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8 Best Alabama Summer Camps 2024

Summers are a perfect time to stay active outdoors, learn life skills, and learn to deal with life challenges.

If you want your child to do something productive during the summer, rather than just sit on their phones, you should send them to one of these top Alabama summer camps.

The state has a multitude of top-notch summer camp programs. Alabama camps provide children with additional knowledge and a memorable yet adventurous summer experience.

Whether you want your child to go on fun outdoor adventures like white water rafting or focus on improving their academics, you can’t go wrong with any of these hand-picked options.

Best Summer Camps In Alabama

1. Summers At Southern

Summers at Southern

Kids can embark on a transformative journey at this overnight camp for boys in grades 6-12, offering four weeks of thrilling adventure and growth in Camp Hill, Alabama. Campers have the flexibility to choose one or multiple weeks of camp based on their preferences and schedule.

Their week 1 Aquatic Adventures (June 16-June 22) dives into water-based excitement with activities like swimming, kayaking, and rafting. Campers hone aquatic skills and develop teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving. This immersive experience fosters a deep appreciation for aquatic ecosystems, igniting a lifelong love for water adventures.

The Week 2 Outdoor Olympics (June 23-June 29) steps into personal development through sportsmanship, teamwork, and goal-setting. Beyond athletic skill enhancement, this camp builds lasting friendships and promotes an active lifestyle. In an era of sedentary living, Outdoor Olympics equips youth with essential life skills and a well-rounded approach to success.

The Week 3 Wilderness Wonders (July 7-July 13) unleashes growth and resilience in the great outdoors. Through challenges and self-reliance, campers gain confidence and appreciate nature. These experiences instill environmental stewardship, shaping capable and environmentally conscious individuals.

Survival skills take center stage on Week 4 Southern Survival (July 14-July 20). Youth thrive in the wilderness, cultivating resourcefulness and resilience. The experience builds bonds among campers, fostering responsibility towards the environment. Lessons provide lasting confidence to face adversity in various aspects of life.

Summers At Southern Archery

2. Camp Mac

Situated along the shores of the two mountain lakes, Camp Mac is nestled between the pines of the Talladega National Forest. The site includes facilities for different activities, games, and living arrangements. The cabins are insulated, have 16 wood-panel, and offer almost 70 square feet of area per camper. It has a stunning natural outdoor setting that makes it the perfect place to spend time during the summer.

All of the programs offered are designed so that your child can be challenged physically, mentally, and spiritually without missing out on the fun. The camp offers three kinds of terms, including a mini-term which lasts for only six days and helps younger children learn a bit of independence. The junior camp lasts for eleven days, and it’s for 6th graders to grow accustomed to the outdoor experience. Lastly, the Senior Term lasts for three to four weeks and is ideal for 8th graders.

Children learn all types of valuable outdoors skills like pitching a tent and knot tying.

3. Camp Skyline

Camp Skyline is a private residential camp based in Mentone in northern Alabama. It recruits girls between the ages of 6 to 16. This Alabama camp offers four 2-week sessions and three 1-week sessions so you can choose the one more suitable for you. All their sessions have a well-thought-out curriculum that helps kids build new friendships, participate in fantastic camp activities and increase their self-confidence.

Camp Skyline is perfect if you want your daughter to embrace their religion and learn more about it at a traditional camp. All the best amenities are provided for the campers. They engage in co-curricular activities like climbing, performing, riding, swimming, and paddling. They are also taught how to become successful members of society while having a solid and unwithering relationship with God. Don’t forget to pack a comfy camping chair.

4. Camp Fletcher

Camp Fletcher is located in McCalla/Bessemer and spreads over 300 acres. It admits children and teenagers in 1st to 9th grade and gives them a chance to enhance their existing skills, acquire new ones, and build friends. Each camp week is unique and filled with a variety of activities that kids will love. 

They can spend their day hiking, fishing, canoeing, singing, playing different sports, crafting, and participating in other target sports. The best thing about this summer camp is that campers are classified according to their ages in small groups. Camp Fletcher helps provide the best hands-on experience appropriate and fun-driven for their specific age group.

5. Camp Straight Street

Camp Straight Street is based in Birmingham and is an exciting, activity-based camp for all campers entering grades K3 to 8th. Each week offers a unique theme that makes the summer filled with a variety of thrilling experiences. During their Studio Camp, filmmakers work with campers to create a short film that is screened at the Straight Street Film Festival. TV Camp gives kids the opportunity to participate in game shows and compete in our versions of Iron Chef and American Idol. Everything they do is larger-than-life and is sure to give each kid a summer they’ll never forget. 

In addition to the special weekly themes, the camp offers a regular line-up of camp activities such as giant water slides, an ENO village, arcade rooms, LEGO pit, craft shop, and so much more. However, the area that Camp Straight Street really excels in is their staff. Every staff member is committed to building relationships with each camper and helping them grow to be all that God wants them to be by encouraging them, teaching them about how to live as a Christian, and by celebrating the unique qualities that each camper possesses.

6. Camp Desoto

Camp Desoto is a Christian summer camp where girls between the ages of 8 to 16 can spend their summer learning and having fun. This camp for girls is located on top of the beautiful Lookout Mountain in Mentone. It’s found on 185 acres of land near the banks of the Little River. Each summer, Camp Desoto receives over 225 campers that are cared for by their 70 staff members.

Whether it’s horseback riding, fishing, dance/costume parties, or rope swinging, your child will participate in fun adventure under the supervision of experienced camp counselors. For one month, campers can grow as a person, exude a new wave of confidence, and even settle into lifelong friendships. They will also learn and grow closer to their religion and traditions.

7. Southern Prep Academy

Southern Preparatory Academy is an all-boys private military school that gives admissions to children in grades 6th through 12th. It is located in Camp Hill, AL SouthernPrep Academy provides three types of programs — the Academic Recovery Program, Southern Survival Camp and the Six Week Southern Survival Bundle.

The Southern Survival Camp is all about disconnecting from electronics & digital devices and connecting with nature. The summer camp includes a multitude of activities such as paintball tournaments, firearm safety courses, building and launching rockets, ropes courses, boating, swimming, fishing, hiking, map reading, flight simulation, and much more. It runs from June 19th to July 16th. 

On the other hand, the Academic Recovery Program is one credit hour and the weekly sessions from June 5th to July 1st include SAT/ACT preparation, English as Second Language course, and online learning programs for a few unique subjects taught under a teacher’s supervision. It also allows your kid to academically recover in core subjects like English and Mathematics. 

The Six Week Southern Survival Bundle runs from June 5th to July 16th and combines the best of both programs. It can be personalized by contacting their Admissions Department. 

8. Camp Maranatha

Found on the Tennessee River, Camp Maranatha is the perfect place to send your kids to during the summer. It offers several different programs such as Day Camp, Adventure Camp, Overnight Camp, and Leadership Training/ICT. The Day camp is for children in kindergarten to grade 5th. Your kids can enjoy kayaking, canoeing, crafts, and other activities during the day, and you can pick them up in the evening.

Their Adventure Camp is a week-long adventure perfect for high schoolers. It includes watersports, rock climbing, caving, orienteering, and all the other adrenaline-packed activities that teenagers love! The Overnight camp is a traditional sleep-away type of session where children enjoy the lakefront, engage in unique activities, and sleep in climate-controlled cabins.

The Leadership training program is for high schoolers and provides an opportunity to learn about religion, develop leadership skills, and engage in fruitful activities for two weeks.