everyone with respect and compassion. An all-boys summer camp is an excellent opportunity to instill those values at a very young age. 

At these sleepaway camps for boys, they participate in activities that bring out their leadership and teamwork skills. Campers are surrounded by positive role models and discover more about themselves and their interests while also making new friendships.

With the importance of these summer programs in helping boys become better versions, choosing the right one is crucial for a child’s development. 

Best All Boys Sleepaway Summer Camps

1. Camp Quinebarge

Camp Quinebarge

Camp Quinebarge offers a fantastic overnight camp for boys in New Hampshire. Here, campers can make new friends, find new hobbies, and develop important life skills. There is an endless amount of things to do, with pursuits like boating, sailing, soccer, woodworking, tennis, fencing, horseback riding, mountain biking, and a lot more! 

The extensive camp facilities include a climbing wall, tennis courts, sports fields, horse stables, and a large nature center, among other things, on the 70-acre campus. There are between 2 and up to 8-week sessions to choose from. The camp counselors go through background checks and extensive training to ensure kids are well taken care of.

Their values and traditions help instill virtues like responsibility and a sense of community into the campers. For over 80 years now, it’s provided boys ages 6-16 with memorable summers. They welcome both boys and girls. 

2. Camp Robin Hood

Archery at Camp Robinhood

Camp Robin Hood has been around for 100 years and is easily one of the most popular camps in the New Hampshire Area. The 180-acre camp is right at the foot of the Mountain National Forest. Kids can enjoy weeks of nature activities, including hiking and camping in tents at the Outpost.

Campers can spend hours doing waterfront activities at Lake Ossipee—from swimming and water skiing to tubing and evening boat rides. Children learn how to sail, and canoe and older campers are taught lifeguarding skills. Camp Robin Hood has several sports activities, which help teach teamwork and discipline. They even have special sports camps for basketball, lacrosse, ice hockey, and more.

If you’re looking for a summer program that is part of the American Camping Association and can help develop your child’s sports skills, and give him time to enjoy nature and make friends, send them to this camp. If you’re looking for a girl sleepaway camps for your daughter, they do have a sister camp on the opposite end of the boys campground.

3. Camp Nebagamon

Camp Nebagamon offers traditional overnight summer camps found in Wisconsin. With a fantastic location in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, it sits on the shore of Lake Nebagamon. It was founded back in 1929 and since then has strived to provide leadership skills to boys as well as improve self-esteem and build confidence.

This boys camp offers traditional camp activities and fun outdoor adventures like rock climbing trips, mountain biking, sailing, and more. Plus, they also offer sports like basketball, soccer, and tennis with their sports courts for all of them.

They offer 4 week and 8 week overnight camps. Campers get the freedom to choose the type of activities they want to participate in. Apart from the outdoor activities mentioned above, they also offer arts and crafts, cooking, photography, music, and much more.

4. High Cascade Snowboard Camp

High Cascade Snowboard Camp is an exciting and unique summer camp for boys. For one week, participants learn how to shred the slopes of Mt. Hood, Oregon. They learn the basics of snowboarding in the Soft Start program, then move on to more challenging slopes when they’re ready. 

They even have access to Mt. Hood’s terrain park. It has jumps, pipes, boxes, rails to challenge riders at every skill level. The summer camp also has off-hill activities such as river rafting, paintball, and mountain biking. And at night, they can join activities like yoga or bounce off the trampolines. The fun never ends at this snowboarding camp!

Children ages 9 to 20 can join the boys sleepaway camp, and they don’t even have to be good at snowboarding to qualify. The coaches work with beginners to more advanced snowboarders. Competitive athletes can also sign up for the Performance Camp, which has a more structured training program.

5. Camp Rockmont

Camp Rockmont is a Christian overnight summer camp situated in Black Mountain, North Carolina. It was founded back in 1965 and since then has been helping boys grow mentally and physically.

They offer summer programs for kids ages 6 – 17 years old. There is a one-week-long session for younger campers and two week session, three-week session, and full season sessions for older tweens and teenagers.

The campus includes a private lake and is surrounded by a National forest, making it the perfect place for campers to gain valuable new skills from the outdoors. Some of their exciting activities include blacksmithing, ceramics, rock climbing, kayaking, water sports, and much more!

At camp, they will spend time making friends, try new activities they haven’t done before, and gain life skills like self-reliance and leadership skills. It’s only a 3 hour drive from Raleigh.

6. Camp Sangamon

Set in a charming hill farm in Vermont, Camp Sangamon recreates life in the early 19th century to bring out your son’s pioneer spirit. Children live in small cabins clustered around a renovated farmhouse. At this all boys camp, they learn how to do farming, from planting vegetables and flowers to taking care of sheep, pigs, chickens, and rabbits. They harvest what they help grow and learn how to cook it for their meals.

After their chores, the children enjoy the rest of the day exploring nature by swimming, hiking, and exploring over 200 acres of trails and pastures to improve their outdoor skills. Camp Sangamon is one of the top summer camps that teach horseback riding, with experienced trainers who teach them the basics of jumping and dressage at their equestrian center. They also have 

The camp has sports activities like archery, horseback riding, soccer and special activities like cabin cookouts and relay group games. Camp Sangamon also has a unique rocketry program. Kids learn how to design, decorate and even launch their rockets. It’s a fun way to learn physics and important life skills like planning and problem-solving. The camp accepts boys ages 9 to 15 years old, many of whom travel from across the country to participate in this distinctive experience.