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5 Best Oklahoma City Summer Camps In 2024

oklahoma city camps

There is a lot to love about Oklahoma City, OK. The city is basically a gateway to a Western movie. Plus, it has a lot to offer for families, couples, and most importantly, kids who want to enjoy their summer.

Besides being rich in museums and awe-inspiring landmarks, OKC has quite a selection of camps to keep your children entertained and educated during the school summer break. To find the perfect one for your child, here are five of the best summer camps in Oklahoma City. 

Best OKC Summer Camps

Science Museum Oklahoma Summer Camp

The Science Museum Oklahoma provides an incredible experience for children all year round. Since its establishment back in 1958, the museum has educated people on the latest scientific discoveries. 

Located at State Fairgrounds, the museum offers a great summer program for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and middle school students all the way to 6th grade. Here, your kids can enjoy learning about robotics, outer space, biology, and more from the experienced museum educators. 

At the day camp, each day includes different activities than the one before. There are half-day camps and full-day camps depending on the camper’s age. Plus, if your kid wants to spend even more time in the museum after the summer vacation is over, there are other programs for the fall, winter, and spring.

YMCA Summer Day Camp

YMCA Summer Day Camps are spread over more than 30 locations throughout the Oklahoma City area, so you’re bound to find a camp near where you live.

There summer camps are suitable for campers ages 5-16, offering all sorts of entertaining activities ranging from horseback riding lessons to swimming classes, depending on the camp. Your children also participate in group games, read books, and sing cheerful camp songs with their new friends.

Besides the recreational activities, the camp includes educational ones as well, with a focus on STEAM programming. Your kid can also have a great time learning more about the environment.

For a memorable experience and a chance to make life-long friends, there are also overnight camps available.

Shiloh Camp

If you’re looking for a Christian summer camp to educate your kids on religion while having plenty of fun at the same time, then Shiloh Camp offers the best of both worlds!

The day camp sits in the heart of Oklahoma City, surrounded by open fields, hiking trails, streams, and even a small pond. The location is perfect for kids to connect with nature and find some peace amid their fast-paced lives.

Shiloh camp accepts boys and girls ages 8 to 17 and offers many engaging activities, including fishing, rock climbing, canoeing, mountain biking, scavenger hunts, and much more. Apart from providing thrilling activities, it also helps campers experience growth spiritually and emotionally. 

Your kid can also participate in an Art is Everywhere class, where they can choose from painting, dancing, photography, drama, and more. The camp is only one week long, but it provides unforgettable memories!

Camp Fire Heart of Oklahoma

Camp Fire Heart of Oklahoma started as Camp Fire Girls, which aimed to give girls the chance to participate in outdoor activities back in 1910. Today, it welcomes boys and girls to join the fun in Camp DaKaNi, located inside the Oklahoma City metropolitan area.

The week-long camp is suitable for kids ages 7-17. It boasts a wide variety of outdoor games and activities, including archery, rock-wall climbing, zip-lining, and more. The program seems to inspire and motivate kids while helping them develop leadership skills, among other critical life skills.

This camp helps children develop specific skills by taking part in various outdoor adventures.

Artworks Academy of Performing Arts

Artworks Academy of Performing Arts, as given by its name, provides arts summer camps for kids. What makes their camps so special is that they focus on a particular theme and art form that your child might be interested in.

Whether it’s dance camps or camps in other artistic endeavors, there are many different camp themes. The numerous programs appeal to children three to eighteen years old.

If your kid has shown appreciation for music, dancing, painting, or theater, the summer programs offered by the academy are a great choice. Better yet, if you sign up for more than one program, you get discounts on each additional class.

The academy offers classes that extend for six weeks. Your kid can spend the summer learning acrylic painting, hip hop, tap dancing, acting, and more.