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6 Best Adventure Travel Summer Camps 2024

Adventure travel summer camps are the best way for campers to have a thrilling, fun-filled summer with an educational experience.

Many of these camps offer experiences in paradise-like locations around the world that students wouldn’t get to experience otherwise. Campers are led by highly experienced counselors when traveling and exploring in these faraway places as they get an incredible cultural experience.

These programs are a great way for students to learn new perspectives from around the world and practice their language skills.

Adventure Travel Camps

Top 6 Adventure Travel Camps

#1 – Bold Earth

Started in 1976, Bold Earth has been offering successful adventure summer camps for years. It’s one of the top wildernesses programs and includes over 20 adventurous destinations with spectacular scenery across the globe. Campers get the opportunity to develop leadership skills and also create lifelong friendships during the expedition. The trip leaders are known for their caring attitude, responsible nature, and experience.

Unlike other travel camps, Bold Earth has limited enrollment each summer to emphasize the program’s quality. Two trip leaders always lead small groups of closed-age students. The student’s emotional and physical safety is their priority while also maximizing adventure and fun. 

Their trips offer teenagers an opportunity to step out of their comfort zone and enjoy numerous activities such as hiking, diving, interactions with elephants, and much more. With Bold Earth, you can give your child a chance to explore and gain real-world experience while enhancing social skills, critical thinking, and resilience.

#2 – Rustic Pathways

Rustic Pathways has adventure travel programs in just about every continent. As a leader in the industry, they’ve been giving students ages 12-22 unforgettable experiences since 1983. 

Your high school students can join one of their trips to places like Thailand, Costa Rica, Italy, France, Ghana, Hawaii, and much more! No matter what part of the world your teen wants to visit, you’re likely to find a suitable option with them. 

These trips are service-based mixed in with fun adventures and last anywhere from 8 to 18 days. They do an excellent job of ensuring students immerse themselves in the local culture through community service. Participants will also have outdoor experiences like hiking to waterfalls or mountains, snorkeling with turtles, white rafting and much more. 

Science and language learning are also important focuses depending on the program. Teens get to indulge themselves in the local community by working alongside locals and visiting the cultural landmarks of each area. 

#3 – Apogee Adventures

Apogee Adventures is a well-reputed adventure camp that focuses on building character, confidence, and lifelong friendship via adventure travel. It offers outdoor adventures to young adults and teens between 11-18 years old.

Apogee Adventures includes well-designed backpacking, camping, hiking, bicycling, community service, and photography programs for youth. They have spectacular destinations located in Canada, Europe, U.S, and the Caribbean.

This co-ed camp travels in small groups led by Apogee’s well-trained, supportive, and responsible leaders. The trip leaders are selected from prestigious universities, possess excellent leadership skills, and have experience working with young adults outdoors.

They are CPR certified and are familiar with Wilderness First Aid. Adventure travel’s primary goal is to create a wholesome, nurturing environment where students learn by facing challenges and doing volunteer work. As a result, campers return home with strong values, self-confidence, and a sense of accomplishment.

#4 – Overland Summers

Overland Summers offers adventure summer camps for students between 4th and 12th grade. With 40 years of experience, Overland remains consistent with its rock-solid values, teamwork, and mission to provide young students a chance to work together in small groups. They hike, climb the Rocky Mountains, learn new languages, and perform community service. Accredited by ACA, Overland camp has small groups of 12 students guided by experienced counselors.

It offers an introductory program ranging from 1-2 weeks to students in grades 4-6, which includes activities like swimming, climbing, hiking, canoeing, and rafting. Language trips are open to students in grades 8-10th and they also have outdoor adventures in Costa Rica and the French Alps. The hiking trips are for grades 7-12th, biking for 6-12th, and community service program for grades 9-12th.

The well-being and safety of the kids and teens are Overland’s main priority. That’s why a supportive, nurturing environment is there for each student, regardless of age or gender, so that they can flourish. All the trips are carefully crafted and thoughtfully calibrated for the students.

#5 – Wilderness Adventures

Students at Wilderness Adventures receive encouragement to do something different and challenge themselves to experience new things. This results in an increase in self-confidence and leadership skills. Wilderness Adventures offer outdoor travel programs to 5th-12th grade students around the world. It has successfully provided life-changing adventure trips for over 25,000 students in the past.

They run week-long travel programs for high school student across the globe in remarkable locations. Students can choose from 45 different outdoor adventure programs to engage in various fun activities. Discovery programs are for grades 5th-6th, explorer trips for 7-9th grade students, while high trail trips and wilderness adventures are available for young adults above 9th grade. Students step out of their comfort zone during the summer break and leave electronic devices at home to experience the joy of a wilderness adventure.

It’s not just about hiking, climbing, mountaineering, rafting, or kayaking either, Wilderness Adventure trips are also about self-discovery, building courage, and developing life skills.

#6 – Adventure Treks

Adventure Treks is an teen adventure camp that was built in 1993 and successfully crafted a memorable outdoor experience for over 18,000 students. Adventure Treks offer a joyful learning experience where campers increase their teamwork skills, communication, character building, and resilience.

Students between ages 12-18 can choose their adventure destination from 8 locations and enjoy 2-4 weeks summer programs. This family-owned company focuses on building 21st-century skills that help students prepare for future success. Under the guidance of experienced and trained instructors, students can enjoy things like backpacking, rafting, kayaking, ziplining, mountain biking, and rock climbing.

This is at one of the most beautiful sceneries in the world. With the right gear of course. By providing safe, exciting, and substantive outdoor adventure camps, they have an excellent reputation among many parents.