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7 Best Sailing Summer Camps 2024

Sailing camps are a fantastic way for middle school, high school, and college students to experience sailing in beautiful landscapes. Students learn how to sail from experts, whether they have previous experience or not.

The opportunities for gaining certifications in scuba diving and sailing are also a possibility, plus learning marine biology from professionals in the field. For kids or teenagers who are looking to enhance their sailing skills during the summertime, here are some of the best sailing camps for you. 

Some of the programs are hosted overnight in tropical places within the United States while others take you to some of the most clear water places in the Caribbean.

Sailing Summer Camps

Top Sailing Summer Camps

Sail Caribbean

Established in 1979, Sail Caribbean is a fantastic adventure summer camp for teens. This teen sailing camp focuses on leadership, learning, and personal growth. For over 40 years, Sail Caribbean has been offering sailing and diving programs during the summer break in the beautiful waters of the British Virgin Islands.

There’s no need for any prior sailing knowledge, students with zero or little sailing experience are encouraged to join. Each year, students take command of a single-hull 50-foot sailing yacht or 45-foot catamaran and return home more confident and self-reliant after this amazing experience.

At Leeward and the British Virgin Islands, teens experience a fun sailing adventure with crewmates in the Caribbean waters. These destinations have the best sailing conditions and host a variety of cultural and natural wonders. With qualified staff and friendly Island residents, Sail Caribbean shows teenagers all that those beautiful islands have to offer. The yacht is their home and transportation.

Their sail camps also have a diverse range of activities such as scuba diving, marine biology, island exploration, snorkeling, waterskiing, kayaking, and windsurfing.

Sail Caribbean

LAMI TopSail Summer Camps

LAMI TopSail Summer Camps are hosted on the Southern California coast. Children ages 6-17 can have an enjoyable summer of sailing and learn about things like island ecology, marine science, and maritime history. All steps of the sailing process are taught, starting from how to leave the dock to living on the boat.  

Campers get to participate in land and sea activities throughout their day and spend the night out at sea. They have a day camp for kids 6-10 where children spend time on the dock for a week with an optional choice for sleeping on a boat at sea at the end of it. This overnight sailing camp has two different sessions that last 5 and 12 days for older kids 10-17.

Here children will learn everything about sailing and the educational topics mentioned above while observing the beautiful night sky and making friends along the way. Campers don’t need any previous sailing experience, making it a perfect option for beginners to learn to sail.

SeaTrek BVI

SeaTrek offers summer adventure camps for junior, high school, and college students interested in everything from sailing, scuba diving, marine biology, and other water sports. Sailing through the British Virgin Islands and other Caribbean islands, this summer program can be a great opportunity for hands-on learning, personal growth, and meeting new friends.

The voyages on a 48-foot catamaran include sailing instruction, learning how to dive, and introductory courses to marine science. Students of similar age get to live aboard a yacht that’s well-equipped with safety and on-board technology. Led by highly-qualified and experienced sailing instructors and staff, students learn in a very nurturing and safe environment.

No prior sailing skills are necessary to join this sailing camp. They offer 2-3 week sessions at five difficulty levels ranging from Trek 1-5. SeaTrek’s marine biologist also introduces the island’s tropical ecology and wildlife to students.

Campers also have a choice to indulge in community service and earn academic credits. Moreover, students at SeaTrek summer sea camp can play, swim, and relax while participating in all kinds of watersports on the beautiful islands and beaches.

SeaTrek Sailing BVI


Broadreach is another of the top teen sailing camps that offer incredible Caribbean sailing adventures. Founded in 1993, Broadreach offers teen summer programs to learn actively, build skills, and explore. The students are divided into small groups and given charge of a 40 or 50-foot catamaran.  

A crew of boys or girls of the same age rotate through a roaster of onboard responsibilities working independently and as a team to keep their boat moving. Students learn to sail from each other as well as from instructors. The entire experience encourages teamwork, inclusivity, relationship building, responsibility, and growth while sailing.

Its suitable for novice or advanced sailors — Broadreach offers both advanced and beginner level camps. Although sailing and diving are a core part of their programs, kids can also enjoy other fun activities. Students learn to do all kinds of small boat handling, skiing, surfing, wakeboarding, kayak expeditions, community service, and get advanced certifications. Since living aboard is a lot different than land life, Broadreach prepares the students for boat life aspects beforehand.

There are three adventure programs for middle school students and three advanced programs for high school students. After learning how to helm a boat in the first phase, students then focus on island exploration and decide where to go in the second and third phases.


For more than 40 years, ActionQuest has been operating fun adventure sailing summer camps for young adults. The sailing program challenges students in every aspect, from sailing, scuba diving to general teamwork on board. Under the guidance and instructions of sailing experts and licensed ActionQuest staff, camp members get their hands on the helm of a 50-foot wind-powered sailboat.

With the British Virgin Islands’ idyllic setting, teens wake up to a brand new view every day. ActionQuest offers an empowering and unique summer camp experience. This summer program also emphasizes learning preliminary marine science, navigation, water sports, and community service. Learners can also get internationally-recognized sailing and scuba certifications.

Teens live aboard and sail together with 11 other potential friends while exploring the Caribbean islands. Their adventure programs are non-competitive. They offer a perfect environment for developing communication skills, leadership skills, a sense of self-discovery, teamwork, and leadership.

Odyssey Expeditions

Odyssey Expeditions is a leading teen adventure camp operating extraordinary sailing, scuba diving, and marine biology training programs for more than 25 years. Other activities include island exploration, watersports, and community service. Teens receive hands-on learning aboard sailing catamaran travel, develop leadership skills, build confidence, and make friendships.

Sailing across the most heavenly British Virgin Islands, this dream destination allows students to view breathtaking scenery each day. Working as a team, each student learns to sail a 40-foot sleek yacht. 

At the end of this educational adventure summer camp, students should know most general sailing knowledge. That includes vessel parts, sail points, sailing theory, and terminology. Skills like sail trim handling, powerboat handling, and seamanship skills are a core part of the sailing program. Students also learn the art of navigation, such as course-plotting and hazard recognition.

Tall Ships Adventure

Tall Ships Adventure offers youth 12-18 years of age, the opportunity to learn how to sail an authentic tall ship while developing necessary life skills like independence, self-reliance, and courage. They experience personal growth while having the time of their lives and making lifelong friends.

They offer three different adventures based on age. Children between ages 12-14 can join either the 5-day adventures aboard the tall ship Black Jack sailing out of Ottawa or the 5-day, 4-night island adventure split between the tall ship Black Jack and the island base camp tucked away on the Ottawa River.  

The Island-Hopping Adventure sailing camp is perfect for ages 14-18, aboard the tall ship Fair Jeanne. Exploring The Thousand Islands and Lake Ontario, this adventure is an opportunity to explore one of the world’s most magical freshwater archipelagos.

Trainees of all ages aboard each of the voyages will receive authentic sail training, take responsibility for making critical decisions with real-world consequences, and most importantly, they are going to have boatloads of fun.